Bedrock Foundations Present Granite (Bedrock) COO

As you might r-xi e" from the Bedrock stable. tl‘is "itest (TOP‘DHHf'fV‘ of past releases is awash with textured grooves. to the extent that it sometimes sounds more like a chill-out album than a selection of progressivt"; floor-fillms. The atmospheric breakbeat of Bedrock's superlative Forge kicks things off. followed by established tracks like Lawler's 'Rise ln.‘ and (Jimmy Van M's ‘Sanctuary'. In an attempt to inject a hit of (flffOl’OltCO into the eguation. almost every track is an unreleased remix - itvhich means that those wanting songs they've heard before should fuck off and buy Tesco's newest lbixa album. If. however. dark rhythms and paranoid breakdowns get you moVing. this baby won't let you down. (James Smart)


Good Times 2 with Joey & Norman Jay (Niiohonir‘) O...

l."."i‘-. .'.'i.:;':

M .i ii: il 4; I: f‘"‘t')‘l looki'xi for that rare Flirtations if) when Norman & Joey Jay can muster most of the floorfillers any self- respecting soul Dtl could ever want? More than meeting the standards set by last year's compilation from the infamous Notting Hill soiindsystem. Good Times 2 takes in everything from old school hip hop through drum 8. bass to classic disco house cuts. Standouts include the Daisy Age hammond hip hop of lJMC's ‘One To Grow On' and the skanking ska delight of The Ethiopians ‘The Whip'. And despite the fact that there's a heavy lean towards disco. musical miscellany is rife is the wont‘lerful world of the brothers Jay.

(Catherine Bromley)


Any artist's second 'ilbiiin is up there " ' e k in sr‘ (ms or

“w: ’)l)i’:l't." "Heiating la A Psycnooafn' is so gauche it's

embarrassing ‘Sexiial Revolution 3’ Ti :ioorl old fashioned funky knees; up. ‘Hey New World' is appalling (as anything that samples children in the playground shoi ild be). ‘Sweet Baby' is a lovely soul ballad duet With Erykah Badu. The rest is cappuccino sWilling soft Prince style funk that Will no doubt be coming to a Bohemian hang-out near you soon. This follow up to On How Life Is Will have you i'eassessing what you thought was so good about the broken voiced chanteuse in the first place. Now where did I put that \Jill Scott album? (Paul Dalm


Pirates Choice (World Circuit) .0...

A classic desert island

disc. Orchestra Baobab recorded this magical session in Senegal back in “)R’) Their funky \zztyrxixtirmr» lozyrls Morning i..:fai‘,<; and melancholy vocals. delivered at the most sensual of paces drove

people Wild and the disc

became a Holy Grail of African music. Standing the test of time and ready to turn on another generation, Baobab's genius is then alchemic attitude to Cuban music singing plaintiver in Wolof and Mandinka. infusing it With a yearning passion not without a political edge. MOSHTOFISIHQ.

(\Jan Fairley)

JA/X 32:33:53

Beware The Feet (Caber Music) 0...

Celtic Feet is the most conVincing vehicle yet for \John Rae's ongoing experiments in ia// folk Celtic fusion. a process Which began at least as far back as Giant Stepping Stanes in the mid-80s. The band is basically a iazx guintet

With two additional folk ihtiSiCians. but everybody approaches the music in open- 'ninded fashion. The resulting Willingness to experiment With unusual directions produces an increasingly satisfying interplay of ideas and musical elements. The band aVOId reducmg the music to a bland lowest common denominator fusion. They bring out the contrasts between the different idioms as well as their connections. and do so in creative and highly enjoyable fashion. (Kenny Mathieson)


MILES DAVIS Live At The Fillmore East (Sony legacy) O...

This mid price two-disc set finally makes available (officially at least) a concert recording from /" March 1970. featuring one of the less well documt-znted versions of Miles's paint—blistering electric band of the time. With Wayne

Shorter. Chick Corea. Dave Holland. Jack Detlohnette and Airto Moreira. Most of the material is drawn from the Bitches Brew sessions. delivered in typically free floWing style. high in energy. intensity and sonic density. Opinions remain radically diyided on the trumpeter's music of the period. and many have never forgiven him for What they heard as a betrayal of iaxx for rock's filthy lucre. Miles didn't give a Stilt. If you are into this phase of his career. snap it up. and look out for the /n A Silent Way box set coming up in November Incidentally. is it JtlSt me. or does the guy shouting 'encore' at the end of disc 2 sound distinctly Scottish? (Kenny lvlatbieson)

the new single the pain inside

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acoustic set and in-store signings

sept 20 dundee lL‘ Jiliiit‘ \'iig::‘: "v’ellgiitti Centre aberdeen nit-iii l lMV l t l\) Union St

sept 21 edinburgh l.‘ Adiiin Virgin. l1)iiPiincesSl glasgow :ii‘nt l ll\i'i\' Aigyie S? (Pelt Piecint)

& live october 6 glasgow qmu

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me (to uk

:1 .e .il’oum ‘eiiiey the melodic sunshine out new. teatuting the hit single ‘M‘ftftlt‘ll in the stiinihcitziiie', cosmic tough iidei's on tour in septunlmr & october

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