(loyynx. llix lilm ix a mixh-maxh oI' xty'lex. Irom xtraiglit eoxtume drama to hallucinato- ry lantaxy. _llt\I;ipoxed with modern imagery. emphaxixing ilie opium—induced dream world in which ('oleridge liy'ed. See i'ey'ieyy. I'(i(‘. (ilaxgoyy; l‘ilmhouxe. lidinburgli. The Parole Officer( (Dr 000 (John I)uigan. I'K. 2001iSte\e(‘oogan.()ni l’uri. Lena lleadey'. 95 iiiiiix. :\.x \y ith many of ('oogan‘x better knoyy n teley ixion characterx. lli/tt’ l’rlI‘U/t’ ()lllt't’l‘. Concentratex on llIL‘ comic poxxibilitiex that rexult l'rom xomeoue not being up to their job: Simon (iarden ix a hopelexxly inept probation ollieer yy lIo hax only helped three people go xtraight. So (iardeu‘x employ erx trauxl'er him to the .‘ylanchexter till-Ice. \y here he promptly getx trained for murder and liax to pull (ill a bank robbery to proy e hix innocence. I'nl'ortunately. \\ hat would be a line (‘hrixtmax 'l‘\' xpecial doexu't hay e enough gloxx lor the lit}: \CI‘L‘L‘II. (ll‘\PllL‘ IlIL‘ lk‘xl cllot'tx ol the brilliant (‘oogatr Selected releaxe.

Pearl Harbor( ISi 00 (Michael Bay. I'S. 2()tll l Ben Al'lleck. Joxh llartnett. Kate Beckiuxale. 180 minx. All-leck and llaruett play lifelong buddiex. Rate and Danny. \y ho end up in the American airlorce ax pilotx. The boy x are baxed in Pearl Harbor. llayyaii. but Ral'e yoluntcerx lor a poxiing to join the Battle ol Britain. though not before falling for iiurxe liyely n (Beckiuxalei. When Ral'e ix reported ont. mixxing-iii-action. l)auny xlipx into the bed of the lair liyely u. And then juxt to bugger it all up. Ral'e returux li‘om the ‘dead' and the attack by the Japanexe getx in the \yay ol- xortiug loy e allairx out. l’mrl llurlmr ix

oy er-long and oy er-xentimeutal. and in going lor the broadext audience Bay hax \lixclined the unpleaxantnexx ol’ \y ar ayyay. lexxeniug itx impact. ()deon. Kilmaruock. Planet 01‘ The Apes ( Ill .0.

(Tim Burton. [8. Ztltll I Mark \Valilbei‘g. Tim Roth. lleleua Bonliam (’artei'. l l‘) iiiiiix. Burton’x remake ol the xcience liction claxxic retainx more (it the entertaining xocial xztIlt'c ol l’lL‘l't'L‘ Boulle'x xtittl'ct‘ tioy el than the WM original. .\'eyerthelexx. the lilqu xharc a ximilar plot: An axtronaut (little Mark \Vahlberg taking the place (it mauly. be-loinclotlied ('harlton llcxlotii tx marooned on the planet and captured by the yyar-like apex. llL' IIIL'L'I\ ti lllk‘t‘ttl lemale chimpau/ee (llelena Bonham-('arteri. yy ho helpx him excape. and leadx a i'eyoll agaiuxt tlie ximian opprexxorx. .'\x you might eypect. Burton‘x .II/u'y e\ceedx the original lilm in make-up \\ lule pay iug rexpectlul homage to it. lloyyeyer. the plot. tone and pacing ix a mexx and thix ix the leaxt Blll'lotI-qullc ol' Burton‘x lilmx. (ieneral releaxe.

Pokemon 3: The Movie (Ii 0.. (Michael llaigney. l'S/Japau. 2001 l \‘oicex ol' Veronica 'I‘ay lor. liric Stuart. Rachel l.illix. Uh minx, .v\x \y ith the prey ioux Iilm. l’uki‘mou .i‘ comex \y itli a xliort. I’i'lau'lui: Ii/l(’ .llni'li' 31”” - l’tktlt'llll xlm/ Pie/Ill. “lilt‘ll lt‘ultlt‘cx the popular. electricity --po\y ered yellow I’okemon and hix brother. The main l‘eature. Spell ()I The I'iikimu'ri. concernx an orphan girl yyho‘x home ix turned into a

cry xtal caxtle by alphabet-like l’okemon tlie I'uoyyn. yy ho then iiiakex her eyery \y ixh come true. Still. one lor kidx only. S . lected I‘L‘lcttxc.

