Glasgow Kids continued


Disney On Ice - Toy Story t‘ntil Sun 2.3 Sep. Thu 7.30pm: l'ri 4pm & 8pm; Sat noon. 3.45pm & 7.30pm; Sttn llam & 2.45pm. £‘).50 £24.50. Braehead Arena. Kings lnch Road. Renfrevv. 0870 444 6062. The Disney characters pull their ice skates on once again. and this time it‘s the turn of the My Story learn. See Woody speed skate around the arena. vvatch as Bun. Lightycar performs some spectacular acrobatics and get catrght tip in a frantic car chase. daring resctte and high-flying heroics in this ice spectacular. Kenneth l'eltl produces the shovv, vvhich also features ()Iympic (iold Medallist Rohin (‘ousins and Randy Nevv'rnan‘s vocals on the ttnforgettahle ‘You‘ve (iot A l-‘riend’. Monsters In My Wardrobe Sat 22 Sep. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask & Pttppet 'l‘heatt‘e ('cnlrc. 8 l0 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘) 6185. Ages

5 l2. .\Iark Pencak and Blue Boat Theatre base their latest shovv on a boy’s mission to save the vvorld from monsters threatening to invade vvardrohcs everyvvhere.

Simon The Monkey 8: Other Stories Sat 2‘) Sep. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask & Ptrppet 'l'heatre (‘entre. 8 l0 Balcarres Avenue. Kclvindale. 33‘) 6I85. Bra/ilian puppet company l-‘urunfunfum present a ritagical production influenced hy both the traditional and modern culture of their home country. The company vv ilI revvork South American folk tales using music. singing and colourful puppets.

Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum Of Scotland. 2 (‘hztmhers Street. 247 42l‘). Free entry to museum for visitors aged I8 and under. 'l‘en-ntinute talks for children held every Sat at 2. I 5pm and every Sttn at 3.I5pm.

Rockpooling In The Royal Museum Sat 2‘) Sep. 2 4pm. Free. htrt ticketed. Royal .\Iusetiin. 2 ('hamhers Street. 247 42l‘). A family study day exploring the rockpools of the liducation (‘entre. and then take a seashore safari through the museum.


Spy Kids (I') Sat 22 Sep. 2pm: The Adventures Of Rocky & Bullwinkle (l') Sat 2‘) Sep. 2pm. £4.50 (£2.50). The Lumiere. Royal .\Itrsetim. (‘hanihers Street. 247 421‘). See l‘ilrrt Index.


British Heart Foundation Celebrity Concert l-‘ri zs Sep. 7.45pm. £l0 (£8: children £5): family tickets £25. Queen's llall. (‘Ierk Street. 668 20I‘). 1/1in Rmul's Shonagh Price and Alan Mellugh join lidinhtirgh‘s (‘onservatory Players for a performance

of l’rokolicv's I’r'lt'rAm/ 'I‘lit' Holt; Part of

a mixed programme of popular numbers celebrating 40 years of the British Heart l-‘oundation.


The Hare And The Tortoise Sat 22 Sep. 2pm. £5 (£3). 'l‘raverse 'l‘heatre. (‘amhridge Street. 228 l-IIH. Wee Stories 'I‘hcatre present their comic adaptation of the Aesop tale.

The Wheels On The Bus Tue

25 Thu 27 Sep. 'l‘tie 4.30pm; Wed (Q 'l‘hu 10.30am. l.3()pm & 4.30pm. £7.50 (£6.50). King‘s 'I‘heatrc. 2 Leven Street. 52‘) 6000. Ages 3 6. Singalong ftitt vvith music. stories. nursery rhy me characters and bags of audience participation. See pt‘ev'revv.


All Aboard For Toyland t'ritil Sat 3

Nov; i'il'CL'. .\Itisctiin ()f ('hildhood. 42 lliglt Street. 52‘) 4 I42. An exhibition

92 THE LIST 2t) Strt) .2 ()ct yon:

highlighting the enduring popularity of [fluid Bly'ton's Noddy arid his 'l‘oyland friends.

Outside The Cities

Activities And Fun

Sensorama t'nrii Wed 31 ()ct.

l0ant 5.3()pm. Normal admission applies. Benmore Botanic (iarden. I)unoon. Argyll. 0| 36‘) 70626]. Prepare to thrill your senses vv ith this hands-on travelling exhibition.

