Rear view ' Phil Kay

Let us take you on a journey into the things I never knew were there and am now tempted to throw away. They

. . . kind of feel in a nether-niche. a purgatory tragedy: there and not known to unknown; the thr'us’ the sp'lls’ the h'dden be there; mostly gone already and so good Zen practise. Losing secrets of the kitchen drawer . . . . what you already don’t have is half as hard.

Chopsticks and the missing ‘guard‘ for my beard trimmer. Where else could it be? This drawer was made to house this kind of stuff. Fucking Dylon i permanent colour for natural fabrics that you put in a

machine and works

' almost as well as red

There Is a pants do; rare Chinese heat" ginseng that may not

be ginseng: an ashtray

from an old car. 100

grams of Betnovate

apron, Ilke RD Ointment. ankle

M . bandage. the rest of a any“ badminton net.

i \ Manson There is a curious

mix of the medicinal

\ wear and the internal ball to do a Spot game; a compact

- travel spirit level for Of the travelling builder; Norwegian Elastoplasts (‘norgesplaster kvikkstrip' I swear on the life of the holy pope). a too-small plug for a sink and an intemational adapter. Travel. internal ball games and entry-level medicinal supplies; wooden chopsticks; there’s a gleaming new four—prong baked potato skewer: Vaseline. underlay. underlay. semi-loose cocktail sticks and part of a blender. a eunuch off-cut of wood used only as a sander-block. I can’t write about what happened in New York.

op—heads. foil. thick red twine. tiny elephant apron. four Chinese paper banners. one royal orange hand towel with fruit shapes. ordered. never noticed until now, yellow kitchen towel, (now in service). two 45 mil round lamp mini replacement bulbs. one more Chinese banner. a tub of winter food for citrus trees . . .

. . . a roll of fax paper too wide. One that I have to saw with a kitchen bread-knife to make it approx. six mils less wide thin centre tube and all usually in three sittings or sessions of sawing. It acts as a measure of how detcnnined I am. yet only within an action that wouldn‘t happen if I was more determined to go and shop for fax paper outside of my own area and extremely local locale. In other words. if I had been more determined. I am not. and yet I have chosen to be not determined. That is. I never deem it enough to go specifically outside my area for fax paper or even suddenly go ‘Fax paper‘ while passing Menzies.

That is the last time I use the letter The second last time was in Menzies. Once more then and that‘s it. It is broken because my wee boy Felix got a snatch for it. He had been waiting and waiting for an opening with stealth like a boxer and like a poker player too. And the contrast after the waiting compared with the waiting: huge. He grabbed up three keys: a shift. a ‘stroke‘ key and the zed too.

. . . there is a barbecue-proof. heat-resistant foiled-scale cook's apron. like Marilyn Manson would wear to do a spot of welding: empty aspirin and penicillin and children‘s soluble Disprol; Lillets and most of a badminton net; birthday candles I never know are there and always buy more. In fact. many

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