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Thursday 20

Book events

Sian Phillips l-‘extiyal 'I‘heatre.

l3 2‘) Nicolxon Street. 52‘) (i()()(). lprn. £5. The popular actress dixcuxses l'tr/i/it~ I’lm‘c'y.‘ ’l‘lrr' .-ltrio/iioel'uplty'. Peter Mayle \Vaterxtone’s. 128 l’rince\ Street. 226 .2660. (rpm. l’ree. The poptrlar author of A Year In I’I‘Ul't'llt‘t’ talkx about the gastronomy ot‘ l'rance.

Dorothy Rowe Water-stone‘s. IR 14 l’r'incex Street. 55o 3034. (1.30pm. Free. The sell—help guru dixcuxxex her new book I'i'r'r'm/y .»lm/ line/Him. \yhich e\aminex \\ hat cott\litlllL‘\ a l'riendship.

Geology week

Rocks From Space Royal .\lu\eum. 2 ('hamberx Street. 247 421‘). llatn & 2pm. l‘ree. .\Iillion\ ol meteoritex cr‘axh to liar‘th eyery year. btrt noyy '\ your chance to handle the real thing.

Building Stones Of Edinburgh - Look Up, Do Not Look Down National (iallery ot' Scotland. The Mound. 447 7427. 2pm. l-‘ree. I.earn abotrt the rnaterialx uxed to conxtruct \ome ol lidinbur'gh'x most important building» .\leet outxide the gallery".

Other events

BFS Annual General Meeting 'l‘ollcroxx (‘ornmunity ('entr‘e. ll7 l"ountaittbt‘idgc. 228 5353. 7pm. Beltane l‘ire Society '\ annual meeting \\ ill tli\cll\\ \\ helhcr' to employ a production team to look alter the (‘allolt llill eycnt. and :tlxt) elect committee member\ to oyerxee admin.

Geology week

Corstorphine Hill - Born Of Fire And Ice (‘let'tniston Road North (‘ar l’ztt'k. oll ()llL'CIISl-L‘l'l'} Road. 53‘) that). ltlam noon. l-‘ree. Learn

more abotrt one ot' lidinburgh'x \eyen hillx.


The Letter Of Introduction by Sir David Wilkie National Gallery ol‘ Scotland. The Mound. (124 (1200. 12.45pm. l‘rec. ('olin ('ruixe giyex a talk on \Vilkie'x painting.


onetree - Meet The Makers Royal Botanic (iarden. lm erleith Roxy. 552 7171. llatn 4.l5prn. L'ltlltL8). .v\rti\t\. dcxignerx and cral‘txpeoplc dixcttw thctncx mind by ‘onetr‘ee'.

brasses and ancrent Plctrsh replrcas. Dean Gallery


Hibernian v St Johnstone liaxter Road. 12 Albion l’lace. (mt I875. 3pm. £l7- £25 (L‘ltll. Sl’l. match. .\lcl.ei\h'\ men can't afford many \lip tlpx it' they ’re to stay in with a xhout ol' the league title. Scotland v Ireland Murray lTL‘ltl Staditun. Riyersdale (’rexcent. 0870 ()4() l‘)25. 3pm. £35 [40 t [20 £30). Rearranged l.lo_\tl.\ 'I‘SB Six Nationx (‘hampionship match.

Geology week

A Trip To The Carboniferous Scottish Mining .\lrr\eurn. Lady Victoria ('olliery. Neyytongrange. (163 75 1‘). 10am 5pm. Free. \Vol'lxxltopx to learn more about Scotland's coal heritage. Tour The Birkhill Fireclay Mine Bo'ness Station. l'nion Street. Bo'nexx. lllSllh 825855. llam. l2.l5prn. l.45prn & 3pm. £7 H.350): lamin ticket £l7.5tl. Advance booking required. :\ guided \yalk taking you through the .r\yon (iot‘gc. The Geology Of The Monuments Of Princes Street Gardens Pl'lllCCS Street (ittt'tlclts, 47.5 5000. Noon. l-‘ree. Local eypertx on the geology of the memorials. Meet at l-‘lor'al clock.

