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0 Brother, Where Art Thou? ( lli 0... (Joel (‘oen. t'S. 2000) (ieorge (‘looneyg John Turturro. Tim Blake Nelson. 107 mins. Preston Sturges' Sullivan '.v 'I'ruvels and Homer‘s 'I’lie ()i/ysxv‘ijv are the starting points for this 30s—set screvvball comedy. Smooth-talking iiverett t'lysees .\chill ((‘looneyi. simpleton Delmar (Nelson) and maladjusted Pete t'l'tirturrot are members of a chain gang on the run looking for buried loot. Their journey up and dovvn the state of Mississippi brings them into contact vvith assorted eccentrics based on Mother‘s mythological figures. A lighter vvork for the (‘oens. more Raising Arimiiu than Iii/go. but it‘s still a rare treat. A truly captivating confederacy of dances. ('ameo. Edinburgh.

101 Reykjavik t 18) C... (Baltasar Kormakur. Iceland. 200l ) llilmir Snter (itidnason. Victoria Abril. 88 mins. lllynur ((iudnason) is a tvventysomething vvho still lives at home vvith his single mother. drinking the long days avvay and surfing the internet for pornography. But lllynur gets the vvake tip call of his life vvhen he beds his mother's beautiful Spanish friend. I.ola (Abrili. only to discover she's his mum's lesbian lover. When the infidelity is revealed. the film becomes a comedy of unease. charting similarly queasy territory as David D. Rtissell (Spanking The .ilull/v‘l’i'l. It's a smarting black comedy vvith a snovv - vvhite background and the pulsating score by Damon Albarn emphasises the film‘s cool credentials. ('ameo. lidinburgh.

102 Dalmatians (ti .0. (Kevin Lima. t’S/t'K. 2000) (ilenn (‘lose. (ierard Depardieu. loan (iruffudd. 90 mins. (’ruella's back. And this time she's lilla. Thanks to a .shot of mind-altering Pavlovian treatment during her stay at Her .\laiesty’s Pleasure. the larger than life baddie is released into the community as an animal- loving philanthropist. Only when Big Ben strikes tvvelve does the spell snap. letting her revert to character. her passion for

Dalmatian fur renevv ed. [02 is a generation on from the original cute canines. but the shape of the story is virtually identical. vvhile the scripts too caught up in the machinations of the human vvorld to give the dogs enough of a look in. Ster ('entury (‘inemaz lidinburgh: Vikingar ('incma. l.args.

original Sin l lb’) (.\lichael (.l'l\l(il-Cl-. ('8. 200i ) Angelina Jolie. Antonio Bandei'as. Thomas Jane. I in ruins. Nineteenth century film noir in which Banderas vvealthy ('uban coffee merchant mail orders an .-\merican bride. sight unseen. But when Miss Jolie turns up the randy bean grovver gets more than he bargained for. They are saying it's dull and not at all erotic. (icneral release. Out Of Africa (P( i) 0.. (Sydney Pollack. l‘S. 1985) Robert Redford. Meryl Streep. Klatis .\laria Br'andauer. to: mins. Spravv‘ling romantic epic in vvhich Strcep plays author Karen Blixen. upon vv hose accounts of farming in Africa this film is based. Brandauei' is her pox-ridden husband. Redford the litonian traveller vv ith vv horn she naturally falls in love vv ith. Disappointing given the quality of the talent involved. The Lumiere. lidinburgh. Pandaemonium ( l5» 0... (Temple Julien. t'K. 200] i l.ltills Roach. John Hannah. 1 1‘) mins. Temple’s lilm charts the friendship betvveen tvvo of the best-knovv n

poets of the late lStli century. Samuel Taylor

(‘oleridgc (played by Roachi and William \Vordsvvorth (Hannah i. The director of The I'i/r/i Am! The Fury eschevv s historical accuracy. instead focusing on the rock n' roll aspects of their lives; the sex. the drugs and the breakdovvns. llis film is a mish-mash of styles. from straight costume drama to hallucinatory fantasy. juxtaposed vv ith modern imagery. emphasising the opium— induced dream vvorld in vyhich (‘oleridge lived. Selected release.

Peaches ( ISi 0. (Nick (il'tissti_ l'K. 3001i .\latthevv Rhys. .\latthevv [)unster. Kelly Reilly. 82 mins. lt's summer

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34 THE LIST 18 Oct ’2001

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Boy hides under bed watching girl in undeear doing press ups -

American Pie 2 fails to be anywhere near as funny as its not-particularly-

iii (‘amden Tovv n. l‘rank (Rhy si has dropped otit of college. and he's living rent-free \\ ith his mate Pete (Dunster'i. The lodger's in no hurry to get a job though. and any vvay he'd rntich prefer to be out chasing vvonien. llis equilibrium is disrupted hovvevcr vv hen ('her‘ry tReilly i confesses that she's had a crush on him for several years. Shot for budgetary reasons in Dublin. this l.ondon- set slacker picture vvas adapted for the screen by vvritcr-dircctor ( irosso from his original play. The cinematic model is American indies like Sit iiiei'rv. although this is an uninvolv ing and stagin mounted effort. vv hich trudgcs along through a cloud of misogyny. See rev ievv. Selected release. Pearl Harbor( lSi 0. (Michael Bay. t'S. 200l i Ben Affleck. Josh llartnett. Kate Beckinsale. 180 mins. Affleck and llar'nett play lifelong buddies. Rafe and Danny. vv ho end up in the American airtorce as pilots. The boy s are hasetl itt Pearl Harbor. llavvaii. btit Rafe volunteers for a posting tojoin the Battle of Britain. though riot before falling for nurse livelyn (Beckinsalei. \Vhen Rafe is reported lost. missing-in-action. Danny slips into the bed of the fair livelyn. And then just to bugger it all up. Rafe returns from the ‘dead' and the attack by the Japanese gets in the vvay of sorting love affairs out. Pearl Harbor is

ov er-long and ov cr-sentimcntal. and in going for the broadest audience Bay has Vaselined the unpleasantness of vvar avvay. lessening its impact. The l.umiere. lidinburgh.

