HIP HOP ROOTS MANUVA La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sun 16 Sep. 0000

‘Nice to see you to see you - NICE!’ Welcome to the world of Roots Manuva, the future if British hip hop and south London rapper, MC and musician. Only a man with serious charisma and a wicked sense of humour could make several hundred hip hop headz shout along to some Bruce Forsyth catchphrases. And that’s exactly what we do. ‘What do points make?’ asks Roots. ‘Prizes!’ we shout, stupidly.

With the release of his superb second album, Run Come Save Me, Mr Manuva is in Scotland to blast away all those preconceived ideas we’ve got about UK hip hop being embarrassingly crap. Because crap is one thing Roots Manuva is not. And while this live outing sees him and his crew dispensing with much of the subtlety of his recorded output, it more than makes up for it in sheer bloody-minded enthusiasm, likeable charm and cheeky humour.

After a lengthy wait (obligatory in hip hop circles), finally Roots and posse make it on stage, and proceed to blast through the best parts of both of his albums. Songs like ‘Movements’ and ‘Kicking The Cack’ becoming sinewy, stripped down affairs, with minimal pumping beats the backdrop to some seriously tight rapping and energetic mayhem.

The more commercial elements to Manuva’s music are also on show, with the catchy as hell ‘south London Frank Sinatra shit’ of ‘Dreamy Days’ bashed out, and a particularly enthusiastic version of last single ‘Witness’ ending the gang’s all too short set.

After that, there was just time for everyone to big themselves up in a hip hop stylee, and for some obligatory hawking of merchandise from the stage - all the clichés in place there, then. But who gives a monkeys? British hip hop has finally got a real talent worth shouting about - let’s celebrate. (Doug Johnstone)

Run t’ings proper

COUNTRY OH SUSANNA La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sun 9 Sep. 0000

A precursor to a full band show in Glasgow this week. this solo gig from Oh Susanna's singer songwriter. Suzie Ungerleider. is an enchanting and often mesmr-zrising display.

There's nothing alternative about the Canadian band’s brand of country music. but that‘s not to say it's all glitzy Dolly Parton frocks either. This is heartfelt. touching and llllOlllgOlll music. and it's performed with passion and considerable humour to boot.

Ungerleider's voice is quite amazing it has an amazing maturity for such a young woman's. as well as incredible power and self-assurance. Armed with just this and an acoustic guitar. she


LA TRAVIATA Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Mon 17 Sep. 0..

As Verdi himself found in 1853 when La Tray/ata opened to dismal notices. the opera stands or falls on the quality of its Violetta. And in former company principal turned guest- soprano. Claire Rutter. Scottish Opera have the bedrock of this entire production. Her dramatic downhill slide

xv” Not quite a tragedy

from beautiful courtesan to consumptive wreck is as heartbreakineg believable as her transformation from hedonistic party girl to country wife. Verdi's theory that acting skills were even more paramount than vocal ability in this coveted female role may well hold water. But happily. Rutter has long since proved to be a soprano of great merit. her crystal clear voice soaring above the

40-strong chorus.

But what use is a dying heroine without a distraught lover? Evan Bowers' Alfredo matches Rutter's passion beat by beat. with their fnial moments together drawing forth more than a few tears from the audience. Elsewhere. the production is infused with 19th century Parisian opulence. as deemed appropriate by the Opera's creator. The supporting cast give the rousing chorus scenes plenty of oomph. although Act l‘s dinner party is embarrassineg cramped and. as such. a rather unfortunate opener. Flora's lively fancy-dress party in Act It goes someway to redressing the balance. with a set and costumes as grandiose as the society folk themselves.

Ultimately. any blame for La Traviata's shortcomings lies squarely With the narrative pacing. Proclamations of love are languished over endlessly. and the prose as flowery as the blooms in Violetta's country garden. Yet important plot developments Violetta selling her possessions to fund the couple's lavish lifestyle: Alfredo's father demanding she stop seeing his son cut to the chase at an

effortlessly wins the hearts of everyone present with stripped down versions of songs from her

band's recent album. the excellent. bittersweet Sleepy Little Sal/or.

And there's a refreshing variety on show as well 'Sleepy Little Sailor" is a fragile and delicate lament while current single ‘River Blue' is an invigorating blast of defiant anger. Finishing her set with a gorgeously understated version of Otis Redding's ‘I've Got Dreams To Remember". Ungerleider underlines the talent and charisma she possesses by the bucketload. A rare lady indeed. (Deug JohnstOne)

I Mercury Rev Barrowland. Glasgow, ()Cl.

I Super Furry Animals (‘orn lixcltangc. lidinhurgh. (i ()ct.

I Shed Seven Barrowland. Glasgow. ( Out.

I Cosmic Rough Riders ()Ml '. Glasgow. G Out.

I All About Eve (‘otticr 'l‘hcalrc. Glasgow. (i ()ct'. Liquid Room. lidinburgh. 7 ()ct.

I New Order Barrowland. Glasgow. 7 8; 8 ()Cl.

I Faust Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. ‘) Out.

I The Fall Liquid

Room. lidinhurgh. ll) ()cl.