Other events

Intensive One Day Course lidinburgh Bicycle (’o-oper'atiye. r' :\l\'anle_\ 'l‘crrace. Whitehoth Loan. 228 5‘)()() ext (123. ltlam 4.30pm. £45. Learn the baxicx ttl. cy clc ntaintenance tll llti\ one-day courxe.

Geology week

Tour The Birkhill Fireclay Mine Bo'nexs Station. l'nion Street. Bo'new. 01506 825855. llam. l2.l5pm. l.45pm (& 3pm. £7 (£3.5(h: lamin ticket U750. See Sat 22.

Hot Rocks llolyr-ootl Park. 556 l7()l. 2 4pm. liree. Adyancc booking: required. Learn more about llolyrood l’ark'x .100 million year-old geological heritage. Themed Gallery Tours Of The Royal Museum Royal .\lu\eurn. 2 (’hamberx Street. 247 421‘). 2pm. l‘ree. See Thu 20.

Other events

Computer Fair Royal Highland (t‘lttt'c‘. lttgllxlolt. .555 (1200. Sale ol all computer and cornpu[er—related goody. Vintage Fire Engine Rally .\lu\eum ()1‘ Night. liast l’ortune Airlield. lladdington. ()l(i2() 880508.

l().3()am 5pm. £3 tL'l.5l); children l'reel. l)i\pl2ty.\ of Vintage lire enginex \\ ith open top bus tour\ around the groundx. An Audience With Mary Queen Of Scots lidinburgh ('axtlc. Royal Mile. 225 9846. l2.3()prn. l..‘~(lpm. 2.30pm & 3.30pm. llear tales ol the turbulent lite story ol‘ Mary. Queen ol‘ Scolx in [his re-enactntent.

Pop Quiz Night The llayrnar'ket Bar. ll West .\laitland Street. 228 25.5 .8pm. Free. Weekly gui/ night \\ ith beer and pri/ex tip tor grabx.

This; vrsrtor attr'actron uses stunnrng new developments rn


Assembly Rooms, Tue 2 Oct.

Daytime TV, the early 903, Al Gore’s moral crusading wife Tipper is going head to head with Jello Biafra on Oprah. Oh yes, those were the days when being unemployable really paid off. Biafra is a true American anathema born under the dirty stars and dumb stripes yet fully in possession of his ironic and political faculties. Like a cross between Johnny Rotten and Noah Chomsky with bits of Abby Hoffman and William Burroughs thrown in for good measure, Biafra

Edinburgh life

has always questioned and satirised all that is corrupt and ugly about the Untidy Stains Of America. Whether it be through the razor sharp wit of his Dead Kennedy songs (particularly the legendary ‘California Uber Alles’) to his 1979 Mayor of San Francisco campaign and the Frankenchrist trials.

No stranger to the inside of courthouses, Biafra was in the dock again recently for sadder, more pathetic reasons. In October 1998 ex-Dead Kennedy guitarist East Bay Ray hired a lawyer and led bandmates Klaus Flouride and D.H. Peligro in a suit against Biafra alleging failure to promote the back catalogue, underpayment of royalties and other charges. Resolved in court last year, it was the ridiculous ‘failure to promote’ suit that really stuck for what seems like the soul reason that Biafra vetoed the use of ‘Holiday In Cambodia’ to promote Levi’s for a potential $200,000 in 1997 and the other members got the hump. Biafra may be doing this spoken word tour to cover the $100,000 plus damages he owes the other sell-outs. Viva Jello, the last of the punk poets. (Paul Date)

Monday 24

Book events

George Alagiah \Vatcrxtone\. I28 l’rincex Street. 22(» 3mm. (rpm. tree. The BBC l'rontntan recountx hix e\periencc\ ax a he“ \ reporter ax \\ ell ax hix childhood rncrnoriex ol' li\ ing in (ihana.


