The Love Line Classified

FUN loving, charming . '5 " 7- ‘- male. seeks foxy lady who was mischievous at school. for fun times & romance. Call me on 09069 514252 GUY 33, likes pubs. cinema. theatre. music. arts. WLTM women. late 20s-1ate 30s. for great nights in & out. Call me on 09069 514255 EDINBURGH male, 45. likes socialising. fresh air. good food. music. the arts.

Seeks warm. intelligent woman.

Call me on 09069 514258 HAPPY easy going male. 40s. into travel. bicycles. Highlands. wild camping. city

gigs. music. theatre. WLTM happy. intelligent. active. adventurous woman. 35—45. for mutual company & kicks. (‘all me on 09069 514259

MALE 408, WLTM warm. sensual female. to enjoy cinema. meals. drinks & affection. love & all life has to offer. Call me on 09069 514263


. . 35. enjoys cinema. pubs. theatre.

travel. WLTM female. 20—35. slim. loving. sensual. attractive. Call me on 09069 514264

MYR OLD gay guy.

seeks special 1—2—1 relationship.

Fed up with time wasters & one night stands. 5' 8". slim. blue eyes. loves walking. cinema. eating out. WLTM younger guy. honest. caring. 18-30. (‘all me on 09069 514251

24YR OLD Asian gay. medium build. saucy SOH.

enjoys conversation. debauchery.

followed by lazy lie-ins. Seeks guy. for more than one stands & regretful mornings. (‘all me on 09069 5 H265

132 THE LIST 4—18 Oct 2001

o 9. o :

LIVELY creative, friendly postgraduate. seeks tall. dark handsome stranger for close encounters. (‘all me on 09069 514250

ATTRACTIVE early 308. petite woman. intelligent. with (lSOH. WLTM handsome. professional man. without commitment phobia. for laughs. hugs. drinking wine. maybe more. (‘all me on 09069 514253

STUNNING woman, 42. seeks successful & interesting man. with solid warmth. wit & charm. ('all me on 09069 514254

ATTRACTIVE, warm, vibrant woman. 40. (}S()1i. n/s. professional. creative. mother. Seeks male to share happy times. (‘all me on 09069 514256

FEMALE 42, ethical vegan. interested in arts. theatre. dance. also philosophy. especially mysticism & cabala. WLTM similar male. Call me on 09069 514261

CULTURALLY aware, confident & complex professional woman. attractive in looks & spirit. (‘annot believe she‘s in early 40s. WLTM similar male. 35-45. attitude. good conversation. sense of discovery & zest for life a must. Call me on 09069 514262

PROFESSIONAL attractive, caring. sensitive woman. loves classical music. comedy. exploring. seeks thoughtful. intelligent. professional male. 40—50. with lust for life. (‘all me on 09069 514257

_':;Ill 0111‘ Illl‘l-tt‘ii'fii'lgj t‘lzrpdrhnénli Int 01.321 33‘) #313151)




I How to reply to a box number. All you have to do is send your letter to: 'llie List (‘lassifed 14 High Street. lidinburgh. [5111 I'll: or at the (CA. 350 Sauchiehall St (ilasgow (i2 311) and we will fonvard it. Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the top left-hand comer.

WOMEN SEEKING WOMEN I Bi Female attractive 40s seeks girlfriend for occa- sional nights in/out. Interest in film. arts. weekends away. wine. food. sensuality. .\'o Butch please. lidinburgh only. Box No. 425/51)

I Gay professional female; feminine. attractive. (}S()ll. creative. intelligent and stable. Seeking similar for sparkling relationship 28 35. Box .\'o. 435/51

MEN SEEKING WOMEN I Mid 403 male looking for warm. sensual. fun loving female to enjoy travel. drinks. meals. cinema and an affec- tionate one to one relationship. Box .\'o. 425/]

I Truth Beauty Freedom Love Art (’oncerts (‘omedy Kubrick .‘vlamet Rambcrt [Hard Beaches 'l'ravel Warm ('rcative Sensitive liducated AdventuroUs Relaxed Late night laughs Talks until dawn. Box No. 425/3

I Very affectionate, lively-minded, cultured and politically left-of-centre profes- sional male who likes jazz and classical innsic. art. gardening. walking on hills and shores. lit- erature and spontaneous hugs and kisses seeks good woman 138+) with warm arms. a sense of adventure. sortie similar interests and a mind of her own for seriotts friendship or tnore. Box No. 425/2



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