I Glasgay is on the lookout for gay women who would be willing to have their portrait taken by award- winning photographer Kathleen Little. To be part of an exhibition at the Tron Theatre, and as a complement to the male photography show at GOMA, the photographer hopes to challenge the public perceptions of lesbian stereotypes by finding as diverse a range of sitters as possible. Contact Kathleen or Lindsay at Glasgay on 0141 334 7126.

I Gay Times Books has recently released an invaluable Travel Guide to Great Britain and Ireland, edited by John Szponarski (£12.99). Comprehensive in its coverage of the scene, including places to cruise, it could sometimes benefit from a more personal touch. Aspiring to be a gay version of the Rough Guide series, it doesn’t have that guide’s breadth of knowledge, fascinating tips or sense that the writer might have actually stayed in the place. Saying that, it’s still helpful - especially for the gay weekend-away traveller.

I Aiden Shaw, Britain’s most famous

and biggest-dicked porn star has a new book, Wasted, published by Gay Mens’ Press (£9.95) Not directly autobiographical, but there are shades of Shaw’s own life, Wasted offers an insider’s guide to druggy, clubby, ambi-sexual London. Shaw sensitively evokes a sad, pressurised world, demonstrating that no matter how beautiful and sexualised you are, loneliness and death

are still part of the equation.

I The same kind of early middle-age angst and uncertainty plagues the characters in Bob and Rose, Russel T. Davies’ follow-up to mega-hit, Queer As Folk. Comedian Alan Davies (as gay Bob) mooches around Manchester’s Canal Street looking for love only to find it in the unlikely arms of Rose (played by Lesley Sharp). It promises to be touching, humorous and include

Alan Davies: first man-on-man snog

I Gay films aplenty over the month of September. Kylie Minogue is a green, absinthe fairy in Baz Luhrmann’s extraordinary camp, all-singing Moulin Rouge. Following in the footsteps of bisexual Hollywood director, Wncente Minnelli, this gay 90$, Paris-set candyfloss is a remarkable re-evaluation of popular songs. Controversial director Oshima Nagasi, famous

for the sexually explicit In The Realm Of The Senses has Gohatto at the GFT. Exploring repressed male

Davies’ first man-on-man snog. Glorious Australian TV

drama, The Secret Life Of Us explores these issues in a complicated, truthful way, unfortunately Will And Grace doesn’t go anywhere near. This first series is all

surface, uncontentious and nice.

SHOW DON’T FORGET ME On tour, 8-29 Sep.

Direct from Honolulu and about to embark on a t0ur of Paisley. Musselburgh. East Kilbride and Cumbernauld comes the gay solo drama Don't Forget Me. Starring Mark Pinkosh and written by Godfrey Hamilton. who make up the LA -based Starving Artists. this is a co-production with the always enterprising Paisley Arts Centre. Exploring the encounter between a movie producer and a young male drifter, who embark on a wild journey through the dark side of Hollywood. Don't Forget Me premiered at Glasgay last year. The luxury of reviving means the piece has been reworked. taking on board the initial reactions of audiences.

Godfrey Hamilton and Mark Pinkosh. partners on and off stage. have made

66 THE LIST (3 Set) 90 Sep .7001

sexuality and gay desire in a Japanese military training academy it has been compared to last year’s art house release, Beau Travail. The Filmhouse has the recent Thai hit of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, The Iron Ladies. It’s a feel-good, hilarious comedy that is so wacky it has to be based on a real incident, namely the cross-dressing Thai volleyball team.

I Lesbian-favourite, Horse, has a ravishing new CD out, Both Sides with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. Catch her on tour in Kirkaldy, Edinburgh, Dundee,

Aberdeen and Glasgow. (John Binnie)

Scotland almost a second home. much of their past work having been so well received here. Successes include Road Movie . an exquisite meditation on a gay man‘s odyssey

across America. and Viper’s Opium in

which Pinkosh was joined by one of Scotland's great actresses. Kath Howden. ‘Scottish audiences are passionate about language and intuitively get things without oversimplification.' says Hamilton.

For a small company, Starving Artists

is as productive as it is distinctive. Addressing political and personal

issues about being gay. its productions

are often on a bare stage. with magnificent. bravura acting and eloquent writing which isn't scared of being poetic. The company enjoys success throughout America. particularly on the college circuit. and Road Movie has been performed in

Mark Pinkosh: wild journey

Canada. Tuscany and is about to have its French-language premiere in Paris with musical star. Jerome Pradon. (John Binnie)


“In”. '. .13.” Ww-oag'cflna


A love affair blossoms between two middle-aged women in a boring American suburb. The twist? Dinah (Connie Nelson) is a geometry teacher at the local high school and Carly (Dee Hennigan) is the principal's secretary married to another male teacher, and the mother of one of Dinah's pupils.

Dinah is living a lonely life with no love interest. a boring job and nothing to keep her going except her basketball practices. Carly. on the other hand. is in an empty marriage. with an ever-increasing waistline and a teenage daughter who is just discovering the joys of sex much to her mother‘s distress. It is then, through their mutual loneliness. that the two women start falling in love.

Carly tells her family about the affair only to be laughed at in disbelief by her husband. and disowned by her daughter. Soon the entire school finds out with parents and teachers out in force about the 'perverts' and their corrupting ways. The women's response is to show people exactly how they feel by getting married and inviting everyone to the ceremony.

Alth0ugh billed as a romantic comedy. the film doesn't have laugh-Out-loud moments. but it does have some quirky elements. It also highlights how difficult it is to be a gay teacher and how quickly the pupils. parents and other teachers can turn against you affecting your job. future and reputation. (Millivres) (Jane Hamilton)

I The List has five copies of this video to give away. Just answer this question: Which Hollywood actress recently played a bisexual poetry professor in the film The Monkey's Mask T? Send answers on a postcard stating your name and address to: Video Competition, The List, 350 Sauchieha/l Street, Glasgow, (32 3J0 or g/asgowtatlist. co. uk.