Hearing Colours, Seeing Sounds: Paolozzi And Music l)ean (ittllcl'). liL‘ll‘ttI'tl Road. (124 (i200, l2.45pm. l’ree. lauren Buddie on the l’aolox/i display which lookx at hix \york\ inxpired by compoxer' ('harlc\ l\c\.

Christopher Hansard \Vaterxtone'x. (ieorge Street. 225 5450. 7pm. l'ree. llathttt‘d di\cu\\e\ the spiritual traditionx inherent in the Tibetan Iit‘exty le.



prece together the history of the planet. creatrng a thoroughly,

hack at here. Edinburgh Castle Royal Mlle. 791') 08-16.

Tuesday 25

Book events

Sally Vickers & Tracy Chevalier \Vaterxtone\. I28 l’rincex Street. 220 2(ioo. (rpm. l’ree. The l\\o bextxelling authorx read trout and tll\L'lI\\ their \yor'k. Why Write Novels Today? National library ()t' Scotland. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 22o 455l. 7pm. l‘rec. llear .v\llan \l;t\\lt‘ in comerxation \y ith (iilex (iordon.


A Gold Dress Fastener From Skye Royal .\llt\L‘tlltt. 2 (‘harnberx Street. 24.2 42W. lprn. lirec. Bron/e .r\ge high merely in the \Vext ol~ Scotland tll\L'll\\L'tl by lreyor ('ou le. Edinburgh Children’s Book Group .lttlttc\ ’l'hin. (ieorge Street. 225 4495. (1.5lle. l‘ree. .v\ttthor and illuxtrator .\lairi llcddcru ick giyex a talk lot" adttll\ and older children.

Eat zinc 3 times a day

0870 333 4 333


I) :'>p."‘.. 8‘5) 4‘4. lxperrence a petrol (‘reorgrarr nurse. ;;

Brass Rubbing Centre

(lhal'werig (Eloise. ltoyal Mrie. 63:511-384.

lv‘lorr Sat 10am frprn.

l rce. but there If; a charge for rnakrng a 'utrhrng. fSrtuatc-tl Hi the

arm; of a ()othrc church

rlatrrg r,ack to l/‘ztSO. the centre houses; a meleatron of church

Belford Road. (32/1 (3900. Mon~Sat t()arnv—:'3pm; Sun noon-5pm. Formerly a 19th century orphanage. the Dean is entrrely devoted to the whole of 20th century art and houses a large collectron of work by lf5<luartlo Paoloxzr. Dynamic Earth l-lolyrood Road. 550 7800. Daily 10am—6pm. 53.6.95 ($395—$495): family ticket £718.50.

"'1‘ i it

Dean Ga, . “‘2‘ '5 . "If"

rnter‘actwe technology to

“‘4 A a, TL?!

[I ‘1':¥I.“‘L t.

'~ .‘ T' “» v 1;! r" g '.

modern way to step

[)arly 9.80am (Spr‘r. S‘r‘ tS‘L) S‘fn. Attractronz; llt ti ..:; strrkrng M(}(ll(}‘.étl castle rnclutle Mons; Meg, the One ()'()locl\ (‘run wrth rts o\.'-.rn

exhrhrtron. lots; of r'trlrtary,

:;r|\.rer\.'.rare and. of course. the Stone ()t [)estrny used to crown Scottish king :; srnce trrne hegan.

Georgian House

f ()harlotte Sguare. 91% “too. Mon Sat

ltlarn Super: Sun

a taste of ale n l(llltl)tllttlt unher‘ the Nev; town \.'.a:; t‘ur'f. Gorgie City Farm

at (‘rorgre Head. 331/ .1I’(ti’.t)arl\,

S)..%t)ar'r Trumpet. l we. Hrrngrrrg counte, me to the heart of the city. tnrs \.'.'orkrr:g fgrrr", houses a host of tarr‘ry'artl anrrnals. a clrrltlr'en's; play area. \‘.'r!tllrfe garden. tarrn tractor:: and an rnterpretatroe centre.