Every issue The List, in association with Beck’s, highlights the work of a young Scotland-based photographer.

Susan Pettigrew

New Zealand-born Susan Pettigrew has recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Photography at Edinburgh’s Stevenson College. Her main interest lies in still life, food photography and alternative printing using a variety of techniques. Pettigrew created this SUDDOrted by image by experimenting with Polaroid photography. If you would like to get in touch with her, call 0131 557 9919 or susan@play.g|

REG. 'I'M. How to enter work Applicants should be students in the second year or beyond of a photography or relevant degree, or those who have graduated in the last three years. To arrange a time 9 for The List to see your portfolio call Helen Monaghan on 0131 550 3076. Each of the 93 { chosen photographers will receive $100, courtesy of Beck’s and The List.