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Music Ten years young and still going strong. Sort of. Whatever you think of them, an explosive live performance is guaranteed. See feature. page 20. Barrow/and, Glasgow.

The things you simply have to do this fortnight

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Music Possibly the finest female singer- songwriter in the business. the Mannster is set to prove there's more to her than Magnolia. See preview. page 47. Liquid Room.

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Edinburgh. Music It's taken eleven years for Barney and the boys to make their way back north. We

9 expect the wait to have been well worth it.

ee review. 0;. 4. Barrow/and, G/asgow "w ' r ".; i.

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BAILEY Comedy The self- confessed hippie materialist rocks our world with observations about stuff you can only dream about. See preview. page 71. Various venues.


Chan/ital J.


Art Fourteen major works from the Turner Prize winner in one of the must- see exhibitions of the year. National Ga/lery Of Modern Art. Edinburgh.

RAMBER Dance The country's flagship contemp- orary danc outfit brings us works both old and new. See review. pa 64. Festiva 77featre, Edinburg


GAS ATTACK A A TV IIllfi Iii/P Stones tale“ \)I asylum seekers and HittVI‘it‘H‘. (til at Glasgow t‘SIJIt? :;; tIIIIIk mt painful in its; tilllt‘illltft3ti. £306) rti'\.'iU'v*t-‘.

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