o Bensia pen, pencil and eraser set. Be the envy of everyone with this dinky set, complete with glittery bits and happy smiley cows. £1, Museum of Childhood

o Bensia eraser. Not one but five erasers are hidden away in this funky eraser pen. And it matches the pen and pencil. How much cooler can you get? £1, Museum of Childhood

9 Wildlife eraser set. So, you‘re probably going to be making a lot of mistakes, but if not. these little rubbers make handy projectiles to use with the BLACK WIDOW. 50p, Museum of Childhood

o Miffy writing set. Be the cutest kid in class with this set featuring everyone’s favourite big-headed bunny. £3.99, Museum of Childhood

9 Robot and car pencil Sharpeners. Who'd have thought it'd be so much fun sharpening a pencil? £1.35, Museum of Childhood

9 Rocket pen. With the little bobbing smiley face suspended in pretty blue liquid, you'll be spending more time with your eyes on the pen than the page. £1.35, Lava.

a Calculator. Oh the fun we used to have spelling out rude words on the screen! £9.99, Lava.

o Jellycat pencil case. Of course you'll need something to keep your stash of writing implements in. This fu22y, funky case can even double up as a little pal to keep you entertained until the bell rings. £7.99, Bay Tree Company

9 Spotty pencil case. It's bright, it's shiny, we love it!! £4.99, Bay Tree Company

® Spotty handbag. keep stuff in m 213. 99, Bay Tree Company

0 Hubba Bubba. Essential for creating that ‘l'm really hard I am' attitude. with the added advantage of being perfect for sticking in untoward places like under the desk. Approx 30p, most newsagents

9 Copydex. The unforgettable smell of rotting fish. Or is that horses hooves? £3.99, James Thin

9 Compass. This baby is for engraving your name in tables or giving yourself home-made tattoos with the aid of a trusty ballpoint pen. 79p, James Thin

Q Cigarettes. An essential item in every wayward school kid's bag a packet of ten really disgusting fags to smoke behind the bike shed. Approx. £2.20, from all newsagents

9 Black Widow. The scourge of the secondary school, the Black Widow catapult was banned throughout the land. £6.99, Wonderland

@ Gala and Lonsdale bags. They may be back in fashion, but back when l were a lass. these sporty bags were enjoying their first time in the spotlight. Go/a bag, £14.99, Schuh; Lonsdale bag, £16.99, Cult Clothing.

Stockist details:

Museum of Childhood, High Street, Edinburgh, 0131 529 4142

Lava. Cockburn Street, Edinburgh, 0131 622 9049 James Thin, various branches, 0131 622 8222 for details

Wonderland, Lothian Road. Edinburgh, 0131 229 6428

Cult Clothing, North Bridge, Edinburgh, 0131 556 5003; Queen Street. Glasgow, 0141 226 6822 Schuh, various branches. 01506 460250 for details

Bay Tree Company, Hanover Street. Edinburgh, 0131 225 5538


Sugar Free Streetwear

Cake Clothing began life five years ago in the basement shop of a church in the West End of Glasgow. It started when owners Zeus Campbell and Iain Hutcheson decided they needed to do something constructive during the day rather than DJing and partying seven nights a week and so chose to go into the fashion business.

At first they thought it would be fun to buy clothes in London and sell them to their mates because. as Campbell says. ‘neither of us ever set out to become shopkeepers.’ Things soon progressed and three years later they moved into their premises on Dumbarton Road; a long and laid-back space

with a wide selection of street and club wear and some fine tunes on the soundsystem.

Cake stocks designs for men and women with ranges from around the world including Kronk, Geda, Speiwak, Dope and Million Dollar. Fever is its best seller with some natty denim outfits, but it also promotes local Glasgow designer Katzen-Haus. It stocks everything from T-shirts and jeans to jackets. dresses, bags, sunglasses and hats.

Campbell and Hutcheson have just returned from a buying spree in London and can‘t wait for their new ‘funky' winter stock to arrive at the beginning of September. It will include the necessary knitwear. fleeces, hoodies. snowboard jackets, club wear and what Campbell likes to call ‘magpie clothes' with plenty of glitter and glitz.

As with most businesses in Scotland this year, trade has been down for the guys due to the crap weather and locals leaving for sunnier climes, but Campbell is confident that things will pick up again with the arrival of the new stock and the return of the students to the West End. Selling tickets for club nights and parties also keeps the shop ticking over nicely during quiet spells.

Alongside clothes. their other main passion is music, so it is hardly surprising that their ideal venture for the future would be a shop featuring both good music and funky clothes. All you need is a bar and it'd sound remarkably like a club.

(Jane Hamilton) I Cake Clothing, 174 Dumbarton Road, Glasgow, 0141 576 6900.


I WHILE CHANGING rooms might have had its day, we’re still a nation obsessed with decor. That makes a stop at the Ideal Home Show Scotland essential. Running from 12-21 October at the SECC, this year’s event is full of ideas to transform your home. Ever wanted to buy a plot of land and pop a Tennessee log home on top? You’ll be able to check out the said home at the show, along with roomsets showing the latest furniture and fumishlngs. More info on www.idealhome show.com and tickets, £6.50 (£4.50), from the SECC on 0870 040 4000.

I SO MAYBE YOU didn’t camp out overnight, but unless you've been out of the country recently you'll have noticed Braehead has a new arrival in the shape of lkea. It's their largest UK outlet with several new features including entire house layouts rather than just rooms, longer curtains to suit those big tenement windows and Smaland, a ‘magical forest' play area for kids. Their ‘Glasgow's gone soft' ads seem to have hit the nail on the head as Glaswegians have been rushing headfirst into the arms of the Swedish furniture giant. Two and a half million visitors are expected over the next year and chances are you'll be one of them.

I YOU MIGHT HAVE heard of Fish salon in London‘s Soho. Owner Paul Burfoot came from a family of

builders and has ended


up a hairdresser to the stars, while still keeping his local customers happy. Now

Davies. As the store tries


he’s launched a haircare range, coming soon to a Boots store near you. Called ‘Unisexy’, the range has lively modern packaging and has products like goldfish for blondes and battered fish to help tame frizz. More details on www.uni sexybyfish.com

I PER UNA IS THE new ladieswear range at Marks & Spencer. designed by George


to woo back lost customers this range is aimed at 25—35 year olds, and ranges from embroidered jeans to leather suits. It’s in the shops now so check it out and make up your own mind if M&S is getting back on track. I THE WEB KEEPS getting more popular as a means for designers to sell their clothes. Glasgow partnership densestuff.co.uk are a new one to look out for with their mix of skate and snowboard fashion. Cool tees (included fitted for the ladies), sweatshirts and hooded tops come in a myriad of designs with touching names like ‘psychohosebeast’. Once you’ve decided what you want you can order online or over the phone.

I IF YOU'RE IN THE Kilwinning area (that‘s in Ayrshire. you cityphiles) look out for new record store Ofrisk. The brainchild of entrepreneur Yvonne McLellan, the shop stocks CD's, vinyl. DF concert tickets, selected merchandising, clothing and even comes complete with a lounge featuring table football and free coffee. Located at 148a Main Street, 01294 552334.

6—20 Sept 2001 THE LIST 1 15