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ONE ()5? E Xiib‘x‘t'fuEAR/ft MISH MASH The Arches, Glasgow, Sat 15 Sep.

Mish Mash built up a devoted following in Glasgow in next to no time, and is fast securing a similarly loyal clientele down in the big smoke with sell-out nights at 93 Feet East. The house-based, percussion-heavy monthly is now set to shift up a gear with a series of parties in roomier venues, kicking off with a spectacular at the Arches this fortnight.

‘The idea is to do something much bigger, with the opportunity to do a bigger production and to get other people involved. It’s on a larger scale and we’re putting on more of a show, but really it’s about keeping it fresh and moving things forward,’ explains DJ and promoter Oscar Fullone.

I School disco at lilt‘ Shack.

Iltpin 3 main. Rclnc )ottr )tititlt \\llit a \t'lttttot. o! the lk'xt ICL'Ulti\ lront tht‘ 7()\, Mix t\ UH» Rt'lttt'ltllk‘l to tuck )our \hirt

I Sunday Shelter at .’\Li-i.lh. .\'c\i datt' llk

I Transistor at I “U l’olo loungt'.

llI a. Run. Ltht. \Vt'ckl}. Rcal pop tor i.a| ptoplt- \\|lil I).l\ \iall .\lt'.\lurra} and \\.t_- “x i). \\ 'll

Court as Party

I Atmosphere .it l)c\tin_\. lllpin 3am. L3 hL'iUM' llpin. Ll altci. \\'t‘t‘kl). l‘ull—on ]>.ttl_\ .lkllllll .u'toinpanicd h} gcncroux diinkx pioinox.

I Disco at it”) Murry» llpm 3am. H iLfit. \\tt kli ("ht-cw taxtit' dixco tun l'or xiudyuh. w ith Haw and Phil \pinning thc tlt\\\

I Media at \lt'dia. llpin .iani. £3. \Mt'kl} .\ lull on tlaxouicd llll\ troni rotational tt-xtdt-ntx plux karaokc in roont

A mysterious Mish Mash mash—up

The club made its name by exploring the possibilities of adding live percussion and toasting to the standard DJ set-up. Also, as well as roping in Rae & Christian collaborators Chris Crooks and Danny Ward to beef up the rhythm section, the latest Mish Mash strand is set to bring the visual side of nightclubbing to the fore thanks to Fluid 437 and Half Daft. ‘l’m really looking forward to seeing how that side of things turns out,’ says Fullone. 'The Arches really suits it so well too, because it’s such a blank canvas. We’re hoping the visuals will have a really big impact; there’s going to be live video mixing, and there’s these huge fifteen foot helium balloons. To be honest I don’t think I can really do it justice by describing it.’

If all this sounds far from the Mish Mash ethos that charmed the crowds in the first place, Fullone is well aware that pushing the brand to its limits might be a turn-off for the faithful. ‘l’m only planning to do two or three a year,’ he says, ‘so that we don’t overexpose the club. It will provide opportunities for us to bring a fresh edge to the club and to bring guests for one-off events. Doing something on a larger scale allows us to involve other people, and to try a few new things. And we’ll have more room, so I hope that it’ll bring together people who were at Mish Mash

from the start and people who have got into it more recently.’ (Jack Mottram)

