Whisky gulpin’, Albarn baitin’, Mercury

In it for t

Prize stuffin’, America takin’, Zombie hip hop makin’, and finally . . . live performin’ dub punk Ioons. Is there no end to the talent bursting forth from GORILLAZ? Words: Mark Robertson

hat can we expect from the Gorilla: live experience? Russel Our shows work on a lot of levels. obviously we aim to give a liver-quivering

audio adventure. but we don’t stop there. We‘re developing a visual presentation that isn’t simply the standard four faceless dullards banging through their barely discernible repertoire. It's a culmination of genres that‘s in line with our diverse musical influences. While we’re the live band at the heart of the show. the projections, rap and Dls have their roots in a more club-orientated tradition. But those are just the parts to the experience; the sum itself is something else. something

much more.

How does it feel to be captured for your own TV

special? Will it be more in the spirit of the Elvis

68 Special or The Osmonds?

Russel It’s just another round of interviews as far as I’m aware. we’re not about to make a The All New Adventures Of. . . type thing. The 68 Special was a comeback show so that‘s hardly necessary and it was in Aloha From Hawaii that Elvis was looking more than a little worse for wear ifl remember correctly. I‘m not aware that the ()smonds ever hit the spirits that heavily either come to think of it. you must be getting

them confused with the Partridge Family.

What is zombie hip hop? Russel It‘s the sound we makes. Murdoc . . . yeah. it’s the future. Russel Word!

h e m ° " keys

Any chance of a nu metal twist from Gorillaz? Murdoc Now you’re talking. Hail Satan!

Does the proliferation of manufactured bands like

Hear’Say in the pop charts worry you? Russel Hardly a new phenomenon is it'.’ You could pick any chart from any week of any year and there would be any number of marketing-led. record and management company dross in there. What is worrying. as you point out. is their current proliferation. We‘re here to redress the balance.

Do you get a perverse thrill out of seeing your band nestling among these sinister corporate types in the charts? Murdoc Yeah. it's Wikka man. I love nestling up against Britney or Hear‘Say and rubbing them up the wrong way. I mean. who wouldn‘t? In liurope it‘s the same. we're topping the charts over there. They‘re not so bloody bing-banga-bang and housey housey now. are they? Heh!

I love nestling up agalnst Britney or Hear’Say and rubbing them up the

wrong way

Who would be a quality choice of support act for


Russel We were supposed to play on the same bill as Afrika Bambaataa earlier this year but I think the foot and mouth epidemic put a stop to that; that would have been pretty idea] though Murdoc Balls to them. I’ll only settle for The Clash re- forming or The Specials, a bit of true class or nothing. The stage is my turf and any DJ Jazzy Jizz or MC Git Face is gonna get chopped down if they even dream of stepping foot

on it.

Russel We have D.ls and rappers Murdoc. Murdoc Oh do shut up Russel. you’re such a nitpicker. who

Any problems with groupies?

Are Gorrilaz an attempt to subvert the charts/pop music?

Russel To say that we arejust attempting to subvert the charts or pop music would be to say that we are in some way not quite managing it. when I think it's clear that we are dragging this and other areas of popular culture kicking and screaming out of its


Describe the contents of your average Gorillaz gig rider. Murdoc Headache pills for 21). our walking brain tumour of a front man. Polaroid film and Yo-yo‘s for Noodle and a couple of chickens: one for Russel to stuff in his face and another for me to sacrifice. ()h. and some sweets.

Murdoc I‘m sorry. I don't follow‘.’ What could possibly be the problem with having nubile young women whose only wish is to see my sweaty lecring face grirnacing hideously close to theirs while l drool and wheeze two-week—old ciggy

cares about the details? I’m just building a vibe for the people. setting the scene and creating an atmosphere. man. Don‘t forget that this is my hand. my band.

breath into their open. ecstatic mouths‘.’ Russel I‘ve said it before and I'll say it again: I can‘t warn all young women strongly enough to stay away from this sick >

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