V I saw you (‘hofie short red hair. l.( )[ 'I) Yorkshire accent. in 'fraveltxlge on St Mary's Street. Yott can veggie 36 the anytinte. Box No. [7423/2

V I saw you Helen at break- fast. next time I'll be biting that back of yottrs and not tny sausages. Box No. ['/423/3

VI saw you Alan. (‘orinthian. Satttrday night (Ix/8). You Police Pitt Street. me sore hand! Paid yottr taxi to Battlefield. no worries. (cash- lines down)! Had a great night. Meant to give you my number. Let me see you sometime when my hand is better. Box .\'o. [7423/4

V I Saw you first. April 20th 2000, words can't describe you. to Glasgow, to the 7.3 and puppy. and to tts! I.ovc Richie xxx Box No. [7423/6

VI saw you in George Square Theatre you blonde ski- ing press boy . . . what cart I say other then your a work of art. fancy reviewing me some- time'.’ Box .\'o. [7423/5

VI saw you (0‘ offshore lsat 25). in your orange flares. watching tv and having a cof- fee. I had black trousers and dark blue sweater. trying to read

the guradian . . . btit you were there . . . do you remember"? If

you do. please get in touch! Box No. [7423/7

V I saw you on the banks of l.och I.omond. we moved in different circles which collided when ottr children played together! Box No. [7423/8

V I saw you star perfortners. You. overexcited me. even worse. l.ike smoke on the water. Michael (‘aine would turn in his graveyard! I miss the good old days. I love you all. Box No. [7423/0

V I saw you babe with shaved head & tintin tuft. leather jacket + glasses. on your mobile. at the btis stop by the pet shop in Viccy rd 20/8'.’'s share radioactive kisses . . Box .\'o. [.7423/ll

VI saw you P l’ ‘(‘hasing Angels‘ at The Tron . . . don‘t forget me when I'm in New Zealand. X X R M. 80‘ N0. ['/424/l

V I saw you at lidwin Starr Sep lst you were wearing Levis. checked Sherman had dark hair and incredible blue eyes I think your name was l.esley‘.’ \Vc

spoke only briefly btit you wouldn't take my number please get in touch thought you were incredible. Box No. [7424/2

V I saw you very cute new culture & leisure girl as I walked passed you again. and again. and again . . . Me soviet (‘('(‘P boy who left 2 weeks ago. You organise events . so what are you waiting for comrade. Box No. [5/424/3 VI saw you in RS Me(‘olls in Broomhill. You were texting someone then. how about me now',’ Box No. [7424/4 VI saw you in Dr lives with a beautiful smile. maybe we could get that coffee sometime. I've got a few weeks left yet . . . Box No. [7424/5 V I saw you guy who works in Bike Sorce. Great Western Road. Are the morning glances worth pursuing'.’ Box No. [7424/6 V I saw you. reddy hair v. v. cttte Glasgow ['ni linglish grad- uate. l lent you 30p for the phone just off Byres road. I was with my mum wearing a stripey scarf. will you whisper Byron in my ear'.’ Box No. [7424/7 V I saw you in hot pursuit of beer and young men. You looked fab in yer cheap top shop shirt. See you at the next swingers party'.’ Box No. [7424/8 V I saw you wow! You blew tne away with your cttrly big hair in the Tron. Wanna have some ‘FlS(‘ll".’ or perhaps a ‘DRY Bl IN"? [I choosc flor- geous, Box No. [7424/9

V I saw you Starbucks girl making my cappuccino every day! You always make me laugh. ('ome into l’eckhams more often! x Box No. [7424/l0

V I saw you on Friday 3lst Aug in Tron you were holding a vocal score for ‘l’irates of Pen/ance‘. Love the red top! I am so much better + younger than the bloke you left with. Box .\’o. [l/424/ll

V I saw you producer Paul. l‘ancy chasing me'.’ Box No. [7424/l 2

V I saw you. you Travis look a like you. dancing & singing badly in the cttl de. Box .\’o. [l/424/l 3

V I saw you in my dreams again. You're so far away bttt ottr spirits are still dancing away. B misses his Box No. [!/424/l4

VI saw you ...a wee while back in the West lind. For Gods sake phone me when you say you will. Speak to you soon hils. (on the phone). Sean. Box No. [I/424/l5

