Soma love sensation

Glasgow’s most influential dance label has been with us a decade. Happy birthday dear SOMA, happy birthday to you.

‘I can be more sure that we might make twenty years, - where I wasn’t too sure we’d make it to ten in the past’

W()l'( ls: Jack Mottram

oma is ten. The record label that hegan life as a shoestring operation when co—founders Stuart .‘Vict‘Vlillan and ()rtle .\leikle found that no one was interested in releasing their early production efforts is now a thriving concern. lts sterling reputation is synonymous the world over with (ilasgow’s renowned dance music scene. relied upon hy' His and fans alike for forward—looking

techno and house.

Back in l‘)‘)l. few would have predicted a decade-long stream of underground classics peppered with the occasional chart outing. least of all its founders. In fact. Meikle hursts out laughing when asked if he foresaw his lahel's successes. ~.\'().. he says. '1 don't think \y’c‘ thought it would last this long. httt then I don‘t think we thought it wouldn‘t. Nothing we’ve done. whether it’s the clubs or the record label.

has had a tnastei'plan.'

They started frotn htunhle beginnings. the first thousand records paying to press the next two thousand. and had little sense of the future. ‘It was like that for quite a while.. say‘s Meikle. 'very much working hand to mouth. never really taking any remuneration from the company. with all the profits just going into strengthening the roster and developing the artists. The way it's developing at the moment. I can he more sure of saying we might make twenty years in the husiness. where I wasn't too sure we’d make

it to ten in the past.‘

'l'hose early pressings might not have provided financial security for the lahel. but they set the pattern Sonia has followed ever since. 'literna’. Slam‘s first outing and the label's dehttt. was an instant smash hit. eventually selling 4000 copies. listahlishing a tradition of wilful changes of direction. it was followed tip

with the dreamy

‘l‘allen' from One l)ove. with vocals from l)ol Allison.

Soma's capacity to wrong—foot the puhlic. unlike most dance imprints which find a niche and stick fast to it. is down to its status as a true independent. '()ur independence is t'l’l'_\' important to tts.~ .\liekle confirms. ‘Being independent is an ethos that we‘ve always had. hecause it allows you to release new music that you want to release. If you sign with a major lahel. you're always going to get someone b

Glasqor-x. The original grizzled bluesman ankles the worres once again.

Soft Cell Harrow/and, Glasgow. Dave Ball and Marc Almond reform for more 803 Synth poo classics.

Elbow OMU, Glasgow. See 19 Oct.

Alabama 3 I lot/Id Room, Edinburgh. Back on the road to prove their voodoo blues hip hop IS more than rust that Sopranos smmdtrack song.

22 OCTOBER Ryan Adams Garage.

Glasgow Former Whiskt-zyrtov'a‘. lrontmari parades his altttmintry wares.

Deep Burnt Festival teat. Hood. Sirconical and Duke Raoul Cottrer Theatre. Glasgow. This new testwat from 22-28 Oct sees some ol the finest left field electrontca from around the globe assemble at the Cottrer With Andy Votel, Gescom. Future Pilot AKA, To Rococo Rot. Sputntks Down and Team Dyobi among the highlights. Solaris Arc/res, Glasgow A colossaI meetmg of abstract

(Yttlf3iffél: rr’wttlt; foatanntt ("Zara's .Jakr lemon". and Jan \nl.’.:li)i)it,‘

among others.


Divine Comedy fit'ilrt'rrulalrti, Glasgow Heg,'t,"‘0.'a!t:rt was; therr truest album to date. some and see what all ilti? fuss as about watlr Nos! lltt'rmzn and friends.

Starsailor ()r't‘l J. ( 3.515; ;(I.‘. Authentic "Kilt? from ."ll'vfi favor;

24 OCTOBER Starsailor (2.9.x i "t See 2;) O.:t.


Lamb: l.‘.;':.' ‘1‘.) i'?‘. i.):.".’.‘./-’_,"3 i454 :"fli. H; ‘:lt'.::'.r;;:"<: :;.,7‘:r:;':t'."-u". t'fu'l" Ma's i“ .ttttlfifi

27 OCTOBER Saw Doctors 5sth (,i..i:?;;t>t'. {liti'zty l:;.’r. trails l,‘l).’l',

2mm: Mylar-3";


Air :tvx: Sebastien Tellier ii.'tl';t'.'. t:."..‘ (Sallie glut; t,.',-;. "arr: '."l.: "t-.'.‘:'.


U840 amt The Pretenders

5‘? (It). (Pastors: A yer-tame tuft!" iztttttta'ar'ra with stick», (Trams-x an.) flit) lira”; (roosters. Air arr-:l Sebastien Tellier ii.5.'l<>.'.l';1'>tl. (luzsootv

Crash Test Dummies Klllt,‘ 753;, liaison/u, Doatlrral‘. (it’Jtlllll‘rg‘SfliS trout tho ‘-.’.‘fll(‘..’$ of

'l'ltnvtf 2? you remember.


0PM .’ 414.1.“ Boo/rt, iftnm‘xlrtm. Yank pop skate ritimpttes t)tit|(l on then :‘t'riash tat ‘l‘leavon Is A liar." l’aitz',

31 OCTOBER 0PM Ola/7U. Glasgow. 30 Oct.


Weezer Barrow/anti, Glasgow. Geek pop grunge magic from these back from the ".wtlt‘lerness Amt-means.


Gong Rel flow lie/17,: Glasgow. .‘zav'ltl Alien resurrects another annotation of his prog grants.

3 NOVEMBER Embrace f3(ll!()‘.‘//{7Ild,