I Heather Nova

alarming pace. But whilst Verdi's tragic tale struggles to hit a nerve

in the 21st century (and after the modern-day wonder of Die

Wa/kure it would have been nice to see a new spin put on this operatic stalwart) Violetta and Alfredo's ill-fated love affair remains as poignant today as it's ever been. (Kelly Apter)

I La Tray/ate p/ays at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Thu 20 Sep;

Fest/val Theatre. Edinburgh. Tue 2:3-Sat 29 Sep.

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 131-32 ~MOO ' Credit card bookings from: licket Link: 287 53:31 1 (‘4 Way Ahead: 1339 8383 Edinburgh: Virgin - Princes Street. 220 (£234 - Ripping Records South Bridge. 2% /'()t() - Way Ahead 0141 339 8383

Glasgow. l3 & l4 ()ct. S()l.|) ()l'l

I Snuff Garage. Glasgow. l4 Out.

I Eels Barrowland. Glasgow. l8 Out.

I Groove Armada ()Ml'. Glasgow. l8 Out. I Elbow Liquid Room.

lidinhurgh. l‘) ()ct: ()Ml '.

Glasgow. 2| ()cl. I Therapy? (iill'ilgc. Glasgow. |‘) Out.

I Eddi Reader Liquid

Room. lidinhurgh. 2() Out.

I Monkees Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 2|) Out.

I Soft Cell Barrowland. Glasgow. 21 ()Cl.

I Alabama 3 Liquid

Room. lidinhurgh. 2| ()cl.

I Dr John Old Fruitinai‘kct. Glasgow. 2| ()L‘l.

Future Pilot AKA

(‘ouicr 'l'licau‘c. Glasgow.

22-28 Out.

I Ryan Adams

Garage. Glasgow. 22 Out.

I Starsailor ()Mt '. Glasgow, 23 Out.

I Divine Comedy Barrow land. Glasgow. 23 ()Cl.

I Dead Men Walking Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 23 Out.

I Lamb Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 2o ()cl.

I Air and Sebastien Tellier Barrowland. Glasgow. 28 & 2‘) Out. I U340 and The Pretenders SH ‘(‘. Glasgow. 2‘) Oct.

I 0PM Liquid Room.

lidinhui'gli. 3t) ()ct: (‘).\|l'.

Glasgow. 3| ()cl.

I Silver Ginger Five Garage. Glasgow .\'o\ 3 I Fear Factory Barrow land. Glasgow 4 No\'.

I Muse (‘oi'n liwhangc.

lidinhurgh. 5 .\'o\.

I Slipknot Sl-1(‘(‘. Glasgow. (i Nov S()|.|) ()| "l.

I Waterboys

Barrow land. Glasgow. 7 .\'o\'.

I Mogwai Barrow land. Glasgow, 8 Nov

I The Proclaimers liai‘i'owland. Glasgow. ‘) \o\; ('oi‘n liwltattgc. lidinhui‘gh. ll) .\'o\.

I Hawkwind Gai‘agc. Glasgow. l2 .\'o\’: Liquid Room. lidinhurgli. l3 .\'o\.

I Blink 182 Sli('('.

I 31 1 Garagc. Glasgow. lh' Nov

I Joe Strummer 8: The Mescaleros Barrow land. Glasgow. l8 .\'o\'.

* The Handsome Family The :\l‘c|lL‘s. Glasgow. Ih’ Nov.

I Low King 'l'ul‘s. Glasgow. ll) Nov Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. 20 .\'o\. I Wheatus (‘orn liw‘hangc. lidinhui'gh. ll)

Nm; Barrow land. Glasgow.

2| Nov

* Pulp Barrow land. Glasgow. 22 No\.

I Stereophonics and Feeder Sli('(‘. Glasgow. 24 it 25 .\'o\. S()l.l) ()l'l I They Might Be Giants Garagc. Glasgow. 25 .\'o\.

I Paul Weller

lixchangc. lidinhurgh. 3 DCC.

I The Bluetones Barrowland. Glasgow. 7 l)L‘C.

I Ash (‘orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. 8 Dec.

I James Sti(‘(‘. Glasgow. 9 Doc.

I Machine Head Barrowland. Glasgow l | Dec.

I Basement Jaxx (‘orn lixchangc. lidinhurgh. l2 Dec: Barrowland. Glasgow. 13 Dcc.

* The Charlatans Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 13 Dec. I Stereo MCs Bai‘rowland. Glasgow. 14 |)CC.

I The Wonderstuff Barrowland. Glasgow. l5 |)L‘L‘.

I Guns N’ Roses S|{('(‘. Glasgow. If) Dec. S()l.l) ()l’l'

I Travis t‘shcr llall. lidinliui'gh. l7 & l8 Dcc.

I Weezer Barrow land. Glasgow. H .\'o\. S()|.|) Glasgow. l Nm. ()t"l‘ (acoustic)(‘orn l'catui'ing Hood, To I Embrace I The Poets Of |i\cliangc. lidinhur‘gh. 2N Roccoc Rot, Andy llai'i‘owland. Glasgow. 3 Rhythm Archcs. .\'o\.

Votel, Gescom and .\'o\. I Faithless ('orn

(iarzigc. Glasgow. l2 ()ct. * Burnt Out Festival I Aimee Mann Liquid Room. lidinhurgli. l3 Out.

I Oasis Barrowlaml. Glasgow. lo \m.

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