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Advice on Sexual Health & HIV/AIDS and all matters relating to the Gay and Lesbian Community


SWITCHBOARD LESBIAN LINE 0131 556 4049 0131 557 0751 7.30pm-10pm 7.30pm-10pm

Every Night Monday & Thursday

Calls may be monitored for training purposes.

A Scottish Charity No. 800 03403. Registered as a Company Limited by Guarantee No. 16449

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V I saw you David (1’) at Roots Manura(a‘ Arches. You were standing close behind me, holding me as if we were lovers. I turned round to ask: who are you‘.’ Get in touch! Box .\'o. [7425/2

V I saw you kissing my friend and I was jealous of him because I wanted to bonk you in the toilet. Box No. [3/425/3 V I saw you & I hate your shop so get a new one. Yer maw!!! Box No. U/425/4

V I saw you at cheesy pop in QM. every Friday wearing red top + funky dancing. You: gin- ger goatee. Me too. Box No. [7425/5

V I saw you crazy Laura being scared by the big lipped. scary people. next time I'll remember my reindeer. Marty Boy. Box No. Lil-125m

V I saw you Norwegian boy with big blues. Iilsker deg R. Box No. U/425/7

V I saw you all the sexy bar staff in Brel. Especially Ruth + Sarah. You gals are beautiful. about it‘.’ Box No. Ill-125m

V I saw you girl with sexy gold tooth - give us a snog will ya'.’ Box No. [1/425/9

V I saw you stumbling along Ashton Lane. Vidal Sassoon perm blowing in the wind. You are a very stylish girl! I.ove Kat ‘n' Sal. Box No. U/425/10

V I saw you foosty blonde barman at Brel. If you wash. I will call and I can stop admir- ing you from afar. A(‘/I)(‘. BSDM. etc. . . Box No. If/425/l l

V I saw you sexy dark- haired guy on the underground around 9.30 pm 20.09.01. I was wearing a pink shirt and a big grin. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No. U/425/12

V I saw you Lauretta - look- ing young 8.: beautiful in the Arches - Hope you come to Scotland - it would be ace to have it around x. Box No. U/425/I3

V I saw you brown hair. big bum. Me.:- big hair. brown bum. Box No. U/425/l4

V I saw you without your stilts. or anything much else for that matter. & smiled a lot. Box No. U/425/IS

V I saw you at the Sub one Saturday. Nice shirt. Honest. Box No. U/425/Ib

V I saw you sexy lady danc- ing in the Vault on Saturday. Wanna dance with me some- time‘.’ Box No. U/425/l7

V I saw you in your new red car. It's very small: fitting really. But lovely. Box No. U/425/l8 V I saw you Chef. tossing your pans in the Arches kitchen. (iive tne a call and I‘ll show you what I can toss too! Box No. U/425/l9

V I saw you tap dancing with Rock Hudson and drinking mead out a gourd. Oh yes. Box No. [1/425/20

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V I saw you Veronica &

Natalie - yous are great. sexy. beautiful. perfect babes. We love you. Box No. U/425/21 V I saw you in the Arches

cafe - cool as f**k. All the guys fancy you. Who wouldn't? Box

No. U/425/22

V I saw you Jen. looking

severe in a suit! I liked the way

i your voice dipped at the end of your sentences! May I walk you

home. m‘lady‘.’ Love Ewan. X. Box No. U/425/23

V I saw you pretty French girl with the beautiful dark eyes in the Tron for Sunday brunch. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No. U/425/24

V I saw you in the Arches. You made eye contact with me as I was going to the toilet. I remember your blonde hair and glasses. You then said “Do you have any gum". Box No. U/425/25

4-18 Oct 2001 THE LIST 133