The Princess And The Warrion 1m 0. (Toni ’l‘y kyy er. (iermauy. ltitlli l‘ranke l’otente. Beiiiio l‘urmann. IRS miux. ln Run Lulu Rim. 'I'y kyy er ruthlexxly xet/ed the attention ol' the cinema-going populace \\ Illi litx laxt»paccd. adrenalin-luelled crime drama xtarriug plucky l’oteutc. Although bearing uncanny thematic ximilariticx and once again xtarrmg l’otente ax a peixeyeriug young yyoman m thix caxe a dry and retiring pxychiatric uurxe uuyy ittingly looking lor loy e thix lolloyy -up managex to lk‘ llIL‘ [itiltll‘ ()[Ipthllt‘ til llx lore-runner;

()y et'bloyyit. long-\y mded and lrequently cringeyyorthy. thix iuel'l'ectual. idealixt romance dixappointx. l’lill. lialkirk; \ltiL‘Rolicrl .'\t'lx (I‘llll‘t‘. Stirling.

Pyar Ishq Aur Mohabbat t l’(i) (India. 3(l(il l;\\litlicllIL‘|1I;t prexeutatiou. I'('l. (ilaxgoyy; l'('l. lidiubui'gh. Ouadrophenia ( Ixi 000 (trunk Roddam. I'K. l‘)7‘)i l’hil l)auielx. l.exlie

:\xl1.l’lillipl);iy‘ix.Sling. IZI) iiiiiix. Modx and rockerx live it up on Brighton beach by xyy'apping bucketx and xpadex l'or chainx and .xtiekx. l.i\‘ely lirxt hall liax enough energy. muxic. Violence and period I'layour to carry it along. btit all too xoon it degeneralex into xome xort ol‘ treatixe on the morality ol' youth. xet to tunex by The Who. MacRobert .'\t'l.x (’entre. Stirling.

Requiem For A Dream ( (xi 0”” (Darren Aronol'xky. LS. 2000) lillen Burxtyn. Jared l.eto. Jeuuil'er (‘onnelly‘. Marlon Way'anx. Itll minx. Aronol'xky I’olloyy x hix debut. the ingenioux xci-li lable l’i. \y itli an adaptation ol' llubert Selby Jr'x noy el that'x ax harroyy ing ax it ix brilliantly executed. lt‘x a bleak \ ixion I'ocuxing on tour addictiye perxonalitiex. llarry (ioldlarb tl.clol. hix mother Sara (Burxtyu l. girlfriend Marion ((‘ouuelly l and pal 'l‘y rone (\Vayauxi. \y'hoxe \ icex range from hard drugx to teley ixion game .xhoyy x. Aronol‘xky createx ti xtt‘ikiligly‘ xubiectiye e\pcrience

\\ itli yarioux xty'lixtic trickx. \yhile the eerie rctro-luturixtic xouudtrack by (‘lint Mauxell and the Ix'ronox Quartet underxcorex the lilmmakei”x \ ixion. Yet. bleak ax the Iilm ix. it'x alxo heart-rendiug drama tliankx to the gutxy perl'tirinaucex. particularly Burxtyn'x deyaxtatiiig tiiru that'll liay e groun men

\y eeping in ixlex. Cameo. lidinbui'gh.

Rush Hour 2 ( lb .00 (Brett Ratner. I‘S. ltltll l Jackie ('hau. ('hrix 'l'ueker. [hang /.iy i. h") minx. (ban and Tucker re-teani for a big-budget xequel to their mediocre action‘comedy hit. The baxic xet up remaiux the xamc. but yy NB the rolex re\ L‘l'xcd. 'l‘ticker ix a leli~ollI-oli—\ytilct' l..r\l’l) cop bemuxed by the language and cuxtoinx ol('liaii‘x home turl'. lloug Kong. The mix-matched buddiex are meant to be on holiday. but the bombing ol the local ['8 embaxxy' leadx \yorkaliolic (‘han to John l.one. hix late lathei”x e\ partner in the llong Kong l’olice. mm a 'l‘riad gangxter. While the action remaiux in lloug Kong. the yerbal humour and xlapxtick action play

\y ell; but once it xliiltx to l.ax Vegax. Jell' .\'athauxovi‘x xcript runx out (it xteam. lloyyey er. (iota/zine lieu: [Ill/(It'll [Mien/i xtar /,iyi. ax l.oue'x \ icioux heuchyyoman. makex quite an imprexxion. (ieneral releaxe. Scary Movie 2 ( lxi O (Keenan \Vayaux. l'S. Ztltll i ‘l‘im (‘urry. Jamex \Voodx. 83 minx. In a cinematic eny ironmeut \y here paxtiehe. homage. pay iug tribute (call it \yhat you \y illi ix poxitiyely encouraged. tliix ix clear ey idence that the trick ix \ery much knoyyiug \y hen to xiop. (ieueral releaxe.