Breaking And Hip Hop l-‘ri 2| Sep & Hi 28 Sep. 2 3.30pm. £l.5(). llovv den Park ('enti'e. llovvden. Livingston. 01506 433634. Ages I0 I6. Learn street moves with the help of Alan Irvine.

West Lothian Matsuri Sat 22 Sep. noon 4pm. l‘ree. llovvdcn Park (‘entrc. llovvden. Livingston. 0l506 433634. West Lothian's gala day goes ()riental vvith lots of family entertainment inclttding a Mikoshi procession. taiko drumming. vvorkshops and dance displays.

Kids Art Classes Sat 22 Sep a Sat 2‘) Sep. l 2.30pm & 3.30- 5pm. £25. (Ireenock Arts (itllld. (‘amphell Street. (ireenock. ()l475 723038. Ages 6 8

( Ipm): ages‘) I2 (3.30pm). Ptit your creative skills to use and let your imagination run riot at these fun art classes.

The Creation Of Coal And Fossils Stiti 23 Sep. noon 4pm. 9; I. Scottish Mining Mtrseum. Lady Victoria (‘olliery. Nevvtongt'ange. 663 75 l‘). Advance hooking required. Workshops for older children exploring the formation of coal arid the Lothians' ancient forests.

Artefactory .\Ion 24 Sep. l.3()pm. 2.|5pm & 3pm. l-"ree. htit places limited. Lovv Parks Museum. I2‘) Muir Street. llatnilton. 016‘)8 328232. Taking inspiration frorn the museum's displays. create your ovvn Bron/e Age artefacts. Family Challenge Hike Mon 24 Sep. 2pm. l-‘ree. (‘alderglen ('ountry Park. Strathaven Road. liast Kilhride.

0| 355 236644. Advance booking required. The (‘alderglen Nature 'l‘rails provide the setting for this chance to test countryside skills and knovvledge in a fttrt famin vvalk.

Drama Workshop For Children .\lon 24 Sep. 2 44pm. liree. liast Kilhride Arts (‘entre. ()Id (‘oach Road. liast Kilhride. ()I 355 26l000. A taster session of treading the hoards led by Nadia l)rennan.

West Lothian Junior Youth Dance Tue 25 Sep & Tue 2 Oct.

4.30 5.30pm. £l. llovv den Park ('enti'c. Ilovv den. Livingston. 01506 433634. Ages 8 I I. Try otrt different dance styles at these vveekly sessions hosted by Katy McKeovvn.

Eastfield Junior Art Group Sat 2‘) Sep. I0am noon. £33 per tertn. liastlield (‘ommunity ('entre. I)ukes Road. (‘amhuslang 0| 355 26I000. Ages 8 I2. Louise .\chtee leads a tcn-vveek course encouraging the development of creative



Pokemon 3 (t') Sun 23 Sep. 2.30pm: Dr Dolittle 2 (P(i) Sttn 30 Sep. 2.30pm. £l.5(). MacRohert. l'nivcrsity of Stirling. Stirling. 0I786 46I08l. See liilm Index.


The Happy Gang’s Cactus Canyon l'ri 2| Sep. 2.30pm. £5.50: family ticket £20. (‘unthernauld 'l'heatre. Kildrtim. ('timhernauld. 0l236 732887. Spatl. Nicky and .\lr P go on holiday to ('actus (‘anyon. httt can they find the legendary lost (‘andy Mine'.’ l‘un. music and song for ages tip to‘).

The Song From The Sea Sat 22 Sep. lpm. £4 (£2.50). Paisley Arts ('cnti'c. Nevv Street. Paisley. 887 Hill). Ages 4 8. See photo caption. Treasure Island Sat 22 Sep. 2.30pm. £3. The Wee Web. Brechin ('ity llall.

CHILDREN'S MUSICAL. THE WHEELS ON THE BUS King’s Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 25-Thu 27 Sep

I-rndrng ways to get children excited about rnusrc can be a challenge. Or rather. finding ways to get them excited about rrrusrc wrthout dr/vrng their parents insane. Toy drums. electronic pianos practically anything which plays a tune almost always come gift wrapped vra people livrng outside the family home. A far more sensible option is to take the children to the rnusrc. thus lrrnitrng the duration of said cacophony »— and ensuring a quality far higher than any wee one

can muster.

