GEORGE FUTCHER, Edinburgh manager of FOPP, tells us of his top five celeb customers.

1 Blues Brother, Dan Ackroyd Spent a lot of last year‘s Festival buying stacks of jazz. including Miles Davies and John Coltrane.

2 Scots writer, Ian Rankin A regular customer. He buys almost anything. though he‘s a big fan of the Stooges.

3 Top documentary-maker, Louis Theroux Here during this year's Festival. but unfortunately purchased the latest Muse album.

4 Mogwai frontman, Stuart Bralthvvaite Been seen here many an afternoon . . . doesn’t buy an awful lot of Blur, though.

5 Ewen Bremner of Pearl Harbor fame He bought a whole load of CDs. tried to pay with a credit card which was refused so he had to pay with cash.

TOMMY SHEPPARD, director of the Stand Comedy Club picks his five favourite TV comedy dramas.

Tutti Frutti This six-parter about a silver jubilee tour by a 608 rock ‘n' roll band is easily the best programme to be made by BBC Scotland ever, and provided the first major TV roles for Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson.

Auf Wiedersehen Pet Nearly twenty years on and still worth watching. One of the first screen portrayals of working-class characters as real and divergent.

Riff Raff Element A bunch of working-class misfits moving into the servants’ quarters of a country mansion to work for a family of upper-middle class twits.

Born to Run A more recent example of good telly amid a deluge of bland programming. A very funny story of turning tables and asking for a new deal of the cards. Excellent stuff.

The Sopranos Quite simply the best television ever made in the US. Tony Soprano. sensitive middle- aged crisis man in therapy by day and lecherous macho gangster by night is a triumph.



Football crazy

The season has started again, and could it be that it’s just a weenie bit overexposed?

Words: James Smart

he football season‘s started again. which

is a bit of a bleeding relief. ‘cause for the

last month or so I haven‘t known what to do with myself. I mean. there‘s been the odd international and the lntertoto and the transfer speculation and the documentaries on football‘s hardest right-footed left midfielders or whatever they‘re up to now and the friendlies and Champions/zip Manager to play on the PC and l“ifa 2001 to play on the Playstation and your Fantasy League team to pick. But really it‘s been pretty quiet.

Now of course we‘ve got the SP1. and the linglish Premiership and plucky old Livingston and. ooh. aren‘t Bolton doing well'.’ And football on Sky almost every night of the week with lovely pre—match ads featuring that Stiltskin song from the jeans advert and impossibly racially- mixed crowds and that small boy yelling. branded with the St Andrews (‘ross and the Ford logo. (‘ome on!

And then. of course. there‘s ScotSport and l'l‘V‘s new ad-packed footie roundup replete with its slow-mo round-ups soundtracked by some third- rate indie band. Witness again nicer choreographed shots of Larsson scoring (again). Roy Keane swearing at the ref (again) or any of a hundred worried managers chewing gum on the sidelines. their jaws locked in a guru that will stay with them till they retire.

But doesn‘t it all get a bit dull‘.’ Does anyone think that anyone can beat (‘eltic or Rangers. or that they‘ll do anything besides growl ominously at each other (when did a bit of hate and a few red cards do the ratings any harm?) and play pass the League (‘hampio-nship for N'l‘l.‘s delectation for the next few decades? ‘Yeah. I think we might do something this season.‘ said Hibs fan l)ougray Scott recently. with more hope than expectation. you presume. ‘We‘ve got a great team.‘

The time has come to protest - don’t buy a shirt advertising a conglomerate this season

Dougray Scott: ever hopeful for Hibs

Of course. the irritating thing about football is that despite the overexposure. despite the big businesses and their pretend tribal loyalties (which were never that positive a thing to start off with). despite Hendry‘s mullet and Seaman‘s ponytail. we‘ll keep watching. But the time has come to protest. Don‘t buy a shirt advertising a communications con- glomerate every season. don‘t spend your evenings discussing just how much of a muppet Matt lilliot is and watching European qualifying tournaments you couldn‘t give a damn about. Don‘t sit on your arse soaking up Des‘s diabolical chat. don‘t buy papers because they‘ve got SuperGoals supplements coming out of their back pages. and don‘t pledge your loyalty to a club that cares nothing at all about your life. Read a book. go to the theatre or read the bits of the paper you never usually look at (you know. the news. the leader page that kind of stuff). And if you‘ve got access to teletext. tell me if Wimbledon won tonight. I‘ve heard we‘ve even got a chance of going up this season.

TH l N Moulin Rouge, Cameo. Edinburgh

Rhidian w lndi Ian Vicky Sol/elm! “if 1' "' Student Event (Io/ripe/e Professional golfer Rubbish. Cheesy and It lust about I liked it. I thought it

was really funny and I liked all the songs but I was disappointed they didn't do the 'AAAAAAAAAH BABY!’ hit in ‘Don't Leave Me This Way'.

killed me but loved it anyway.

forgettable. l beautiful. fell asleep in the


8 THE LIST 2f) Sop—4 Oct .7001