Planet Of The Apes ( lb 00.

(Tim Burton. l'S. 2001 i .\lark \Vahlbci'g. Tim Roth. llelena Bonhatn ('arter. ll‘) mins. Burton's remake of the science fiction classic retains tnore of the entertaining social satire of Pierre Boulle‘s source novel than the I‘loh‘ original. Nevertheless. the films share a similar plot: An astronaut (little .\lark \Vahlbci'g taking the place of manly. be-loinclothcd (’harlton llestoni is marooned on the planet and captured by the vvar-like apes. He meets a liberal female chimpan/ee tllelena Bonham-('arteri. vv ho helps him escape. and leads a revolt against the simian oppressors. As you might expect. Burton‘s ."IN'A exceeds the original tilrn in make-up vv liile paying respectful homage to it. llovv ever. the plot. tone and pacing is a mess and this is the least Burton-esque of Burton's films. (icneral release.

OThe Pledge 1 1m oooo (st-tin Penn. 13. 300i t Jack Nicholson. Robiii Wright-Penn. Sam Shepard. 123 mins. In the cold mountain reaches of Nevada the body of a little girl is found. raped and mur- dered. A simple-minded Native American is svviftly taken into custody and a confession is cvtracted. follovving vvhich the man kills himself. An open and shut case . . for everyone but .lerry Black (an admirably lovv key Nicholsoni. a retiring police officer vv ho thinks they have the vvrong man. (‘ouched in the conventions of a thriller. Penn's third lilltt as tlll'L‘L‘lUl' is lit‘st and ltit'ellltist a cum- pclling psychological study of a middle aged man attempting to give his life mean ing post"retirement. levy and Mary ()lson Kroniolovvski's script. adapted front l‘i'iedrich Durrenmatt’s novel. keeps things

funny predecessor

ainbiguous. Penn counters this. directing

vv ith an even hand and casting a sombre mood over the proceedings. See rev ievv. The l‘ilmhouse. lidinburgh.

Pokemon 3: The Movie (tr 0.0 (.\lichael llaigney. t'S/Japan. 3001i\'oices of Veronica Tay lor. liric Stuart. Rachel I.illis. 0o mins. As vv ith the pr'ev'iotis film. Pokemon .i comes vv ith a short. I’ikiicliii: 'I‘lii‘ .l/(ll'ft’ III/ll - l’ikiu'liii Am/ l’ir‘liii. \y hich features the popular. electricity -povvered yellovv Pokemon and his brother. The main feature. Spell (If The ('iikimii-n. concerns an orphan girl vvho's home is turned into a crystal castle by alphabet-like Pokemon the t'novvn. \v ho then makes her every vvish come true. Still. one for kids only. Selected release.

Recess: School’s Out ( t 'i .00 ((‘huck Sheet/. l‘S. 300] i Voices ofJames \Voods. Dabney (‘oleman. Dan ('astellaneta. SJ mins. Disney plunders its ovvn small screen programming for this feature length version of its cartoon series. Iv’i'r'i’yv concerns the adventures of a gang of pre- adolescent kids. vv hose roll call includes a natural leader. brainy nerd. cute girl. tomboy and. erm. a little boy vv ho sings like a man. l’or the big screen school outing. the gang put their mischievous vvays to good tisc

vv hen an ev i| cs-princirxil of their school. Mr Benedict (Arnold vvould that be?) hatches a scheme to end summer vacations by causing permanent vv inter. Selected release. Rugrats In Paris: The Movie (ti 0.. (Stig Bergtp ist. Paul Demeyer. [S 2001 i \tilL‘L‘s of('hristine ('avanaugh. Susan Sarandon. Debbie Reynolds. 77 mins. The antics of those diaper-clad under-5s. Tommy. ('huckie. Dil. Phil and Li]. and tormenting big cousin Angelica. make a great kids cartoon. Better than its predecessor. lv’uei‘iilv Iii l’iii‘iy has the gang descending on liurtireptarland (read liurodisncy i. vvhcre conniving Angelica lives up motherless (‘huckie and his gullible father. ('has. vv ith the villainous ('oco La Bouche vv ho hates children. To save (‘huckie the kids hijack the giant robotic Reptar and race for None Datne to stop the vvedding. lively. vvcll-paccd entertainment for younger children. and just smart enough for most adults. Ster (’entury (‘inema iv The l.uriiicre. lidinbtirgh.

Rush Hour 2 ( 13; 0.. (Brett Ratner. l'S. 3001 ) Jackie (hart. (‘hris 'l'ucker. [hang /iy i. 8‘) mins. (ban and Tucker rc-tcam for a big-budget sequel to their mediocre action-comedy hit. The basic set up remains the same. btit vv ith the roles reversed. Tucker is a lish~titIt-of-vvatet' l,Al‘D cop bemused by the language and customs of('han’s home turf. llong Kong. The mis~matched buddies are meant to be on holiday. bill the bombing of the local l'S embassy leads vvorkaholic (hair to John l.onc. ltis late father‘s eX-bartnei' in the llong Kong Police. novv a Triad gangster. While the action remains in llong Kong. the verbal humour and slapstick action play vvell; but once it shifts to \‘egas. Jeff Nathanson‘s script runs otit of steam.

llovv ever. ('i‘iiiii'liiire 'Iiei'i; l/ii/i/i’n [Mien/r star /.iy i. as time’s vicious henchvvoman. makes quite an impression. Selected release.