The Score ( 15! 0.. (l’rank ()1. LS. ltltll i lidyyard Norton. Marlon Brando. Robert De .\'iro. lli iiiiiix. (in en xucli a heay y \y eight eaxt. The Sum' ix xomething (it a dixappointment. 'l'lie xet up ix line. He \iro'x \cteran thiel yyantx to retire l'rom crime to run a Montreal ia/I cltib. But long- time l'ricnd and l'ence. Max (Brandoi. perxuadex him to team up u itli .\'orton'x cocky. ambitioux young thiel' to pull ol'l' one lttxl liclxl - IlIL‘ lllL'l-l til it pl’lcclL'xx xceptre li'om Montreal'x lortrexx~|ike (‘uxtomx llollxc. \tit'loti gly ex the bext and lilil\lIlL‘\l perl'ormance. btit the lilm ultimately xidex

\\ itli the \aluex ol the older guard prol'exxioual. dependable. and juxt a little dull. See i‘ey ie\y_ (ieneral releaxe.

Le Secret ( IX) 0.. (Virginie \Vagon. l‘rance. Ztltll i .r\nne (‘oexeux. 'Ioii) 'l'odd. ltl7 minx. Buxy Marie ((‘oexenxi ix a white “year old married l’arixian \ylio, pretiy xticccxxl'ttlly. xcllx ency clopaediax door to door. llcl' neyy loy er. 'l'odd‘x Bill \Vext, ix a Sllyear-old black \eyy Yorker liy ing in I’arix \\ ho xeemx to haye no tiex. \Vagou'x lilm might bring to mind torrid 70x xlea/e epicx like .llumliueu and Drum. btit it'x linked much more oby iouxly to lilmx like RHIIIHIIH' and other c\ainplex ol' abject rite ol' paxxagc. l'til' \y hat \larie necdx ix liberation; a retreat Irom the conxtraintx ol \y ell i'elieai'xed xelliug techniquex and middle~claxx Iainin lile. l’iliulioiixe. lidiuburgh. Shakespeare In Love I til 00.. (John Madden. l'lx'. l‘)‘).‘x'i .loxepli l‘ienuex. (iyyyneth l’altroyy. Rupeit liyerett. III) iiiiiix. .loxeph l-'ieiiiiex. a pair ol breechex and a ten moody \ei'xex and a league ol \yomeu \\ ill leaye the cinema \youtlering \yhy they uey er

ligured it out at xchool: Shakexpeare ix xex on legx. 'lom Stoppard'x xcript ix e\ubei‘antly conlident. irrey erent and \y itty. .-\II the characterx are xent tip and \\'ill Shakexpeare ix the btitt ol' xo many jokcx. it'x a yyonder he retamx hix romantic gloxx. ()deon. Dunlermline.

Shanghai Noon t I2» .00 (lolit l)ey. LS. 3000) Jackie ('han. l.ucy l.iu.

()\y en \Vilxon. lltl iiiiiix. 'l‘he llinixy plot ol' thix ‘liaxt meetx \Vextern' ix merely an c\cuxe loi' gagx and xct~piecex. \\ itli (‘hau caxt ax (‘hon Wang. a I‘lth century Imperial (illtlt’d \ylio tray L‘lx to [he Stalex lo i'exctic abducted princexx l’ei l’ei (l.iui lrom the \‘IlliIlIItHh l.o l‘oug. 'l'liiugx don‘t go xmoothly. hoyyey er. and (‘hong liudx liimxell teaming up u itli an incompetent yet al'l'able criminal. Roy ()‘Banuon (\Vilxoni. filmed

in yy idexcreeii. Shrine/mi Nomi al'l'ectionately‘

xendx up the characterx and com eutionx ol' numeroux \Vexternx. yy hile the ey er-xmiling ('hau'x martial artx xtiiiitx are xtill a joy to behold. Blacklriarx. (ilaxgoyy.

