Art listings

Glasgow galleries continued


l8 King Street. 553 3540. Mon Sat noon (1pm.

The Art Of Calligraphy: An Islamic Perspective t’ntil Sat 33 Sep. Lls‘lil'ltlge illitl the Scottish Academy of .Asian Arts present this exhibition which looks at the art of calligraphy in the Islamic world. Lesley Punton the 2 Sat 20 ()ct. A series of monochromatic drawings on canyas of mountains and forests by Lesley Punton.


I83 Bath Street. 333 l‘)‘)l. Mon l‘ri lt).3()am 5pm; Sat lt).3()atn lpm. Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of traditional and contemporary paintings inclttding works by li.A. Walton. (‘arlo Rossi. .lohn Bellany. .lohn llouston. William Miller l’ra/er and Sir William Mac'l'aggart.


ll Mitchell Lane. 33l (1303. Mon. Wed. l-‘ri & Sat 10.30am (1pm: Tue

1 lam (rpm; 'I‘hu lt).3()am 8pm; Sun noon 5pm. L‘l (includes entry to all exhibitions).

Homes For The Future II l'ntil Sttn 3() Sep (Rey iew (iallery ). A small but iii-depth exhibition looking at the proposals submitted by si.\ finalist teams for Homes For 'l'lit' l'tiliu‘t' II. the follow -up to (ilasgow l‘)‘)‘)’s Year of Architecture project. GIA Annual Awards 2001 l'nlil Sun 38 Oct. The (ilasgow Institute ofArchitects annual desifJn awards featuring 40 of this year’s best buildings including The (ilasgow Science ('entre and the Museum of Scottish (’otmtry life. See re\ iew. Play In The City l'ntil Sun 3| ()ct. (‘hildren and young people across (ilasgow present images of where and how they play.


Station Road. Milngay ie. 578 8847. Tue l-‘ri l()am lpm. 3 5pm; Sat

3 5pm.

A Family Affair t'ntit Sat 2‘) Sep. Paintings by three generations of artists from the Allan family featuring landscapes in watercolour.

LLOYD JEROME GALLERY 3()() Bath Street. 33l ()733. Tue Sat ‘)am opin.

Emil Schult l'ntil Sun ll No\. The first Scottish showing of paintings by limil Schult who found fame as part of legendary (ierman electronic music pioneers Kraftwork. Designing the band‘s artwork. this exhibition features paintings on plexi glass. employing graphic bt'ushstrokes onto the transparent surface.

the engage international conference October 3-6 2001, Tramway Glasgow

= >r-Ir'1'

Malcolm Dickson aye ; Naomi Horlock Tate Liverpool

Visits to:


333 Duke Street. 55() l I35. 'l‘ue Sat llam 5pm.

Hide And Seek Sat 33 Sep Fri 5 ()ct. Paintings and drawings by Sally ('hapman and Louise Schmid. NEW SHOW.


73 Robertson Street. Suite (i. liloor l. 348 37l l. 'l'ue l"ri noon 5pm.

Scott Myles l‘ri 21 Sep I-‘ri I‘) ()ct. New photographic works by Scott Myles. NEW SHOW.


33l \Vest (ieorge Street. 348 9755.

Mon l-‘ri l()am 5.30pm: Sat l()am 3pm.

Scottish 20th Century Painting l'ntil Sat 3‘) Sep. A selection of paintings by 3()th Scottisli artists including llunter. Blackadder. ('adell and Bellany.


()n-line gallery. w

Miniatures One The opening exhibition for this new on-line gallery which showcases the work of tip-and- coming artists from (ilasgow' and lidinburgh with all works ayailable to buy.


36 Washington Street. 33] 3 I33.

Mon l-‘ri l()am 5.30pm.

The Glasgow Group t'ntil Thu 4 ()ct. An exhibition of work by members of the (ilasgow (iroup w ho were founded back in l‘)57 and im ited artists.


(i \Vilson Street. Merchant (it). 5.53 0703. Tue. Wed & Hi 1 Iain (rpm; 'l‘hu

llatn 7pm; Sat l()am (rpm: Sun I 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition Work by contemporary tip-and-coming Scottish- based artists.


('entre l'ior I)e\ elopmental .At‘ls. l8 Albioti Street. 553 3833. Mon l'i'i 10am 5pm.

Echoes Of The Spirit t'ntil Hi It Sep. Paintings and calligraphy by Japanese artists with disabilities. Portraits fit 21 Sep l-"ri 30 ()ct. An exhibition of portraits made by and of Project Ability ‘s workshop artists to mark the tenth anniyersary of the centre.


l l8 Douglas Street. 348 (i380. Mon Fri l().3()am 5pm: Sat lt).3()am lpm. Amaryllis Johnston, Joyce Peterson and Sullivan Strachan Sat 33 Sep Sat (1 ()ct. Oil paintings.


3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8()()(). Daily l()am (rpm. Later on concert nights.

