The Front . , Glasgow gets tallest cinema in UK

Rivals unfazed by new UGC. Words: Miles Fielder

he new E27m UGC Cinema opening in

Glasgow on 21 September has the

distinction of being the tallest cinema in the UK. An odd distinction for a cinema you might think. and you'd be right. But located in the city centre on West Nile Street on the site of the old Apollo. no doubt the tall rather than broad design allows the pan-European exhibition chain to add eighteen more screens (4.227 seats) over (count 'em) twelve floors to Glasgow.

In line with its sister cinema in Edinburgh. UGC Glasgow features the now standard for multiplex state-of-the-art digital sound. wall-to- wall screens. ‘black box' auditorium interiors (no distracting decor), stadium seating (no silhouetted heads blocking your view) and deals such as the unlimited access to screenings card (£9.99 a month).

The cinema's programming policy is set to include not just the Hollywood blockbusters but also arthouse films. It's an aggressive policy that offers competition to the arthouse cinemas themselves. the Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Filmhouse and Cameo. It's a policy which led to the UGC Edinburgh becoming a major venue for the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year.

The GET. however. is unfazed by its new city centre rival. GFT director Jaki McDougall said: ‘There's a real going out culture in Glasgow and GET is a major part of that as one of the busiest specialist cinemas in the UK. We're Original people comment on the unique experience they enjoy when they come here. It the new multiplex helps increase interest in film then that's fabulous.‘

All eyes are on UGC Glasgow.

I The List has ten year-long UGC Un/imited Cinema Passes to give away in an exc/usive competition. See Film Listings.

The West Nile Street .- multiplex is only for those with a head for cinematic heights

Coming quite soon . . .

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