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NEW NIGHT FUTURE NOODLE Ego, Edinburgh, Fri 21 Sep.

ou’re caught in a trap. There’s no turning back. You’re lost in music. While

that’s all well and good (and for many, that’s just peachy), but being stuck in the same groove for what feels like eternity can be boring beyond belief. Thankfully, variety is increasingly becoming the spice of life on Edinburgh’s club scene. Boundaries are gradually being broken down and disparate styles are coming together in harmonious unity. Praise the lord then for the advent of miscellany and welcome Future Noodle to the stage.

Bringing the best in house, breaks, techno, drum & bass and hip hop to the fore, Future Noodle is a collaborative enterprise created by George Greenhill (aka Believe of Boogie Mo Dynamo), Euan James (Lift), Dan Bland (Ruffkuts, The Flow) and relative newcomer Mikey Magic. ‘lt’s going to be a mish-mash of different

styles,’ explains Greenhill. ‘We’ve got Euan and Dan handling the techier side of things, the dark house, techno and 4/4 basically. And then myself and Mikey Magic will cross the breaks with hip hop, drum & bass and merge it all together so that it doesn’t sound

disjointed in any way.’

The time is right according to Greenhill for a night that will challenge rather than pander to current tastes and with military style planning having been invested in the club, the collective are confident of success. ‘It can work,’ he says. ‘If you keep it moving with roughly the same tempo so that it’s groovy, it’s funky, it’s rolling, then I don’t see any problem with doing that. It’s something that I’ve been trying to do for years now - not stick to one style of music - because I find that most audiences get bored on one sound. Whereas if you’re constantly giving them things that are slightly different and throwing in tunes that they wouldn’t normally expect to hear, then it gives it a bit of a sense

NEW NIGHT CALEDONIA SOUL The Woodside Social Club, Glasgow, Fri 21 Sep.

As the NOrthern Soul overview in a recent issue of The List made plain, the subculture often dismissed by fans of contemporary dance music as moribund and backward-looking is not only alive and stomping three decades on, it's gaining momentum. The latest addition to the thriving Scottish Northern scene is Caledonia Soul, a club devoted to the time-honoured quest of the Northern DJ. uncovering another lost gem.

‘Looking at the scene in Scotland just now I thought that there was a gap in the market for a night that breaks records. what we call ‘newies' on the scene.‘ explains DJ and promoter Scotch Martin. ‘Really it's to let people know that even though Northern Soul is 30 years old as a movement. the drive of the scene has always been to find that record that no one‘s heard before. that undiscovered gem that we're all chasing. Because those records aren't turning up so regularly anymore. people are more determined to track things down.‘

Funky techno DJ Trevor Rockliffe

of humour and shows you’re having fun with it.’ Future Noodle undoubtediy has a sense of humour. Hence the name. In addition to the inclusive ethos, it also aims at securing guest DJs who are booked for their ground-breaking productions and outstanding

sets as much as their ability to pull in the crowds.


605 soul singer Wi

With a playlist focusing on brand new old music. along with the odd nod to established classics. casual soul fans and patch-wearing obsessives alike will have the chance to enjoy a dose of pure. unadulterated soul. ‘The music might not be quite what people expect,’ says Scotch Martin. ‘lt's definitely not going to be a Motown greatest hits night, and it's not a Wigan Casino revival either. But we will be

Ie Tee pictured with Ca donia oul DJ

Trevor Rockliffe, the London-based techno DJ famed for his house productions fits the profile perfectly. Currently riding high on the success of his own label Mentor Records and with his remix of The Rhythm Masters ‘Underground’, Rockliffe looks set to live up to his reputation as being one of the funkiest techno DJs

‘I would say that I’m a crossover DJ,’ explains Rockillife. ‘Basically, I just look at the crowd and at certain times you can tell when it’s time for a bit of a change so I might play a housier record but then I’ll always work back to the techno. Every time I mix it up, I just always try to make it funky’. (Catherine Bromley)

and collector Keith Money

playing the broad spectrum that Northern Soul is. anything from mid- 603 R & B to early 70s soul from right across the States, so anyone who likes black music from that era should enjoy it. That's what it's about. really, we're not setting this up in competition with the other Northern clubs. it's a different type of club where we're trying to draw together the die-hard fans and anyone who enjoys the music.’ (Jack Mottram)

The latest club news...

GLASGOW’S FUNK ROOM has got some damn fine guests booked for the coming months. Joining the residents Simon Hodge and Andrew Divine, we have: up- and-coming UK funk combo The Soul Destroyers (19 October), recent Big Dada signings The Poets Of Rhythm (16 November) and Ninja Tune’s Mr Scruff (21 December). Looks like it’s going to be a pretty funky autumn, then.


TO COINCIDE WITH THIS month's Streetrave party (see listings for full details) and the recent release of the latest mix album, Scottish superclub Colours have got some goodies to offer List readers. The first five readers to respond to the following question to by Wed 26 Sep will receive a free mix CD including tracks from Roger Sanchez. Raven Maize and Slam plus a free Colours t-shirt. The difficult question is: ‘What nationality is acclaimed trance DJ Paul van Dyk?‘

IN A BID TO ENCOURAGE Edinburgh audiences up to The Ice Factory in Perth for the infamous Rhumba Club, we’ve got five pairs of tickets to give away for the up- coming double-header featuring Timo Maas (12 October) and Sasha and Lee Burridge (19 October). If you’d like a pair (bearing in mind they’d usually set you back £44) email to get your name in the hat, before Wed 26 Sep. Buses run from Waverley Bridge at 9pm on both nights. Call Euan on 07976 287054 for more info. EDINBURGH HIP HOP showcase Da Break is back in business next month after taking a well-earned rest over the Summer season. The first date back is a one-off special at La Belle Angele on Wed 10 October featuring the return of legendary turntablist DJ Cash Money.

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