CCA . com . Lighthouse . Street LeveloPhotoworks

more details iniolflengagenrg or +44 l0l20 7278 8882

86 THE LIST 2“. Set. 7. ()0). 1/001

We Belong To Glasgow t'ntil l’ri 5 ()ct. I-‘iguraliy'e abstract-style paintings by the Russian artist .Maxim I)emidoy depictitig his View of (ilasgow. its people. art and music.


o Burnlield Road. (iil'fnock. (L38 l3()(). 'l'ue Sat l()am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm; (‘resswell Lane (off Byres Road). 638 13()(). Tue Sat l lain 5.30pm; Sun noon 5pm. Scotland's largest selection of affordable original art with an on-line gallery featuring oyer l()()() paintings. Blair Millen - Interiors Sat

33 Sun 3() Sep. New paintings by Blair Millen based on interiors following his llospitallield residency.


36 King Street. 553 315 l. 'l'ue Sat l()am 5.30pm.

London Photographic Awards 4 l'ntil Sat 33 Sep. Now in its fourth year. the London Photographic Awards attracts entries from line art. commercial and student photographers frotn around the globe. lintrants were required to respond to lmtia/ Dharker's poem ll'lu'm. with liya—Maria Riegler‘s project (inning to my Senses. winning the oyerall pri/e.

0A Perfect World At Last: Daniel Reeves 'l'ue 2 Oct Sat to Nov. Born in Washington in l‘)48. lidinburgh-based filmmaker and artist Daniel Reeyes has produced VltleUS. multimedia installations and digital paintings which inyestigate themes of human suffering. ()n show for the first time in Scotland. Reeyes' new work includes a large-scale light box wall installation entitled In The ll'um/s ()_/' (iml lx’mli'mliun and a fifteen minute moy ing image work .S'lii/tlml'eI/z. See llitlist. NtW Si 10W.


43 ()tago Lane. 357 4534. Daily ll.3()am l()pm.

I Want To Become An Olympian l'ntil Sat 3‘) Sep. Paintings by (‘hrisline Niehoff exploring aspects of femininity in women’s gymnastics using oil paint and royal icing.


35 Albert l)ri\'e. 387 3‘)()(). Tue Sal noon 8pm: Sun noon 6pm.

OTotal Object Complete With Missing Parts l'ntil Sun 38 ()ct t'l’ramway 3). Taking its title from a text by Samuel Beckett. a major exhibition of new and recent work by twelye I'K- based international artists including Simon Starling. Joao Penalya. Mariele Neudecker and Angela Btilloch. See llitlist.

Ilana Halperin t'ntil Sun 38 Oct (Project Room). Awarded a 'l'ramway l)ark lights Commission. new work by New York-born artist llana llalperin featuring sculpture. \‘ideo. photographs atid drawing. See review.

The Love Line


Senselessness - lessness t'ntil Sun 38 ()ct (Video Room). A show reel of new and recent works in video and film by artists from (ilasgow. London. Manchester and Berlin. including Stuart (iurden. Scott .Myles. Michelle Naismith. l-‘red Pedersen. Jens Vol//I)it\'itl Sherry and lilla Ziegler. Ways Of Doing The Night t'ntil Sun 3() Sep tl'pper l-‘oyeri. Michelle Naismith and Mick Peter collaborate on this project which looks at sleepwalking. See review.


38 King Street. 553 48l3. 'l'ue Sat llatn 5pm.

Katy Dove and Anne-Marie Copestake Tue 25 Sat 2‘) Sep. Solo projects by Katy Dine and .-\nne-.\larie ('opestzlke.


18 Albion Street. 553 3833. Mon Fri l()am 5pm.

Fresh l'ntil l-‘ri 3| Sep. A group show of work by new members of the 'l'rongate Sttidios.

Retrospective l‘ri 21 Sep Hi 26 ()ct. Recent work by 'l'rongale Studios artist Alasdair Buchanan.

24 HOUR VIEWING WINDOW 364 High Street. 573 ()lol.

Pamela Wells: Colourblind t‘ntil Sun l4 ()ct. Pamela Wells explores the subject of passion and commitment to football in this new body of work. and in particular. the riyalry between ('eltic and Rangers. t'sing sewn plastic. beads and sequins to form patterns. images and text. found objects are renewed and repositioned.


()n-line (iallery.

w'ww.\'isionoii3()()l A new internet site dedicated to showcasing the work of three (ilasgow -based artists each month. If you haye a proposal for the \'isioii()n website. etnail

karla blackm

James McLardy, Robin Miller and Michael Johnson t'ntil Sun 3() Sep. The work of three more artists goes oil-line.

WHERE THE MONKEY SLEEPS l3: \Vesl Regent Street. 330 .3406. Mon liri 7am I lpm: Sat 8am I lpm: Sun l()am llpm.

Helen Moore and Aoife McGarrigle t'ntil Thu 4 ()ct. Screenprints by (ilasgow School of Art graduates Helen Moore and Aoife .\lc(iarrigle.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh City Life, page 95.


Argyle Street. Kely ingroye. 387 3(i‘)‘). Mon 'l‘hu & Sat l()am 5pm; l-"ri & Sun I lam 5pm. ('afe. l’ree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'ntil Spring 3003. A commemoratiye exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery and Mtiseum. Kelyingroye. 'l'he well-loyed sandstone building houses one of the finest ciy ic art collections in liurope. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the (ilasgow Boy s and (iit'ls. and was the white for some of the linest exhibitions seen in Britain including Picasso-Matisse t l‘)4o). Van (iogh (l‘)48) and Dali‘s Art In Jewels

i l‘)73 4).

Mending The Sacred Hoop: Images Of Native American Indians t'ntil Tue 30 ()ct. Photographic exhibition by Sarah