But whilst series such as Children's Classic Concerts do a great lob. the sight and sound of avast orchestra can be a tad daunting tor the average tour year old. Which is where this merry band come in. Based on one of the most popular songs in the preschool hit parade. I'he Whee/s On The Bus is soon to hit our TV screens as an animated series. In the meantime. you can enjoy some live comic capers courtesy of the folks who brought Play/days to the King's in 1992—).

According to producer Andrew 'I hornas. the show is ‘easy access education they don't walk on stage saying “okay. we're going to teach you how to play the saxophone".' Instead. the eight—strong cast of musicians encourage their young audience to help them create a ‘home-rnade band'. 'I hen. sat atop a big red bus. the four sections of the orchestra: strings. woodwrnd. brass and percussion. learn how to live together harmoniously through a host of popular nursery rhymes. ‘lt's incredibly spectacular.‘ promises Thomas. 'Wrth lots of choreographed routines. masses of rrtusrc and loads of fun and comedy.”

(Kelly Apter)

Svy art Street. Brcchin. 01356 622687. Ages 8+. Follow the adventures of Jim— and Long John Silver on the hiin seas \vilh Wee Stories.

Salty Sam’s Big Breakfast Sat 22 Sep. l.3()pm. £4 (£2). liast Kilhride Arts (‘entre. ()ld ('oach Road. liast Kilhride. 0l355 26l000. ()ld sea dog Salty Sam leads a singalong of some hearty sea shanties. tells the story of "l'he ()va and the Pu») eat. before catching some unusual fare for his dinner iii this production lrotn lan llll'hltPS Ptippet 'l‘heatrc.

The Happy Gang’s Cactus Canyon Sat 22 Sep. 2.30pm. £6; four tickets for £22. By re 'l‘heatre. Ahhey Street. St Andrevv s. (H.334 47.5000. See ('timhernauld.

Magic Bob’s Mid-Afternoon Show Mon 24 Sep. |2.30pni. £4 (£2). Last Kilhride .'\I't.\ ('enti'c. ()ld (‘oach Road. liast Kilhride. 0I355 26l000. Hist-paced fun as the popular children’s entertainer demonstrates his latest vvacky collection of magic tricks arid gags. The Wizard Of 02 Thu 27 Sat 2‘) Sep. 7.30pm. £5 (£3). (ireenock Arts (Build. ('aniphcll Street. (ii‘eeiiock. (ll-17.5 72.3033. l'ltillt)“ Dorothy. the 'l‘inman. the Scar‘ccrovv and the covvardly Lion as they skip dovv n the yellovv brick road in the (ircenock Play cr's latest famin production.

Treasure Island Hi 28 Sep. Ipin a 7pm. £5 (£2.50). (‘umhernauld 'l‘heatre. Kilth’tllll. (‘ttmhernauld ()I 236 732887. Ages 3+. Sec Brechin.

Magic Bob’s Mid-Morning Magic Show Sat 2‘) Sep. I lain. £3.50 (£2.50). l‘alkirk 'l‘ovv n Hall. West Bridge Street. l'itilkirk. ()I 324 506850. Magic tricks for the kids irt this /any shovv.

Treasure Island Sat 2‘) Sep. l Iain dc 2pm (Note amended time). £4 (£2.50). Paisley Arts (critic. Nevv Street. Paisley. (SS7 ltlltl. Ages 8+. See Brcchin.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar Ptippct 'l‘heatre. Broughton Road. 0l8‘)‘) 22063 I. £5 (£4): family tickets £23 & £36. Book in advance as times are subject to change. Reductions for parties of live or more. Shovv s on offer over the next tvvo \\ ceks

Pips And Panda In Circusland Sat 22 Sep. Strn 30 Sep. 2pm. Ages tip to 7. Art unusual hasket sets off a

my steriotis chain of events for famous duo as they encounter Jiffy and Jaffy the funny geese and Sugar the dancing horse vvhen they spend a day at the circus. The Nutcracker Mon 24 Sep. 2pm: Mon l (M. 3pm. 'l'he classic story about a magician vvho cart make toys come to life is performed using puppets. and the shovv takes families on a magical journey into syy cetie land.