ANGER IN THE ARCHITECTURE Re: Changing Faces (issue 423)

| w0uld like to reply to Mr Duncan Whatmore's response to Adrian Welch‘s Changing Faces article with the following questions:

1. Why does Duncan Whatmore of Terry Farrell & Partners. an architecture practice of apparent international reputation. seem proud that their architecture might be even better than St James Centre and George Square?

2. Has anyone ever seen any 'public' activity in the alleged 'public spaces' around 'The Exchange” (apart from the 'architects of air‘ exhibit during this year‘s Festival which created a wonderful ambience by obscuring all the surrounding buildings)?

3. Does Mr Duncan Whatmore really believe that a person is only qualified to express opinions on architecture after directly suffering the convoluted ramblings of the actual architect in question? Antony Macnaghten via e-mail


Re: Autumn Music Special (issue 424) When. oh when. will your club writers refrain from filling your pages with adverts masquerading as articles for Slam/Soma? Issue after issue we are confronted with photos of their DJs. artists and label bosses plugging their latest releases or club night. more often than not accompanied by hitlists and recommendations encouraging us to go to their club nights.

Have your nocturnal wordsmiths ever attended one of their nights? Sweaty. bug- eyed loons jumping up and down to a painfully heavy techno soundtrack anyone? As for the music. I'm sick of hearing labouti Positive Education. and the new album was a damp squib. Why do you devote so much space to these peOple and criminally under-represent the other equally talented people around Glasgow. the Subculture boys being a prime example.

It would be like your Film section banging on about Ewan McGregor every week or the Art section with Douglas Gordon prattling on about his new project month after month. Much as I appreciate Soma's

Write to:

Advert masquerading as picture

valuable role in Glasgow's clubland over the years I think your pandering to their obviously well-honed public relations operation is getting a little embarrassing. Your Clubs page is an invaluable resource but really should strive to provide a more balanced and accurate overview of this city's rich scene and clubbers real loves. Gillian Austen

via e-mail

MONK BUSINESS Re: Flyers and air raids I have an apology to make. A few weeks back. I had a brilliant idea for a Blackfriars Comic Club poster: a monk with a machine gun. I thought this was rather clever: Black Friars and everything. We printed 4000 flyers and a couple of hundred posters. Apparently. a monk with a machine gun put people in mind of a Muslim terrorist. People complained that it was offensive. People asked the management to take them down. The management took them down. The management asked if we would refrain from handing Out the flyer as they didn‘t want their pub associated with approving Salaam Bin Laden or whatever his name is. So. we launched a new comedy club with no promotion whatsoever. Bugger. He

React, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 "E .or React, The List, at the CCA, 350 Sauchlehell Street. Glasgow 02 3.") Or e-mail react®,uk

AI, Filmhouse, Edinburgh


Al PhD student if was good but Wish Spielberg hadn't got hold of it because it was far too StfllilllKHliEli. especmlly the ending.

had a cross round his neck. How many Muslims do you know with crosses around their neck? Now. I am now known for having quite a sick sense of humour. I may have misjudged the mood of the world. Can I say. however. that these posters were designed and printed BEFORE the events in America. Any relation to these events is entirely co-incidental.

Can I also say. however. that I don‘t actually care. I pre8ume that there won't be many Americans coming to the cellar bar at Blackfriars in the future. Can I also presume that that's because they won't be able to get down the stairs quick enough? I dunno. You wait years for a suicide bomber. then two come along at once.

James Campbell The Comic Club @ Blackfriars, Glasgow


Re: Festival coverage

What a wonderful feature! What a lovely review! I am forever your friend. Slave. Comical sidekick. Yours gushingly.

Emo Philips

A proud Beta Male since 799 7, Pasadena


Re: Festival ideas

What would be your best-ever Science Festival event? Tell us and we‘ll try to make it happen. We're at the planning stages of the children's and adult's programmes for next year‘s Edinburgh International Science Festival. and we‘d like to know what you would like to see and do. For example. activities for children and families might include live animals 0r insects. robots. space. dinosaurs. flight or anything cool or exciting you'd like to have a go at trying out.

Adults might like to hear from the makers of Blue Planet. meet more popular science authors. question researchers on what science has done for war and terrorism. or try their hand at some of the workshops normally scheduled for kids.

Whatever it is you want. if you've got any good ideas. please e-mail them to us and we'll do our best to try and put them on for you.

Edinburgh International Science Fesfival boxoflice@scifest. demon. co. uk

Jen Pepenan Martin

Snap/ax Film 8 TV Unemployed constructor student Good overall and The ending It was odd. qtiite distt.irt‘)ing; was very but very probably mere Si;l(?ii)()t'(_l. I'd good-odd: Kubrick than

like to read the kind of Spielberg. I thought original Brian fairytale it was quite a Aldiss i)k ~ok. meets sci-fr. pesSImistic View of

storytelling and the imagination.


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