I saw you Classified


V I saw you. we danced l-lighlander irt Noa artd l cante up witlt a smile. Yott tucked rtte irt artd gaye rtte yottr socks. l krtew thert l wartted yottr pick- led glterkirt! Box .\'o. [7424/42 V I saw you at the l-Last liuropean Beer Fest (Friday). we dartced to Reach for tlte Stars. you reaclted to keep yottr top up! Me: long-haired. scruffy. You: tlte gorgeous opposite. Box No. [7424/43

V I saw you sat 8 Sep at Barorty Bar. We exchanged stttiles (I think) arty cltattce we cart rtteet. Yott slim

witlt brown ltair attd beautiful cheek bones. Sittittg

witlt mate & smoking Marlboro lights. Me opposite with mates. I fell itt loye itttmediately. Box No. [7424/44

VI saw you beautiful Sotttlt African (iirl at bus stop 'I‘ollcros's. Missed you at tlte Latirt festiyal. llaye grape lianta will trade for lteart. Box No. [.7424/45

VI saw you littan. irt tlte co- op in 'l‘ollcross. bttt hayen't seen yott in a rttonth. We tttet irt tlte Liquid Room. about 3 years ago. do yott rertterttber tne‘.’ Kate says Hi. Box No. [.7424/46

VI saw you Paul. I was crazy-drunk on Lothian Road

( HQ) and you gaye ttte a safe place to crash. Yott were orte irt a million. 'l‘hankyou! Julia xox Box No. [7424/47

V I saw you itt Princes St. rtear the Virgin Megastore. Yott were lookirtg gorgeous itt your striped pullover attd interesting witlt your travel guide. Where are Wli travelling next time‘.’ Box No. [7424/48

VI saw you. Louise. irt l"rankertstcin’s a few weeks ago. You were funny maybe you'd like to get a bite to eat sornetime‘.’ R. Box .\'o. [.7424/4‘)

V I saw you on liringe Sunday. tall. red goatee. wear- ittg white/grey/black corttbat trousers. black ltat. and a light blue T—shirt. ushering people onto a dartce floor. You looked quite cool with your head- phones on. artd your smile blew me away. (‘an I see that smile again'.’ Box .\'o. ['/424/5()

118 THE LIST 2O Sep—4 Oct 2001

VI saw you with green [(WC ltearts on your rirtg. sparkle in your eyes. lrislt arid beautiful. takirtg personal details frortt students on

the 1st floor of a city bank. you took mine on Thursday l3th. (‘an I have yours rtow! i: browrt eyes. unshayen.

u: in black. get itt tottch. c u again itt 2 weeks. Box No. [7424/51

V I saw you dark & intelli- gent person. I see you frortt time to time iii the National Library. with the bagpttss pettcil case. (iet irt tottch'.’ Box No. [7424/52

V I saw you Fuzz Love doing your little dartce artd now I artt irt love! Maybe one day you cart learn my Panda dance too. Box No. [.7424/53

V I saw you upstairs. itt Boots. Princes St. 5pm. I I September. You: with blortde friend arid dressed irt black with beautiful long red hair. Myself'.’ Well. pretty tall

really. Box No. [7424/54

V I saw you lttslt waiter at La (iamtte. Lemoneello girl ltopes you're straight and/or persuadable! Wartt to get drttnk sometittte'.’ Box .\'o. [7424/55 V I saw you Nancy (Kings Bar. Brunsttield Hotel l/‘)/()l) You told myself + friends that you weren't showing the Scotland match. After I met you I forgot all about the game. l‘ancy a date'.’ x Box No. [7424/56

VI saw you l)anie|le- or rather heard frortt you. after I'd replied to your ad - bttt you said your no. rttttch too quickly! Please get irt touch again. "The Frenchman". Box .\'o. [.7424/57 V I saw you B33 the rttad lilttt foodie. (i'day. still look- ing'.’ Mr Successful Sometimes Busy December Man would loye to [tear frortt you again for some rttore ‘crunch.’ Box No. [7424/58

VI saw you dancing with 3 girlfriends at ('itrus (‘1th (Sat lstl: slirtt. long dark wavy hair. dark clothes/bag. Me: tall. slirtt. floppy hair black shirt. liye contact then temporary amnesia - forgot how to talk. Box No. [7424/5‘)

V I saw you sat opposite the Blind Poet. Saturday 8th. gor- geous long hair. black/red clothes. Me: black clad. dark wavy-haired lad under TV. Box No. [7424/60

V I saw you sexy waitress irt Blue. Your smile is so beautiful it make me smile. Box No. [.7424/6]

VI saw you being dirty irt the kitchen. I saw you tltrouglt the door at Loca. I saw you

VI saw you Ba/ 1 at Dr.

V I saw you irt ltalf! You cheeky ntinx. yott! (‘ome join my circus side-show! l‘ree Visa and ltttsbartd supplied. (‘oco! Box .\'o. [7424/73

VI saw you after shoot- irtg sortie zombies irt pot'to- belly with your oyers‘i/c pint glass artd oyersize rtose. you koala girl. you. Box .\'o. [7424/74

V I saw you the best waitress irt Bltte with those sexy pig tails artd the killer stttile. Box .\'o.

with that bagel. Do it with rtte. Lara'.’ Box .\'o. [7424/62

No‘s at The Bongo (‘lub. You're the tops. nice tunes. nice pattts. Loye Bobby Perry. Box .\'o. [7424/7l

VI saw you Big 't‘ant in Sltirak wearing a carpet artd a dog lead. You cart take me for a walk anytime big boy. Box .\'o. [7424/72



V I saw you daft blortde tart. yegan boy racer. Wltat about it'.’ Box No. [7424/63

V I saw you l)olce & (iabanna. with your shiny little trails artd your endearing bttt creepy ways. Box .\'o. [7424/64 V I saw you were dazzling like the DAWN. Wltert I see sunsets I'll think of your first love. Box No. [7424/65

VI saw you. I used to be looking for the persort of my life hidden irt my heart. Who is she'.’ Box No. [7424/66

V I saw you boy racer with a casual style. You were irt the 'I’rayerse. You left. lleddy llaw. Box No. [7424/(37

VI saw you...Key at the 'I‘rayerse with your funky afro hairdo. I want to hear your freaky children. Box .\'o. [7424/68

VI saw you Mary Doll ttext to Mr (‘ontntando Boy at [)r. No‘s at The Bongo. [low cart you startd next to a rttart with no underpants artd no stylus cotttrol. Box No. [7424/6‘)

V I saw you (‘orttmando Boy at Dr. No's at The Bongo (‘lub. l-‘ancy playing with my action ntan‘.’ Box .\'o. [7424/70

Only one I saw you per person per issue will be published.

VI saw you gorgeous boy with side-hunts. big boots arid a rakish gritt...|ounging iii the Tray bar...conte launch my book! 1 tltittk your ttartte is Douglas. Box .\'o.