Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication.

Drama 8: dance listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


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'l‘icltctx t'or inaior \cnucx in (ilaxgon arc a\ailuhlc t'roin tlic 'l‘icltct (‘cntrc. ('undlcriggx. .\lon Sat lll.5(l;tlll (i._§()piii; Sun noon 5pm in pcrxon or until 9pm h} phonc on tilJl 3X." 55] I. .-\n} ’l’ickctlink ho\ ot‘ticc can \cll tickctx tor othcr \cnucx. THEATRE TOKENS

Ilnl. llttliL';tlL‘\ \L‘llllc\ \\ liL‘l‘L‘ ilhllt'ttll't‘ 'l'tilxt‘tlx can hc cwltangcd tor ticlxctx. 'l‘okcnx can hc hought t'roiii thc ’l'ickct ('cnlrc. ('andlcriggx (ilaxgon. (ll-ll 387 59“); 1110\1 hranchcx ol \\'.l l. Smith. John .\lcn/ic\ and .lttlllL‘\ 'l"|iin Bookxcllcrx; or h} crcdit card troin 'liikciiliiic. til ."I 340 SSH”.

Glasgow Drama


253 Are} lc Sum. until ()3: moo. |\\'(‘. \m]

New Work Season ‘i‘liii 2t) Sui 32 Scp. (ifitlpiii. £3, liight \lio\\\ tor thc l‘t‘icc ot' oncl 'l‘lic rc\ult ot onc inontli'x c\pcriiiicntution and collahoration listuccn tIL‘lt)l\. niuxicianx and ttill\l\ \xorking in Scotland. llil\ \litmcaxc is a di\ci‘\c ini\ ol inoxcincnt. llill\lL‘ and film.


I l‘) (iorhalx Strcct. 43‘) ()033. ll’. H. 'Ii'l‘. \\'('. \\'.r\l

Juno And The Paycock t'inil Sui 3‘) Scp tnot Sun/Mont. _.5llplll. (It) t L5). t.\luiii ’l'hcati'c i. 'l‘hc .-\rchc\ 'l‘licatrc (’oinpan} '\ ncu production of Scan ()'('a\c_\ \ ti'agi-conicd} wt in a l‘)3tl\ l)uhlin tcncincnt. ;\ \\tit’l\\lt) huxhand and liix ltillg-Nllllt‘l’ltig \\ itc .ltitio \trugglc to \tlpport thcir taiiiil}. until a dixtant rclatixc |ca\c\ thcin aii inhcritancc. \cnding thcin into an tlnliol} ti/. Faithfull t'ntil Sui () ()ct iiiot Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. til) i Ur. ((‘irclc Sllltlltil..'\lll;tl1tl;t llurxx it/ \tar\ as thc notorioux rock icon in a \tagc adaptation oi .\luriannc l-‘aitht'ull'x hook.

Losing Alec inc 2 Sui (\ ()ci. 7.30pm. L It) i U i. (ilaxgou pla} \\ right l’ctcr \i'nott rcuorltx his HHS pla} for this ncn production h} ('uinhcrnauld 'l‘hcatrc (‘onipaiiy \thn huxhand. t'athcr. m— \Ultllk'l' and \UL'lilll\l .-\lc\ \lttL‘Su inc} gL‘h lilttllL‘llt‘tl l3} tt L‘ttl‘. liL‘ t'L‘lllxtN it) tttlxt' it I} in; do“ ii. lnxtcad hc tra\cl\ hack lt'tilii tlic grin c to \\ rcak ha\oc on thc triciidx and rclati\c\ lct't hchind. Scc

t'L‘\ iL‘\\.


03 U5 ll}ndland Su'cct. 'l'ickctxz ()1355 33005 i. Ill. \\'('. \\'.v\|

Mr Peters’ Connections t‘iiiil Sui 33 Scp. Spin. U U. Rapturc 'lhcatrc gun c Arthur .\lillcr\ Illt)\l rccciit pla_\ a Scottish airing; a poignant look at onc inau’x inahilit} to kccp up \\ itli an an changing world. Scc rc\ icu.


‘) l'ni\cr\it} .v\\cnuc. 33“ 5533.

The Steamie inn 2," Sui 2951p 7.30pm iSut inut 3.3tipiiii. U) U) (EM. 'l'lic l’untlicon (’luh pt‘cxcntx 'l‘on) Ropcr\ cxcr-populai' coiiicd} wt in a l‘)5()\ (ilaxgou laundr}.

KING’S THEATRE 307 Hall] Strcct. 337' 55! l. Ill. \\'('. \\'.v\| Whistle Down the Wind inc 2 Sui

Glengarry Glen Ross [)avid Mainet's etassie studv oi ruthless men under pressure in a dodgy real estate firm is given a vivid produetion by Kenny Ireland. /\ study of both niaseulinitv and the eonditioiis of late eapitalisni, this pieee eonipels with its tragi eoniie vision. See review. li’ova/ [ veeuni l/io’itre. Running/i. until In 5) ()et. Losing Alec Peter Arnott's earlv plav is revived here liv Simon Sharkev oi (Juniliei'nauld Theatre. Here. the ghost of an old style soeialist aetivist. /\|ee_ eonies tiaek from the grave to haunt taniilv. friends and rivals whose polities have altered. Coinhining the ghost Sl()t'\,'\.'/lllll)()lll|(l£1l metaphor. this produetion is notable for astute and ohservant i)ertornianees. See review. Citi/ens' l/ieatre. Glasgow i/nti/ Sat (5 ()et. then tot/ring.

The Mystery Of Charles Dickens Sinion (Zailox': presents his aeelainied ()th‘tYiéiii show. written by Diekens' reeent biographer. Peter Aekrovd. lhe experieneed anti iiiueh loved him and theatre aetor Will take on the parts of .12) Diekens (:haraeters in the eourse oi narrating the writer's lite. See preview. [neat/e /-i’ova/. (i/asgow, Inez) Sat (S ()et. Dundee Dance Festival Artistie direetor .Janet Sinith has zsseiiihled a programme of intelligenee and variety tor this short festival of eonteniiiorarv danee. there's something to please all tastes over the days ot the l(353l|‘. il. See prewexaa Dundee Hep, /n 9i. Sat 22-). Hill 9/ (‘4 Sat 25) Sep.

l3 ()ct. /..5llplll t\\'cd & Sal iiialx 3.5(lpllll. £7 £3ti.5t). Musical king; .'\ndrc\\ l.|o)d \Vchhcr and rock

\ongn riting lcj._'cnd .liin Stcinnian'x \cht lind inuxical conicx to Scotland.

Oh! What A Night lilllll Sat 3‘) Scp inot Suni. .\lon Thu 7. 5UP!” (\Vcd inut 3.30pm); l’ri tk Sal 5.30pm & 8.15pm. £5 £35.50. liighticx chart toppcr Kid ('t't‘tilt‘ \l;tt'\ in lliix tlixt‘o~ll;t\otlt't‘tl inuxical. t'caturing.‘ hits )titi iuxt can‘t hpr scat-dancing; to. likc ‘('ar \‘x'uxh‘ and ‘Y.\l(‘.4\’.

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