THE DEVIL'S BACKBONE 30 November, 2001

With post-Scream/Scary Movie teen flicks continuing to

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dominate the horror field. this genuinely spine-tingling Spanish ghost story is a sight for sore eyes. It's set during the country's civil war in a remote orphanage which houses. among other things. children of war victims, an unexploded bomb and a malevolent spirit. Mexican director Guillermo del Toro draws on history. religion. film and comic books for inspiration. The result is a masterpiece, densely packed thematically and


19 December, 2001

The big one: look Out George Lucas. there's another fantasy franchise in town. The Fellowship Of The Ring is the first of three films adapting Tolkien's three-novel sequence in which he. ahem, wrote the book of heroic fantasy. New Zealander Peter Jackson (Heaven/y Creatures) is at the helm of this mammoth undertaking. and he seems to know what he‘s doing. offsetting the sfx spectacle with a superb cast including Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee as the warring good and bad wizards. Cate Blanchett and Liv Tyler as Elf queen and warrior and Scots lad Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood as the hairy-footed

hobbits. Attack Of The Clones: wazzat’?

GHOST WOR L. D 16 November, 2001

This magazine‘s pick of August's Edinburgh International Film Festival along with many critics and punters Ghost World is a too cool (but never shallow) collaboration between Terry Zwigoft (who previously made the excellent Robert Crumb documentary) and comic book writer/artist Daniel Clowes. Less a straight adaptation of Clowes‘ comic strip than a radical reworking of it. the film sees Thora Birch and Scarlet Johansson playing a pair of angsty highschool grads who become obsessed with Steve Buscemi's nerdy record collector. Course, it‘s all about Zwigoff's views on the decline of Western civilisation and Clowes' inner dialogue with himself. Or something.

The List has three copies of the Ghost World graphic novel and three pairs of tickets to a preview screening of the film at The Lumiere, Edinburgh, Sat 6 Oct, 3.30pm to give away. To win these awesome prizes, simply answer this question: In the pages of which comic book did Ghost World originally appear? Send answers to

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