I Hi-T at 'l't‘hai ()\ na. ~1 lltpin. l’rt‘t‘. \Vcckl}. .-\ Sun i‘t‘la\ation \k‘\\ltlll aunt-d \tiuarcl} at thow attcr a \pot ol dctmilication. \int'c tht' \cnut‘ ix a non» \moking iL‘il \hop that look\. t'omcrxcl). likc an opiuin dcn. ‘l'lit' tuncx. courtt‘x} ot a hugc nuinhcr ot local l).l\. arc dt‘a\\ n t'roin not”) gcnrc undcr thc \nn. ax long as the} ‘l'k' laid-hack. l)rink ohxt‘tu‘t‘ tt‘ax. pla} tilt“. gnc )Httt' hod} :t t'L‘\l. I Moda at .\loda. 8pm 3am. l-rcc. \Vt‘ckl}. .-\ Mlllt‘} \L‘h‘cltott ol \otll. lx’tkli and houw l'roin rotational gucxt l).l\. I Moloco at .\Iolot‘o. Spin inidnight. t’rcc. \Vcckl}. Martin St. John \pinx \toinpin' .\'ortht‘rn \oul. rootx. rock and rcggac. I Nico’s at Nico‘x. l)pin midnight. l‘rcc. \Vcckl}. Bill} \lilligan. thc lan \lcllix ol dancc lllll\lL'. \upplit'\ a \\ idtwranging t‘itL‘L‘M‘l‘ttztt'd. I Paddy Power at .v\lphahct Yard. llpin. l‘rt‘t‘. \Vt‘ckl). ‘I'hc axtoundingl} cclct‘tit‘ l).l Piltiti} pla_\\ \‘iliiit‘ti'tllli hoth gl'tlt“ L‘\, I Paul Cawley at (it'otlt'ho Si .illtiL'\. ‘)pm midnight. l‘rcc. lo Sop. l’ortnightl}. lhc i‘t‘ttt‘llk lt‘iiit“ \\ tlit \UlllL' lk‘dlx hrcak\ and hip hop. I Phonic at .\lo\kito. Upin midnight. l'rt‘c. \Vt't‘kl}. Qualit} dccp hoth lroin l’honit‘ rcxidt'ntx Slcwn. (iol'dott and Mark. I R813 at Bar I”. "pm midnight. l'rct'. \Vcckl}. Rc|a\ \xith Rtkll \'l|i\ and takt‘ adxantagc ot' tllt' gt‘ncroih drinkx [H'ttlttth at thix cit} ccnn't- \l} lt- hat. I Scratch ‘n’ Sniff at \tt-(‘hutllx ‘lpni midnight. l’rcc. \cu prt- t'luh \cnturc. lcaturing |)ann_\ llarhour pla_\ing houw, garagc and \xhatcwr clw ht- l;tttt'tt‘\. I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Strata. ()[tttt midnight. l'i't‘t‘. \Vt‘ckl}. ()tlit‘ial [WC club to tho tnain m cnt at Vault. lt'aturing qualit} houxc. lalin \ ihcx and choit‘t‘xt dixt‘o lroni .r\nd_\ l'ngt‘i'. Shaw 1) and ‘ltk‘t‘iztl f—‘llc\t Ills, Pawn a\ailahlt‘ hct't‘ lot \'in}l at Vault. I Sunshine at llrt-I. ipni Iatt' til lhc \un \illllk‘\l. l'rt'c. \Vt‘t‘kl}. (hill on lhc hill out my hack ol the Ht'ilellltl \l_\ ik‘ har \\ ith _\our hoxt iithll l’upp}. p|a_\ing \\\Ct'l \llllllllt‘l \ottltd\. ('oint' rain or \Innt' tlnx t'wnt \kill run 'til tht' L'llti ol thc inonth. \\ ith gut'xt action lroin (‘hrix ( it‘titit'\. lilL' (ioodloot tttoli. Ht Kat'att‘ l).l\ and Salt\ (tit... '


I Bennet’s at llcnnct'x. llfitlpin 3am. [3, \\t*ckl_\. loin pla} ~ lllllk‘\ lotcd h} i\\k'i\\' _\t'ar old filth. plux \onic hangin' handhag. to cquall} apprct'iatiw ga) nicn. l‘unn} old \xorld.

I Bite at the (‘athouxtx Ill..‘~tlpin .iain. l't’t‘t‘ i‘t‘lott‘ il..i(l|‘tttl (L l .Sllt ili‘ik'li. \Vcckl}. .\ inildcr ltlt\ ot indic and rock than toull tind at iilk‘ t‘it_\ \ prcnticr rock \cnut' on in or Sat.

I Bump ‘N’ Grind at 't'hc \‘t-lxci Rooinx. l lpni .iain. [-1 till. Wind do\\tt lht‘ \tt‘ckcnd \\ ilh l).\l( i'x ini\ ot Rtkli and \lt't‘t‘l \ottl.

I Chittlin’ Hoedown at 't’hc Uth \otc ('att". llpin Iain. tl..-\i1t‘\t night dcxotcd to prt‘lt} inut‘h \xhatt‘wr ['10 Mix plcaxc. tltt‘illtilll}! duh. hip hop and clt't‘tro \\ ith addt‘d \pl;t\ltt‘\ ol llltilk‘ \lltll.

