4 didn‘t. But Let It ('ome Dim“)! can comfortably stand beside the punk upstatterv of The Strokes. the molten guitar experiments of .\logvvai and the cut 'n‘ paste ramshackle beauty of the Avalanches as an alhtnn of the )‘ear. Because Pierce has taken his song crafting up a notch. novv it is the song. not the sound. that is the vital core: hear "l'he 'I‘vvelve Steps‘ or the first single ‘Stop Your (‘r_ving‘ for proof.

4. Thou shalt ever be the perfectionist. l’ollovving in the hallovved line of Phil Spector. Kevin Shields. David Bovvie and Scott Walker. Pierce is fanatical over detail in the recordings he makes. lie is meticulous about arranging and re-arranging songs. You can hear the la_vers of sounds draped gossamer-like one over the other as each track builds to its peak. It sounds like it took four _vears to construct this record. And he has been knovvn to get so far. chuck the vvhole lot away and start again.

5. Thou shalt get your shit together and celebrate thus.

It was surmised that the heartbreak and anguish poured out on Ladies Am! (ien/lemen . . . vvas about Kate Radlev. his long-term girlfriend and Spirituali/ed kevhoard pla_ver from vvhom he split in 1996. Five _vears later. he is in a very different place: he's a father. His daughter isjust a _vear old: he agrees that fatherhood is life changing. but not in the way people sa_v. lt hasn‘t affected his working: he still vvorks through the night vvhile she sleeps soundlv until midday.

6. Thou shalt sing out like you always wanted

to, but were too mashed up to before. Thou shalt get your For _vears. vvhen pla_ving live. Pierce used to sit hunched 3"“ togefher and on a stool. guitar in lap. muttering his l_vrics otit. like an celebra‘e thus octogenarian hluesman. The legend goes he sat because he


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