production by Cumbemauld Theatre Company. When husband. father. ex- soldier and socialist Alex MacSwiney gets flattened by a car. he refuses to take it lying down. Instead he travels back from the grave to wreak havoc on his friends and relatives left behind. See preview.


1 l9 Gorbals Street. 429 0022. IP. H. TT, WC, WA]

Medea Until Sat 8 Sep. 8pm. £10 (£5). (Main Theatre). Theatre Babel and Maureen Beattie return with Liz Lochhead’s powerful version of the classical myth.

Falthfull Wed 12 Sep—Sat 6 Oct (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £10 (£3). (Circle Studio). Amanda Hurwitz stars as the notorious rock icon in this stage adaptation of Marianne Faithfull's autobio raphy.

Juno 1! The Paycock Wed l9—Sat 29 Sep. 7.30pm. £10 (£3). (Main Theatre). The Arches Theatre Company's new production of Sean O‘Casey‘s tragic comedy, set in a 1920s Dublin tenement. A workshy husband and his long-suffering wife Juno struggle to support their family. until a

would go and ‘spend. spend. spend‘.

Which is exactly what she did. until she was broke again. Barbara Dickson plays the most famous spendthrift of the 2()th

Mr Peter’s


Connections at the Cottier Theatre


2()1 Alderman Road. 287 98-16. Losing Alec Tue 18 Sep. 7.30pm. £2

listings Theatre

Neville’s Island Ken Alexander’s revival of this hit comedy at the Byre Theatre boasts an amazing island set. complete with a real lake. Combine this with strong performances in a comedy about corporate Iron Johns lost on a

century in this multi award-winning (£1). See Barmulloch (‘ommunity (‘entre musical.

Oh! What A Night Wed I9~Sat 29 Sep. 7.30pm (Wed mat 2.30pm); Fri &

distant relative leaves them an inheritance, sending them into an unholy tiz. See preview.

remote Lake District island and you’ve got a good night out. See " review. Byre Theatre, St Andrews,

THE OLD FRUITMARKET Albion Street. 287 5511. [W('. WA]

COTTIER THEATRE Sat 5.30pm & 8.45pm. £5—£25.5(). The Lady Boys Of Bangkok Until Um” Sat 8 Sep

93—95 Hyndland Street, 357 3868. [H. Eighties chart topper Kid Creole stars in Sat 8 Sep. Sun-Thu 7.30pm; liri & Sat ' ,

WC, WA] this disco-flavoured musical. featuring . 7pm & 9.15pm. £14.50. Those outlandish Glengarw Glen Ross DaV'd

Mr Peter’s Connections Wed hits you just can‘t help seat-dancing to. 3 Lady Boys hop over to (ilasgow. fresh Mamet's dark drama about .1

12~Sat 22 Sep (not Sun/Mon). 8pm. £3—£7. Rapture Theatre give Arthur Miller‘s most recent play a Scottish airing; a poignant look at one man's inability to keep up with an ever- changing world. GILMOREHILLG 1 2

9 University Avenue. 330 5522. UN Until Sat 15 Sep (not Sun—Tue). 7.30pm (2pm mat Wed 12 Sep). £8 (£4). Raindog Young Blood present their new play inspired by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. ccntring on two warring Scottish families.

KING’S THEATRE 297 Bath Street. 287 5511. IH, WC. WA]

Spend, Spend, Spend Until Sat 15 Sep (not Sun). 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm). £7—£25.5(). When handed her Pools cheque by Bruce Forsythe in 1961.Yorkshire housewife Viv Nicholson announced that she

from their lidinhurgh Fringe run. corporate greed and human repression. directed by Kenny Ireland at the Royal Lyceum. A i fascinating exploration of macho culture. seen through the eyes of the men themselves. See preview. Royal Lyceum, Edinburgh, Sat 8 Sep—Fri 5 Oct

Juno And The Paycock The Arches company. currently celebrating its tenth year in > business. present Sean 0' Casey's classic. set in the Dublin tenements of civil war Ireland. Andy Arnold directs this powerful " tragi-comedy on love, war and the strength of women. See preview. Cl'tl'zens' Theatre, Glasgow, Tue IB—Sat 29 Sep.

Scotland’s number one guide to theatre e .

like ‘Car Wash‘ and ‘YMCA’.

Whatever you’re into, get into

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews. Thursday 13 Friday 14 Saturday 15 Sunday 16 Monday 17 mesday1s Wednesday 19' Thursday 20 ' "mmwg" 7’: " L _ 7 . ' ' ' m...“ ° Arches fi-h— _ " ~ 5 r ' Juno & The lint-wit- Junok ‘l’lit- l’ayt'txk' Citizens Main H .F—aitiirull' i i i V L amt... u l-‘ailhl'ull ' liaitlil‘ull . l-‘aithl'ull I Citizens Circle (in—mums- Mr Peter's (‘unnectlrmi (’(mnections ONirl’clcr's(inllnccllnns. Mrl’t-rcrx(unlit-awn; Mrlien-rs(minimums Cotiier Th UN UN " um" i I I _ ' Gilmorehill ' Spend. Spend. Spend Spend. {pl—nu. Spend SpendepentLSpc-nd- ()h'WhgttA ng'hl ()li'\\'h;tl:\\lghl . King’s - our Bad Magnet T" - - : (trauma... ' Paisley Arts Mummy; Mrs Brown Mounting Mrs Brown Mourninghhrlrs B—rovril Manning Mrs ism-r: Mourning Mrs Brown. Mourning Mrs Brown. Mourning Mrs lirtmn Pavilion Soc Classical _ a .- . Scc(‘lassical . Set-('lussical I Scc(‘|usslc;tl I Theatre Royal Chasing Angels Chasing Angels . Tkon _—_M ~ (‘uurOnlicl'lertmc' BTIIIITOII _ ,__ ~ T -- 7 i ' ' ' ' Festival Th 1. See Classical Sec Classiél— mm Sec-Classical. V See Kids” I . u I . (ilengarry (ilen Ross Glengarry Glen Ross (ilengarryGlen RossA (ilengarr) tat-n an“ (ilen Rim claw“) (ilen Rm.- Royal Lyceum

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