I Club Tropicana at the (iaragc l_\tl|L'l. I lpin iatn. £3 It'll. \Vcckl}. lndic. lttllll t'laxxit' and t‘ottlt‘ltlpot'dl‘}. \\ ith a ht'alth} doxc ol' lit'itpop.

I Dream at Strauhcrr} l’it‘ldx.

lllfitlpni Fain. £15. \\'cck|_\. l‘iltt‘t'n nickt‘r nnght \L‘t‘lll a hit \lt‘cp tor a night doun Stranht‘rr} l’it'ldx. hut in addition to hanging hoth audit-nix and \aut') dancing girlx. tht' har ix totall} and uttt‘rl} trcc. \lurh Iikc a \toniat'h pump on tho NHS.

I Liquid Cool at Baha/a. 0pm 3am. £5. \Vcckl}. .\..l._ Krix Kt'cgan and tan 'l'hoinpmn playng top notch \ot‘al garage and ilt‘lht‘ to a cluh packcd \\ ilh Inpcr hcdonixtit‘ l\\L‘lli_\ \onicthing rt'wllcrx. all ol' uhoni \t'cnt to haw lorgottcn that thc} haw uork in thc morning. It qualit) illllL'\ and glanioi'oux antit‘x arc _\tttll' hag. Sunx at Haha/a arc llllllll\\;li‘it‘.

I Optimo at .\l.\S llll ;l\\ll\'iilii(lil \\ ith thc Sul\(’lu|n. llpin .iain. to I Ht; {7 «Ni on gut‘xl nightx. “ct-kl}. .\nothcr t'hangt‘ ol \Cllllk‘ tor iilL' gang that low )our cars. |.ad_\ \il\\ Roland and l“ itch & \Vilkt‘x p|a_\ inuxit‘. including gut huxting It‘t‘hno. counti'} & \thcrn. punk and painlull} cool clt‘t'tro pop, plux ainthing L‘i‘t‘ li‘oin thc pzht ~1ll}t‘;tt'\ \ltllt'd to lilt‘ d;tltt‘t‘lhmt'.

I Pure Funk at ('luh liudda. llpin .iani. l5 (Ll i. \\t't'i\i}. (il;l\go\\ rcat'tiuaintcd ll\\‘ii\\llilll\itll1_‘_'ilt'itiitnk'tlililL‘illllhlilh _\t'at. \\ tth a lil'at't' ol Ilightx dt‘\ott‘d to lilC gt‘nnx ltlt’illdlllj.‘ lilt\ onc in lilL' hiiou\

cm ll'Hll\ ol Hudda.

I Sin at 'liaxh. llpni 1am. £5 tUI. \Vt-t-kly llouxt‘. garagt' and \tudt'nt t‘laxxiu li'oin .hin l)a But.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at \‘auli llpin Rani.t51£4r\\t‘ckl}.Might} popular nun rcxidt'nt‘} liotn And} l'ngt'i and lad} Shawl). dcxott'd to qualit} dixt'o. propt'r garage and houxt'. l:.ul_\ atinal iuou' than inaku \cnxc.

ltso lliiukx pioinox a honux tall drinks [3 all night).

Glasgow Mondays

Ptt' clttl)

I It’s Lonely Being Cool at the [mug lx'oont ‘lpin midnight. l‘rcc.

\M . kl; \oui hmt lt-ani} and partncrx in tinny .\lot o’ lht' i.L'\Ci\ and One \Va}

1 ti. pin) (lllx galath hip hop. t‘lcctronica .tl.\l t I“ no pop to lit-Ip )ott rccoxcr trout in. k. ud oi \l.t|l lilk' \wck.

I Loose .il Int- \ant-t_\ liar.

‘Ipza midnight i’lt‘t‘. \\cckl_\. .-\|t. countr}. t lavit 7th lt'kh and I‘illk‘\ troni l’aul hillt'ith

I Playstation League at Bar Jctli. ‘iptn nudnlg ht, l'tt't‘. \Vt‘t‘kl}. l'iot' kidx \Ulk' ot thumb and pallid ot' t‘oinplt‘\ion. .'\ L.t\k' ot lagt-i I\ up tor giahx tor thc top gun gauai. .nxunung _\ou can drag )ourth‘x .io.i_\ tioat lht- \taltoll at hoinc.

“also mam music presents


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