around a name )oitng \xoman \xho hecomex the \ ictim ot circumxtancc. and the enxuing protracted traged} gixex the lilm axtonixliing emotional clout. .\'e\\ l’icture llouxe. St x\ntlre\\ \.

The Demon. Dojoji Temple and The House Of Flame «rim 1 Kiliachiro Kauamoto. Japan. ltltll l ()ne ol the \\orltl\ leading puppet animatorx ollct\ a \clcction ol lilmx a\ part ot the .lapan ltltll le\ti\al. \IacRohert .-\rt\ ('entre. Stirling.

The Dish I Ill 0... tRoh Sitclt. .'\ll\l|';||i;t, jtlttm Sam .\'eill. Ke\ in Harrington. 'l‘om ltll minx. lt‘x tow). Apollo \l I\ about to land and Neil :\rm\trong 1\ due to take the lirxt lunnan ‘1‘?“ “W” “W moon. .r\ humhling teatn ot countr_\ ho} \. at l’at'law Radio Al'elexcope

l-acrlit} in New South \Vaiex. are rexponxihle

t'or pro\ nlmg the imagex \chetluletl to appear on (\IIII million tele\ Non xcreenx around the \\UI'ItI. l'nt‘ortunatcl}. the) went to liaxe loxt .'\rm\trong m \paee. 'l‘he rexulting tenxion ix high. the oplttntxttl llllL‘L'IlUlh and the outcome axtountling. \\’ith unl'aihngl) quirk} humour and \incere [wiltil‘lltattu‘x the t'L‘\ttll It;t\ lo I‘L' one HI lllL‘ moxt uplil'tmg and entertaining liixtor} IL‘\\UI]\ e\ er tilmetl. I‘ll l. l’allxu‘k.

Doctor Zhivago it’( il 00. «Hm M [can]. IS. I 'K. l‘)(15i()marSharil. .lulte (‘hrhtica (ieraltlme ('haplin. 103 Itlllh. Big \creen romance in the Hour ll'II/i l'ln Ill/til \t} le. rather than a genmne adaptation ol the l’axternak no\ el. \\III1 Sliarit and ('hrrxtie a\ lo\et\ caught tip in World \\'ar ( )ne and the Ruxxran Rexolution. Notable mainl} tor itx Itl\ll. picture postcard photograph}. (irouenor, (ila~go\\.

Dolphins tl'i 121W): 'l'he producerx ot the mo\t \uccexxlul l.\l.\.\ moue e\et'. [CH'HWL lake ux untlerxea into the aquatic home ol' (IUII‘IIIII\. \Vitli narration h} l’terce lirmnan and lllll\lc h} Sting. l.\l.«\,\ 'l‘heatre. (ilaxgou. Donnie Brasco I IX» .00 (\like .\'e\\ ell. l'S. l‘)‘)"i.v\l l’acmo. .lohtttt) l)epp. .\lrcliael .\latl\en. ll" minx. l)epp play a



federal agent \1 ho gain\ the confidence of moh underling l’acino ax part ot‘ a major \ur\ eillance operation in late 7(lx New York. but their gro\\ ing bond tlireatenx the l'ortheonung huxt. 'I‘lirough l)epp\ e) ex \\ e learn the language. ritual~ and economic realitiex of being a made man. The \ iolence and \etting might not be lie“. but the lilrninakerx pla} \\ ith genre C\Pt.‘CIilIIUII\. (‘ameo. litlinhurgh.

Dr Dolittle 2 tl’( it .0. tStexe (‘artz I'S. Itltll t litltlie .\lurph_\. Krixten \Vilxon. \oice ol l.i\a Kutlro“. 8'7 minx. .-\ \Ialioxo racoon turn\ up at the tloe\ home and iletttatttlx that he \ t\il Hem L‘l‘. (iotlllttltt‘t‘ ol- the I‘UI'L'\I ct‘L‘ulttt‘L‘\. IIL‘M L‘I'.\ pt'ohIL'ltl l~ lllttl l\\o naxt) humanx “ant to ‘tlexelop' their home. It onl} l)olittle can mate endangered \peciex hear .‘\\a t\oicetl h} l.i\a Kudroxx l u ith circux (IIItIL' hear Archie. then h) la\\ the l'orext \\ill he protected. Simple. cheex} and L‘L‘U-II'ICIHII}. (ieneral releaxe.

Easy Ridert l.\’i O... tl)enni\ llol‘l‘ct'. IS. 1000) Peter l‘ontla. Dennix llopper. .lack .\'iehol\on. 94 min\. Artie“. archet}pal road mox ie in which tuo dope- lo\ ing hikerx tra\ el the higlma} \ and h)» \\a) x of America. Dated cult attraction \\ ith \icliolwn xtealing the \hou a\ a hool} l;t\\_\er perxuatletl to join up tor the trip. \cu l’icture llouxe. St .v\ndre\\\.

Ed Gein t 15) O. t('huck l’arello. [-5. SW” l Ste\ C R;ril~hack. (.ilI‘I'IC SIIUKIgI'C\\. R)an 'l‘homm lh‘ockington. UH minx. ‘l'he true \lor} ot litl (iein has been the l'ountlation l'or three ol’ the linext horror mo\ rex in the canon. (‘oming at the tale ol' thi\ \imple man and \erial killer e\traortlinaire in dil't'erent \\a} \. Put/1o \xent lor the domineering tntun angle. I'lu' 'li'un ('lmnmm' ,\I(I\\(1(‘I'(‘ adopted the ixolatetl nutter approach. uliile 'I'lie Silence ()l [711' [um/H I-IL‘\IIL'(I Ulll Iitl\ \lxiti trade. In l-[i/ mm. there'\ a hit ot' all three. hut the) 're all tilmed in a ham-lixtetl. camp} and ultimatel) utterl) hanal \xa}. l'(i(‘. (ilaxgou.

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