4 Kids, Outside the Cities cont.


See Spot Run (PU) Stilt 16 Sep. 2.30pm. £1.50. MacRobcrt. L'niycrsity of Stirling. Stirling, 01786 461081.See1:ilm Index.


Treasure Island Sat 8 Sep. 3pm. £4 (£2). iiast Kilbride Arts Centre. ()ld Coach Road. Iiasi Kilbi’idc. (H.355 261000. Ages 8+. Wee Stories go on the road with their highly acclaimed \ersion ol‘ Robert Louis Stcyenson's epic children's noyel. it‘s swash-buckling. rib-tickling. gruesome Itin.

The Happy Gang’s Cactus Canyon .\ion 10 Sep. 2.30pm. £6; £21 lamin ticket. Albert llaIIs. Dumbarton Road. Stirling. 01786 473544. Spatz. .\'icky and Mr P go on holiday to (‘actus Canyon. but can they lind the legendary lost Candy .\Iine'.’ Fun, music and song for ages tip to 1).

Magic Bob Sat 15 Sep. 1.30pm. £3.50 (£2.20); Iainin ticket £10. Bellshill Cultural Centre. John Street. Bellshill. 01698 2675 I 5. The eyer-popular entertainer combines comedy. circus skills and plenty oi magic.

The Happy Gang’s Cactus Canyon Sat 15 Sep. I lam & 2.30pm. £6 (£4): family ticket £18 (£121. I-ony den Park Centre. Hoyyden. l.i\'ingston. 01506 433634. See Stirling.

The Singing Kettle Silly Circus Sat 15 & Sun 16 Sep. lpm & 4pm. £9 (£7); I‘amily ticket £25. (it'ecnock Arts (itiild. Campbell Street. (it‘eenock. 01475 723038. Roll tip. roll up for all the thrills and spills of the big top. Put on your best cloyyn costume and join Cilla the Ringmaster, Artie the clown. (iary the strongman and human carmonball Jane I'or an all-singing. all-dancing musical extravaganza.



Queen‘s Hall, Edinburgh, Sun 16 Sep; RSAMD. Glasgow. Sat 22 Sep.

Not even the most nervous child Should feel anxaous aoocrt the monsters that take centre-stage in the Queen's Ha|:'s latest educational venture. A Fam/ly Guide To House Monsters Introduces around a dozen 0‘ these light—hearted characters h a new. specially commisscneo o:ece of masc oy Fraser Trainer. Based on monsters from the rlfastrated steryooox of the same t=tle Dy Stanrsav lvlaqar‘cyrc. monsters with names such- as Instantahra or Tav‘tru'nela may not he exactly toveable. but yea wealdn't oe too worried abcut them betng under you bed. “It's very ‘arfl' says Jess Abrams. Educator) Officer at the Queen's Hall. ‘8“3 not at a 08% and

horrific. but colcur‘a' and cr-ght.'

Using the str ngs of the BT Scott‘s'i Ensemble wsth added W100 and percusson. Trainer's music was seen co'noosed to "hatch. the monsters snarccters. ‘lt‘stantar‘ra. for Instance. Is the menster of Imoatlehce.' says Abrams. 'and Tantramella gces mad and t‘t‘roc/s tantrums a“ the time' Alongsde the muse. wsaal images 0‘ the monsters wri‘ oe Detected onto the stage vial GPO. w-tn the ne c o‘ actcr narrator Tm Settle. It's a sa‘e net that there wl be some lively interactive moments oetween

stage and 8th ence.

In the days .eadrng ac to the cre'ner‘e. Taber and the BT Seettssh Ensemo e wl- work with the orchestra 3" SC ev‘nes Primary Scl‘coz to create a short 0 ece o‘ maelc on the monster theme. W'th corn pieces adding uc to )chi under an hour's

iimdfflr Ream“:

. 1.:

Tantrumella throws a warbler

programme. 8'“; HIS neman '720'28187'8 are sure 10 be fully 8018113080. tCarol IVIEII'V

The International Purves Puppets Biggar Puppet Theatre. Broughton Road. 0189‘) 220631. £5 l£4l1 I'amily tickets £23 & £36. Book in adyance as times are subject to change. Reductions for parties (iii—1V0 or more. Show s on ol'l‘er oyer the next two weeks are:

Aladdin Sat 8 Sep. 2pm. .\lagical I‘amily

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adyenture \yith Aladdin. Abana/ar. Princess Yasmine and some curiotis mice as they try to control the genie in the lamp. The Nutcracker Sat 15 Sep & Tue 18 Sep. 2pm. The classic story about a magician who can make toys come to life is performed using puppets and the shou takes children on a magical journey into

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syyectie land. Pips And Panda In Circusiand Mon 17 Sep, 2pm. Ages up to 7. An unusual basket sets oil a mysterious chain oi eyents for the I'amous duo as they encounter Jilly and Jal‘l'y the I'unny geese and Sugar the dancing horse when they spend a day at the circus.