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Sir William Allan, Artist Adventurer 1782-1850 tTntit Sat 6 ()ct. A reappraisal of the work of this major Scottish artist. Sir William Allan. After spending ten years painting in Russia. he returned to Scotland to produce Scottish historical paintings which are among the lirst ever painted. Art In The City l'ntil Sat 6 ()ct. An exhibition of works drawn from the (‘ity's collection of Scottish Art. examining the relationship between artists and the city of Iidinburgh. Featured artists include ('adell. Nasmyth. Lavcry. (‘ursitcr. (‘had .\lc(‘ail and (’allum Inncs.


22 28 ('ockburn Street. 22() I260.

Wed Sat 10.30am 5pm: Sun .3 5pm. New Work Scotland Programme 4 L'ntil Sun 14 Oct. The second year of the New Work Scotland programme aimed at developing the work of recent graduates. First up is Steve l)uval with his mmmt'li'r'h project which investigates the topic of genetically modified food. l)uval presents wall drawings and transforms the gallery space into a forutn for debate. lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art graduate Jenny llogai'th's show. Does This Sound like Something You We Heurrl lie/ore.” takes the form of sci-ti fantasy film scts created from a combination of obsolete technology.

Fiona Macalister - ‘Doing Wanton Mischief . . .’ l'ntil Sun 14 ()ct. In the Project Room. l-‘iona Macalistcr's installation alludes to authoritarian institutions.


tl-‘ormerly (iallery 4l ). 4l l)undas Street. 557 456‘). Mon Fri lt).3()am 530me Sat 10.30am -5pm.

Louis Sinclair McNally t'mil Wed 3 ()ct. New work by Louis Sinclair .\lc.\'ally featuring lidinburgh cityscapes and country landscapes.

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Donne 'l‘errace. 225 7l8‘). Mon—Fri ltlam-‘5pm.

Eva Merz: Greenlanders L'tttil Fri 2] Sep. ()ne of Denmark's leading photographers. liva Merl. presents art exhibition of large-scale photographs. Taken in ('openhagcn. .‘yler/ photographs anonymous (ircenlandcrs who have left their homeland to settle in the Danish capital.


at Marie (‘urie House. 2‘) Albany Street. 478 7050. Mon Sat l()am 5pm; Sun

1 75pm.

Gill Harper [Tntil Sat 2‘) Sep. Recent paintings by (iil llarpcr in her first Scottish solo show.

THE DEAN GALLERY Bclford Road. 624 62()() (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Sat l()am » 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

fruitmarket I

the gallery

45 Market Street Edinburgh EH1 lDF

telephone: 1‘ . 0131—225 2383 I facsimile:


88 THE LIST 9‘; Sup 4 ()(:t 7001

Paolozzi And Music tintil Sun 28 ()ct. As part of a series of displays from the (iallery's collection of Iiduardo Paolozzi‘s work. a suite of nine screenprints entitled ('u/ei'um Light Night inspired by the work of innovative American composer. ('harles Ives. Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds: Paolozzi And Music Mon 24 Sep. l2.45pm. Lauren Buddie discusses the current Paolo/.zi display which looks at his works inspired by the music of American composer (‘harles lves.


27 Quccnsferry Street. 220 4l5(). Mon—Sat ‘).3()am—-5.3()pm; Sun noon—4pm.

Recent Acquisitions A changing display of the gallery's recent purchases.


l l (‘iayfield Square. 558 71 It). Thu~ Sat llam 6pm.

Do Others Before They Do You: Lyn Lowenstein tiiitil Sun 30 Sep. Edinburgh-based artist l.yn Lowenstein's topical exhibition of photographs and banners explores ideas of political protest. focusing on the Burmese democracy. the UK‘s petrol crisis and recent anti-capitalist demonstrations.



8 Advocate's Close. 225 ‘)27 1. Daily

l l.3()am—5.3()pm (closed Wed).

The New Wave Of Primitivism Dom is an arts project established in 1996 by a group of international artists working in Scotland. With a constantly changing exhibition of artworks. the gallery houses sculpture. stained glass and paintings by artists who practice primitive art.


6a Dundas Street. 558 ‘)363. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Kim Redpath L'ntil Sat 22 Sep. New paintings.


18a Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon—Fri

l lam—5pm; Sat l()am—lpm.

Mixed Show Until Tue 25 Sep. A mixed show of work by contemporary Scottish artists.

Margaret Ballantyne and Jenny Matthews Sat 2‘) Sep—Tue l6 ()ct. Recent paintings.

EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS 23 L'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue—Sat l()am—6pm.

Josef Albers: Prints 1916-1976 Until Sat 22 Sep. German artist Josef Albers was a leading figure in 20th century art. A one-time member of the

Textiles by Deirdre Nelson inspired by Ayrshire needlework of the 19th century goes on show at the Hub

German Bauhaus school. Albers used colour as a metaphor for relationships. The exhibition features works from Homage In the Square as well as photographs and photo-collages. Contemporary Japanese Woodblock Prints Sat 2‘) Sep—Fri l6 Nov. An exhibition of the innovative work of fourteen contemporary Japanese artists who specialise in woodbloc printing. Par! ofJupan 200]. NEW SHOW.

FIFTY TWO DUBLIN STREET 52 Dublin Street. 557 2725. Mon—Fri l lam—5pm; Sat l lam—4pm.

Double Act L'ntil Sat 2‘) Sep.

Paintings. drawings and prints by Alfons Bytautas and Brent Millar.


88 Lothian Road. 228 2688. Daily

l()am— 10pm.

Alison McGill Until Wed 24 ()ct. Abstract paintings and prints by Alison McGill.

THE FOUR PLUS ONE GALLERY 2 Warrender Park Road. 667 5152. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Scottish Craft Exhibition A wide variety of crafts and applied arts by up- and-coming craftmakers and designers working in Scotland.

29 September 17 November

Richard Murphy Ten Years of Practice

Nic Hess m~m+/Y\: 3M

05%?!) Mon Sat Soi‘ 12i>'i‘-~:">i)ii‘ Atliiiisssvo ‘. but:


OpposIte: Computer Library at Napier University by Richard Murphy Architects. Photo: Alan Forbes