Shinen IN) C (John In in. LR. 2001i Michael (’aine. Michael Marxdeu. Martin Landau. 0‘) minx. Billy 'Shmer' Simpxou ((‘ainei ix a xmall time boxing promoter yy ith big ideax. llix ueyy ext money making \enture ix to pit hix xon liddie

‘( ioldeu Boy' Simpxou agaiuxt l‘raiik Speddiiig'x (l.audaui I'S champion. 'l‘he Iiuancial l'uture ol' Simpxou and hix tlixturbed datigliterx rextx ou the outcome ol' the light. 'l‘hiugx iney itably go wrong. ‘l'liix ix Nit/II Ill“! The (’ily' croxxed \y itli an anaemic epixode ol' Iz'mleiii/i'ry the xcript xo l'ull ol e\poxitiou and cliche it phyxically hurtx to \yatcli. \Vitlexx and \\ itliotit a modicqu ol humour. it'x a cold \yalloyy in an empty bath. See rey ieyy. I'( it’. (ilaxgoyy. Shrek I l I l ..... (.v\udi'e\y :\(l;tmxon. \‘icky Jctixoll. LS. llllll l \oicex (ill Mike Myerx. ('ameron l)ia/. liddie Murphy. 90 minx. Slur/t \y ill liaye \Valt l)ixney turning in hix cryogenic tree/e tank. lhix truly

xuby erxiyc animated lilm takex pot xliotx at

index Film

fairytale mythology. while xingling out I'ncle \Valt‘x beloy ed SHUII' ll'lii'li'. ('i'mleu-llu. I’iiiia‘luu. et al. I'nder the guixe of a quext to rexeue a princexx from a dragon undertaken by the epouy'moux green ogre (\yhich kidx yy ill lt)\Cl.S/ll'l'k£1l\(II‘llllllC\\l}' pillagex corporate l)ixuey. xatirixing itx theme parkx and executiy'ex. .'\nd \y'ho'x behind all tliix'.’ l’roducer Jel'lrey' Kai/enberg ol l)ixney riyal xttidio I)ream\\'ork.x. alxo I'ormerly‘ head (it. yep. l)ixney‘. (ieneral releaxe.

Spy Kids (Li 0000 (Robert Rodi'igiiel. LS. 200! i Antonio Banderax. Alan ('umming. (’arla (lugino. X7 miux. Like any young children. (‘armen and Juli (‘orte/ harbour hopex ol' madcap ady'enture. but unlike iiioxt children their apparently normal parequ are top international xuper- xpiex. When they ’re kidnapped ax part of a daxlat'dly‘ plot to dexli'oy the \yoi‘ld. cooked tip by kooky maxtermiud l‘egan I‘loop ((‘timmiugl. it Iallx to the children to xayc the world. Ril‘e yy itli I'antaxy. xpecial-el'l'ectx \y i/ardry' and high-octane thrillx. Spy Kit/y ix particularly enjoyable becatixe it'x the children and not the adultx that ultimately xay'e the day. l.uiniei‘e. lidinbui'gh; (‘iueyyorld I‘alkirk.

Startup.com ( ISi COO ((‘hrixtine lledegiix. Jehaue .\'oujaim. I'S. 2001i lll7 iiiiiix. Buddiex xince highxchool. Kaleil lxa/a Iii/man and Toni llerman pool their entt'ci‘ireueurial e\pertixe and launch a xtartup internet company (ioy \Vorkxcom. But hay iug raixed millionx ol' dollarx in \enture capital. the co-I'ouuderx lind tactical and xtrategic problemx are xoon troubling the btixincxx. 'l‘hix \ei‘ite documentary lindx an eugroxxing human interext xtory in an account of the rixe and tall (it a high-profile \entui'e. I'xing e\teuxi\ e loot;th and intimate accexx to the participantx. the Iiluuuakerx liaye conxti'ucted a xalutary' tale ol a lite-long l'riendxhip being ieopardixed by the cut—throat \yorld ol‘ buxiuexx. l‘(i(‘. (ilaxgoyy; I'(i(‘. lidiuburgh.


The Queen's

BOX OFFICE (0131) 668 2019

l Hall


Master Recitals presents

CRISTIANO BU RATO 26 September 7.45pm British Heart Foundation Celebrity Concert


Narrated by Take The High Road stars, Shonagh Price & Alan McHugh

28 September 7.45pm


BATTLEFIELD BAND 5 October 8.00pm


7 October 2.30pm New Town Concerts Society



10 October 7.30pm BT Scottish Ensemble

SOUNDS OF SWEDEN 11 October 7.45pm

The Queen’s Hall presents

MIKE WESTBROOK GLAD DAY Jazz settings of the poetry of William Blake

12 October 8.00pm

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