4 individual.

Murdoc Hahahahahahaha! No mere mortal can resist the evil

of the Niccals.

Have you been hanging out with any

celebrity pals?

Murdoc I stood on stage at Ozzfest a few weeks back with some of the boys from Raging Speedhom and Slipknot and watched 40.000 sunstroke victims beat the living shit out of

each other.

Russel Well aren‘t you the dashing socialite about town. Ozzfest or the Met Bar. oh the dilemma. I just can‘t decide

which shoes to wear.

Murdoc Easy. Cuban-healed ‘Uncle Pete' style ankle boots

every time.

Other bands. What’s the verdict on Belle 8.


Murdoc Why them in particular? A personal favoun'te of yours?

Well yes. What about Travis then? A pile of old

shit or the saviours of pop?

Murdoc Oh I get it. it's a Scottish thing. Travis aren‘t either of those things really and I can’t be bothered to come up with

a category for them myself.

What’s your poison? Murdoc I’ve always thought that would be a good title fora

nearby at all times. just in case, y’know? Anyway as a special gift to the fans and as a way of getting even more ladies passing through my sleeping quarters. I was persuaded to open up its doors on-line with a free key that came with every album. So what happened? Some little hacker geek only takes

it upon themselves to up and nick it. It‘s taken me three months

to get it back and in the meantime the bloody thing has picked up masses of its own fans who regularly crash my e-mail with

thousands of stories and drawings about their sad little fantasies

involving my shag pad. Sorry. what was the question?

Have you seen 101 Reykjavik?

Murdoc Isn‘t that the bar owned by that scrounging bastard Albam? I wouldn‘t be seen dead in anything he has his name attached too. I’m sick to death

I wouldn’t be

seen dead in anything

Albarn has his

name attached to. he should sod off back to

his footnote in

TV game show. Contestants would be shown a medley of physical manifestations from various forms of poisoning. ranging fonn imbibing house hold products. through the slurry of intoxicants those available both legally and on the black market then on to arsenic and the like. From this. they'd then have to guess the identity of the dosed up celebrity guest

behind the screen.

Given your fondness for Winnebagos, is this the band choice of on-tour transportation? Murdoc I don‘t know how many of your readers will know about my Winnebago. It’s a bit of an intemet nerd conspiracy story. I‘ve had this old van for years. I always like to have a bed

Superchunk King Tut '3. Glasgow. Sweet indie power pop from long-surviving quartet all the way from the USA.


The Fall Liquid Room. Edinburgh. Hand in pocket, jumper on. Mark E. Smith continues to ply his trade as the simutaneous sonic pioneer and grumpy old get.

Nerina Pallot and Rosalie Oaighton King Tut's, Glasgow. Feisty. angsty singer/ songwriter Pallot makes her Scottish debut.


Heather Nova Garage. Glasgow. Rare date from this female acoustic singer/ songwriter.

1 3 OCTOBER Oasis Barrow/and, Glasgow. The Gallaghers celebrate ten

years as archetypal rock ‘n' roll

stars with a pair of sold-out shows.

Aimee Mann Liquid Room, Edinburgh. After gaining a higher profile with her award- winning Magnolia soundtrack. Mann brings her plaintive

16 THE LIST 2O Step—4 Oct 2001

country sound to Scotland. Ben & Jason, Carina Round and Zanderman King Tut '8. Glasgow. Acoustic indie/pop

genius from this quality triple bill.


Oasis Barrow/and, Glasgow. See 13 Oct.

Snuff and Mllkbomb Garage, Glasgow. Veteran ska/pop punksters promote their new remix EP Versions.

JTO Venue, Edinburgh. Hammond-wielding Taylor supports the release of his best of album.

musical history

with having to deal with questions about him. I

only let him do some stuff with my band for the

publicity and now that I‘ve got it. he sods off back to his footnote in musical history.

Give us your top five superheroes.

Murdoc This is Russel’s tem'tory. I can’t stand

comics or cartoons they‘re for kids.

Russel It‘s true I like comics but I’m not really into Superheroes per se. But if you’re looking for classic super-powered madness, the Stan Lee-written Marvel titles of the 70s can‘t be topped. Roger Ramjet is pretty damn cool


Give us your top five cocktails. Russel Likewise. this isn‘t really my territory. drunkenness isn’t my thing. ask Murdoc. Murdoc Cocktails are for poncey. media. coke-snorting. bullshit prals aren't they? I mean what grown man is going to go out of a Friday night and seriously consider drinking something called a Woo Woo? I’ll stick with the single malt whiskies if that‘s all right with you.

Gorillaz play Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Mon 24 Sep.


Brian Setzer Garage. Glasgow. Old skool big band rock ‘n' roll from this bequiffed American.

Cinerama Venue. Edinburgh. David Gedge formerly of the Wedding Present indulges in some cinematic retro-pop.


Hefner Calhouse. Glasgow. Classic indie angles from London trio.

1 8 OCTOBER Eels Barrow/and, Glasgow.

Quirk-filled angst indie from that man of eccentric. if singular vision. E.

Groove Armada OMU, Glasgow. From the dancefloor to the coffee table. this laid- back duo expand their numbers for a few live shows. Jonathan Richman King Tut's, Glasgow. The one-time head Modern Lover returns for more upbeat banter and guitar pop tunes.

1 9 OCTOBER Elbow Liquid Room. Edinburgh. Moody Midlands


Therapy? Garage, Glasgow. Irish tOngue-in-cheek metallers promote their latest album Shameless.


Monkees SECC, Glasgow. Three of the four original 605 swingers go ape.

Eddi Reader Liquid Room, Edinburgh. The Fairground Attraction singer/songwnt’ er gets roots and folky with her pop.

21 OCTOBER Dr John Old Fruitmarket,