was so fucked on his chosen intoxicants that he crescendos where hrass. strings and tnassed

couldn‘t stand for long anyway. Whatever the vocals sttrge together sounding like he has reason. Pierce. like sotne gig-playing Isaac Hayes and (iil livans in the studio with Neanderthal. slowly evolved. learned to stand him giving pointers. and while he is still stock still with eyes shut tight. he has tinally begun to sing out for real. 9. Thou shalt not mock the folly of Listen out for "I‘he Straight And Narrow" and former band members. Never utter the ‘l)o It Over Again‘ on the words ‘Lupine Howl’. new album to hearjust how. 5:3... Lg” Mgr M; By 199‘). ttnheknown to

"A"; If“ i i " a a most. lil‘e in the Spiritualized 7. Thou shalt make catnp was not all rosy: thine record IOOK {1:1 i5, mil} f’ tempers were l‘rayed and legs Iovelier than any. iii-“LL 'i‘ L" * were being pulled ot't‘teddies Pierce knows how to {3’5 (‘5 iii” Iel‘t. right and centre. The l’ileilgc 1‘ WCWU- PW" my“; -_» « tension httilt up between l’ltuse came in a luminous " “' ' hand mcmhers. resulting in case. [mites And is} what l’iercc describes as an (ienI/enmn We Are Hunting i; 5:16; h; (L; A) ‘unnutnageahle' situation. In Spuee was a box of m r i i ' L (iuitarist Mike Mooney. prescription drugs. replete hassist Sean (‘ook and with blister pack for the (‘1) and a sheet of drummer Damon Reece hecame ostracised and consumption advice. Let It ('mne Down is Pierce sacked them. They went on to form equally impressive. It has a specially Lupine llowl. who sound a lot like Spiritualized commissioned sculpture on the cover by artist without the exciting Spiritualized-y hits.

l)on Brown of Brown‘s wife‘s face in relief —- which makes for a funky optical illusion with 10. Thou shalt treat the people to ‘An

a gold (‘1) inside. Nice. Evening With Spiritualized’.

Secretive as he is. l’ierce's intention is to ol‘l‘er 8. Thou shalt make thine record with more than just a simple rock concert. hut he is loads of people on it - and it must vagtte ahottt specilics. Better just buy a ticket sound impressiver thus. and go and lay yoursell hare to the sensory During the recording of 11'! It Come Donn. overload that is Spiritualized live.

l’ierce utilised the talents ot'over 100 players including a lull gospel choir and choral singers. Spiritualized play Barrowland,

lle cart create a wall of noise to make you think Glasgow, Sun 30 Sep. Let It Come My Bloody Valentine never existed. but these Down is out now on Spaceman/BMG. days he sticks mostly to tidal wave-sized See page 101 for album review.

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Otlicers' Warning l.()mg Nicotine