V I saw you Craig. you chat- ted quite nicely. you helped with lilter coffee. the machine was rather dicey. (‘all tne next week as I'm the gal to meet! Love Billie x Box No. [7424/16

VI saw you sexy nurse N. With your gorgeous bowl hair- cut in A+F.. I would love 2 lick ttr sexy tnole sometime. Box No. [l/424/l7

V I saw you the boy with the hair on your arms peeking out from your t-shirt. I think you are sweet. pop into Peckham‘s tnore often. X Box No. [l/424/l8

V I saw you sexy red head with glasses. tnale. young. served me at Borders. Glasgow, 3l/08. late. I'm the blonde in red top and jeans who got Bi/arre and Enlightenment book. Fancy a coffee'.’ Box No. [7424/]9

V I saw you my cafe buddies iit Borders. I want to take you all away with moi. Have fun. Keep it tip xxx. Box No. [7424/20

V I saw you you sexy paper- chase kitten. That sign above you're head says it all!! XXX Box No. [7/424/2l

V I saw you caring for my Granny and heart missed a beat. I came to visit her every day so I could see you. gorgeous Dr S. Box No. [7424/22

V I saw you looking rugged and sexy in Borders on (i/9/0l. Happy anniversary. silly man! Box No. [l/424/23

V I saw you across kitchen table. You said hiya. You caine for the weekend - who knew we'd choose to spend our lives together'.’ I want to grow old with you. Love Stew x. Box No. L'/424/24

V I saw you working in the Arches (‘afe Bar - ur small. bald head. hairy body me small. round. ginger + bearded. sound tempting? Give me a call. Box No. [1/424/25

V I saw you Matt the Bier llalle gtty in the Garage. You touched my face & made me smile. Pop into Peckhams more often!! X Box No. U/424/26

V I saw you you monkey boy - I need to say I am 45 years old bill I can‘t take my eyes of you when I see you in the Attic - I love you. Box No. [7424/27

V I saw you Laura at the Arches cafe/bar. [7 R beautiful. u can bring me chips anytime. Box No. [7424/28

V I saw you (iortlon ich liebe dich mein fraulein - ich wolhe die “straddle”. All the time. Box No. [7424/29

V I saw you in the Arches Bar. ‘bout 4 weeks ago - you said you wanted casual fun. I said ‘okay‘ I like your voice. Box No. [7424/30

V I saw you (iordon with your l-‘rench sticks. I saw them drowning in you drinks. I wish they would bend over as you always do. Xxx French Kiss. Box No. [.7424/3l

V I saw you sexy girl in Borders Art section. I was com- ing down stairs with a female friend. You looked me tip and down but your male friend pttt me off. Still interested‘.’ Box No. [7424/32

V I saw you bartnatt in Arches bar. Sttuday 5.20pm You. brown eyes. blonde and intrigued. Box No. [7424/33 V I saw you Hi my Benji of sunflower bread. I‘ve heard you have a good head. (‘ome and test my poo‘n nani. Love you. Box No. [1/424/34

I saw you Classified

saw you please note


V I saw you my lovely bouf- fant headed giraffe of superb- ness. ()oh. I'm that redhead lly- ing cat nibbling on your lobe of heady loveliness. Box .\'o. [7424/35

V I saw you Louis 1. snog- ging some gtty at a party. You work at Sleazy's and I've heard you are easy so call the soon.....\"larty. Box No. [7424/36

V I saw you in the Arches café/bar feed tne lattes you httnka htmka burning love! “Table 5. Table 5" yours big jugs"! Box No. [7424/37

V I saw you llari. looking as thin as ever. I am fat but will be thinner soon and ready to claim back my crown love James. Box No. [7424/38

V I saw you Dave who works itt l’eckhams cos we work there too. We love you milky bar kid especially your many white belt. ('heer upl! Box No. [7424/39

V I saw you Andy. nice arse! Sitting (0 staff only she asked for a peak you thankfully accepted. she'd like to see you next week. l.ove ('harli x. Box No. [7424/40

V I saw you trout fishing in America. A + G x Box .\'o. [’/424/4l

20 Sep—4 Oct 2001 THE LIST 117