4 who 1...;tau-.—-i'ttriclies on hoard. who looks at the music from a linancial point of View. At the risk of sounding totally shitty. it's like a family. We haye a personal relationship with our artists. so il‘ they do something that doesn't make hack the money. they won’t he chucked oil the lahel hccause of it.’

This strident heliel‘ in music. as opposed to the music husiness. is. as it turns out. a winning l‘ormula. It was Soma after all. which unleashed Daft Punk on the world in l994. and Slam themselyes made their mark with ‘l’ositiye liducation’. which lirst hit the racks in 1993 and. with a longeyity unheard of on the l'ickle dance music scene. is still heard in cluhs today. 'Tylccting Daft Punk in Paris and hearing their lirst demo track was ohyiously a hiin point.’ .‘yleikle says. ‘.'\nd ottr own record ‘l’ositiyc liducation' was a key point. trying to .r\&R that ohjcctiyely. then seeing it do so well. One l)o\'c. too, got signed straight away to London Records . . . you know. we haye made some good decisiottsli

Soma is not. however. set to rest on its laurels. '\\'e‘d like to diversity Meikle says. ‘\\'e'd like to open tip the opportunities to make music for TV and lilm. Stuart and | haye just hecn ol'l'ered the chance to work with new six-way sttt't'iiund—sottttd technology l'ot‘ cinemas. and quite a few of our artists would he more than capahlc ol~ writing l’or soundtracks. We seem to he hath a good time at the moment and it‘s good that it coincides with the anniyersary. hut I‘m looking to what we can do next.‘

It the last ten years are anything to go hy. whatever Soma docs next. it’s sure to he a success.

Soma’s tenth anniversary celebrations are at Pressure at the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 29 Sep.

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Scott-st: date.


Darkroom developments

They started out as Soma fans, now SILICONE SOUL are one of the label’s brightest hopes.

Words: Catherine Bromley.

oma’s not short on success stories. Respected

the worid over for quality productions in the

realms of house and techno, the Glasgow- based label can count acclaimed artists such as Slam, Gene Farris, Universal Principles and Funk D’Void

among its number. Having released their debut album, A Soul Thing, to critical acclaim last year, Silicone Soul are the latest act from the Soma stable intent on achieving dancefloor domination.

Comprised of childhood chums Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie, Silicone Soul have quickly garnered an enviable reputation for making funk- fuelled house music since forming the band in 1997. Prior to this, the boys had their own label, Depth Perception

Records, and it was with a string of tracky house cuts on this imprint that they attracted the attention of Soma

boss Dave Clarke.

The relationship between Silicone Soul and Soma was a beautiful friendship waiting to happen. Morrison and Reedie’s first taste of dance music came courtesy of Soma stalwarts, Orde Meikle and Stuart McMillan, at the first Slam session at the Arches. ‘It was a big honour at the time - and it still is - to record for Soma,‘ says Morrison. ‘As far as Stuart and Orde go, as Dds, they were a big influence because we got to hear all the new American house and the progressive house

Craig Morrison (left) and Graeme


Slipknot SILK). (Misgolzr. lanai»; insane air—mum? mm: 5: ~:‘:-::<,- i:tv:rv:rr<;-oorr sla, the

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Waterboys Bayou. am}. (Sasqor'. l\.1.k<.- that: far"

Irv-:asmxxizl ‘1)iltlS.“S.’l€}/"


The Proclaimers Ha'rzwnzr'ar'. Glasgow lfttf brothers; Heat 5.1:..".';.,'r;;‘; l“(?~'(‘: of this! ‘tt K task, liilitifl

liifilj'f; Blink 18

him/f“, 5‘...“ .'-t:x:>.....:l,.-.

Nam t.'.(:r‘t~,s..»".<>thrigs, successtt.


The Proclaimers (Joan [itx’i’FI-“PLMK f' (Ironingr 80(3th1)‘..

12 NOVEMBER /'\'(:’>t::;_ (25:5: Hawkwind (iii/(.{Qti (}.'r:;_<;:;.'.‘ "1) '11:;2 .21! MIA? :Li)£it;t:t'f:12k f'om ('11.;-

viti-xfiu, return-ml ['17s ~.'o‘;<zva':s_

Ugly Duckling K 0;; l_.:'s.

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tin) iii/:2 ‘“ p l':):; (:".:u'.

13 NOVEMBER Hawkwind I (Lat) Hos/r: Sift) 12 Nov.

1 4 NOVEMBER Si-CC. (.P‘zrsgarr ‘K trot) ‘mrv‘ tli-s;

popular 91;) ()i ‘16 NO‘llEi‘i’lBER

The Poets of Rhythm


Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros if:3:"().’.r;1n(}.

they had; labels like Gorilla and crazy remixes by Andy

Weatherall. I’d been to raves and I didn’t really fancy

that much, but the Slam nights started it all off.’ Silicone Soul‘s early releases on Soma - including

‘Climbing Walls‘ and ‘All Nite Long’ - sparked immediate interest from heavyweight DJs like Pete Tong. Live

We wouldn’t leave Soma

no matter how much money we were offered

sessions at Slam night Relief steadily built local interest in the duo. Now, with the success of the debut album firmly established, Virgin has signed the rights to an updated version of the Silicone Soul classic ‘Right On 4 The Darkness'. Renamed ‘Right On!’, the track takes

string samples from Curtis Mayfield's classic ‘Right On For The Darkness’ and works in strong percussive elements and a sweet soul vocal from Louise Marshall to create a foolproof floorfiller.

But cynics who see this as a precursor to Silicone Soul selling out to a corporate giant have got it wrong. ‘We wouldn’t do that anyway, no matter how much money they offered,’ says Morrison. ‘We‘re really very keen to stick with

Soma. We‘re already starting to work on the new album and the new single, so that’s something we

wouldn’t even consider.’

(Essisgou. 'rloa'fi. 02d Jot"; keeps o" gigging sarth l1?:;l'£1;;§}'(3- taggtie llitllil of mink rr:rs‘r‘.s;.

'l E) NDVEi‘JlBE.

Wheatus Corn Exchange. ill/tinny". 'lht‘; make-"s of 'l(~:(2'l(it)0 [);:!l>:ig;' t'oi‘ow tho: i 1" 9‘0 Park

In addition to working on the new album, Silicone Soul have just scored remix work on the new Roger Sanchez single, featuring a vocal from Scottish songstress Shadeen SpiterOi. Plans are also in place for the duo to explore their penchant for dark, dubby grooves, using their recently established Darkroom Dubs imprint to pursue production projects with the likes of Prozak Trax‘s Jordi Grav and H- Foundation's Hipp—E.

531'! N ifi‘ffi‘rlBER Wheatus Harrow/(2nd, C'asgtm. Set} 19 Nov.

1712 i‘lOVEl‘RBER

Pulp 8.’1/‘r‘(>'.r'.'fa'rd, Glasgow. (locker and CO. DfOti‘..0t'C tracks fro": their new Scott \"‘.’atke' l)!’(‘.:lt.‘(3(3(’l Ll’.

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"stead oi as: lm. dates,

20 NO‘i’ENlB Low 1.. (Mt: Horror, (it: Hiring/7, See 19 Nov.

24 NOUQSI‘HBER Stereophonics and Feeder Sr'fCC. (i’.e.s‘;;<>'.'./. Lrl‘ growly Kelly and his pals round off the ,trar will more feelgood indie

25 NOVEMBER Stereophonics and Feeder