I saw you Classified

I saw you - Glasgow


V I saw you. gorgeous as usual. with your Charlie's Angel pink sunglasses. Me. looking at you . . . Box No. U/425/26

V I saw you barman at Mooda. I luv u. Contact me! Box No. U/425/27

V I saw you Marrianne husky. sexy and Irish. Fancy sharing a Mars Bar? Love ? X Box No. U/425/28

V I saw you Katie. We love you for playing Kylie. Kiss me quick you beautiful doll!! Box No. U/425/29

V I saw you sailor boy on Sauchiehall St. I think you're name is John + you're from Sheffield. Mine's Cate. We had a wee kiss - would like to again . . . Box No. U/425/30

V I saw you Mr Nelson - pub quizing it in the Arches - rock on baby. here‘s to many more! Xxx Box No. U/425/3l V I saw you Antipasti Byres Road “host” with spikey hair and blue shirt - (24th September). I was the hungover holiday girl in grey top and red ponytail sitting @ the window wanting a milkshake. I thought you were tastier than my parmesan crusted chicken. Box No. U/425/32

134 THE LIST 4—18 Oct 2001

V I saw you in Beanscene West End Glasgow. Antip- odean reader of twelfth century literature let me take you to The Other Side. Box No. U/425/33

V I saw you wonderful won- dering man. with your bag. bike. beard and bulging body. You with two cats in the base- ment flat. Let me be your pet pussy. Box No. U/425/34

V I saw you P F 'Chasing Angels' at The Tron . . . don't forget me when I'm in New Zealand X X R M Box No. U/425/35


V I saw you stand next to me at Gorillaz. C orn Exchange. 24/9/0]. You. with two mates. electric blue footie top and grey cords. Me. pink vest top and dark hair! Fancy a pint? Box No. U/425/36

V I saw you Val (Valentine) . . . in Ricks Bar months ago. Your friend was leaving to go to Australia. We chatted and I bought you a drink. Where have you been hiding since? Box No. U/425/37

V I saw you ‘la renarde of Debenhams' - swishing around the sweaters and slacks. let's bag off in the glass elevator and run away tae Gretna Green . . . from David Baddiel. Box No. [1/425/38 V I saw you at select on Tuesday. ripping up the dance- floor and lookin well sexy. see you there next week. You ace. mejaded. Box No. [1/425/3‘) V I saw you Michael . . . just don't let tne f**k up will you. ‘cos when I need a friend it's still you - where are you? S. Box No. U/425/40

I saw you - Edinburgh

V I saw you in Starbucks on Princes St 13/09 3:30pm. You: tall. slim. pretty. rainbow- coloured belt and gorgeous tummy. reading newspapers. Me: 25. handsome. in suit. reading contents of briefcase. Box No. U/435/4l

V I saw you Allan—GSA. Friday 14th. You used to touch- up old women's feet for a liv- ing. you drink in the Halt? I'd like to take you up on your offer and see you in your Marigolds! Box No. U/425/42 V I saw you in the Forest of Ae at the Hairth o' Knokrach 2001 festival. What an amazing weekend of great music. con- nection of people. in a great set- ting. Fancy meeting up for more relaxing times? Box No. U/425/43

V I saw you AGAIN! Same place. same pullover...lt's a pity I won't see you again. at least not for a long time. I will miss you. Nessie! But I wish you the best for the future. Box No. U/425/4-i

V I saw you beautiful Swedish Princess with the sore knee. Have a Svensk to make it better!! Box No. U/425/46

V I saw you Irish mairade. bold as brass. You are my little Leprecorn and I am the pot of gold waiting for you at the end of the rainbow. SNATCH Box No. [1/425/47

V I saw you Scramer - you were shouting '()zzie ()zzie ()zzie!‘ ()utside Q.M - You rock my literary bell - Love B. Box No. U/425/48

V I saw you L & C looking frazzled not LUSH! Barely alive but still lovin' it. Lots of Luv. Timmy!! Box No. U/425/49

V I saw you Heather. a long time ago. Where the f*** R U? Box No. Ul-IZS/SO

V I saw you Vernon. I‘ve been watching you and now I know your name. You were born to be mine. and soon you will be. Love It) xxx Box No. U/425/5l

V I saw you swimming in Warander pool. You have a slender yet masculine body and a face to die for. I would kill to meet you. Box No. U/425/52

V I saw you Drinking at the new ()pium Bar in Edinburgh Grassmarket. You are tall with floppy disc hair and beautiful model bone structure. We should meet. Box No. U/425/53

V I saw you blonde bomb- shell with potential whiplash Miss Brodie in Iguana dream- ing of amber alerts. Box No. U/425/55

V I saw you stewarding at the Hub in Edinburgh. 1 don‘t know if you‘ll read this but you have medium length brown hair and Johnny Deep good looks. I think I love you. Box No. [7425/54

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