‘The NME had come up to the Sound City event early in ’94 and the word was that Oasis were going to be their next big hyped band; but I must admit I was indifferent. But with the Cathouse show there was a real sense of occasion and people had a feeling this was the last time they were ever going to see them in somewhere so small. And it was true.’

T in the Park, 1994

T in the Park has witnessed a few truly wild moments in its time. Fist- fights broke out as grown men tried to see Coldplay in 2000 and even this year’s return of The Proclaimers saw 8000 people moshing to the 1978 Scotland squad’s World Cup song ‘We’re On The Road With

songs, struck down with laryngitis and unable to sing. Noel knocked out an impromptu acoustic set to pacify the herds and the date was re- run post-Christmas with Liam back in full voice and swagger.

Irvine Beach, 1995

Reputedly one of the band’s finest shows and regarded as their best ever in Scotland, those two dates in a large tent on Irvine Beach were the debut Scottish airing of tracks from What’s The Story (Morning Glory).

‘Just to hear songs like ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ for the first time made us all feel somehow blessed, particularly when you consider the 90s pop landmarks they’ve become,’ recalls List deputy editor Brian Donaldson. ‘The undercurrent of violence that plagued them was never more prevalent then, with neds climbing the tent poles, like Hooch-drenched Kappa- chimps, and liquids of many different colourings being spilled gleefully from great heights.

‘The brothers themselves were on their best behaviour, though Liam may well have

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ifass’k . ."

Ally’s Army’ as they waited for the specksome brothers to hit the stage.

In 1994, there were several treats to be had on the grassy Buckfast- littered lawns of Strathclyde Park. Blur, Pulp and Bjork all put in admirable performances, but one band caused no end of hysteria that weekend. In an early evening slot, between One Dove and House Of Pain (?!?), Oasis played a beast of a set in a rammed Second Stage tent.

‘They played at the same time as Teenage Fanclub were on the main stage,’ recalls Peter Ross. ‘The Fannies set was sparsely attended while the tent was uncomfortably busy. Still, I figured that everyone was like me and there to see what all the fuss was about. Then they came on, playing ‘Rock ’n’ Roll Star’ with Liam kicking footballs into the crowd. They were astonishingly good, really raw but clearly in possession of a fearsome set of tunes. The crowd ran forward to the stage in a way that I had never seen before and only saw again with U2 at the SECC a few weeks back.’

As the hype grew, anticipation for the release of the album became feverishly high. Definitely Maybe hit the shops in August. The subsequent tour took the band to the Barrowland where Liam ensured it was nothing less than memorable, evacuating the stage after four

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mumbled some inaudible insults, but who knows? The fact that Cast and Ocean Colour Scene were in support has thankfully failed to tarnish that day’s memory.’

Ingliston, 1996

Early in 1996, they showed up in Edinburgh with the full knowledge that they were biggest band on the planet. For writer Damien Love, it was Gallagher The Younger’s presence that was the all-defining element. ‘What stands out starkly is Liam, with his checked shirt and arcane ned logic, the absolute denial in the sound of his voice; it was a great, purely negative sound that night, pitched somewhere between Lennon and Rotten. A black hole in the band, stock still, hands behind his back in the centre, but detached from the whole thing, like the music didn’t touch him.’

Said that then - The List was reporting on Oasis from day one. We bring you our words of wisdom on the brothers Gallagher.

- .. W- .

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‘Suporsonlc’, 8—21 Apr 1994

22 THE LIST 4—18 Oct 2001

Bullet, 3-16 Jun 1994

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Definiton Maybe, 26 Aug-8 Sep 1994