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Barrowland, Glasgow, Sun 7 & Mon 8 Oct.

An eight-and-a-half year lull between albums. A Howard Hughes-like attitude to touring. Schoolyard slanging matches between personnel, with members setting up side-projects apparently with the intent of rubbing the others’ noses in it and bitching in interviews. Few bands would get away with it. But when New Order simply breezed back with Get Ready this year, it felt like they’d never been away.

The album, the band’s seventh, was written over a year and a half at drummer Stephen Morris and his wife, keyboardist Gillian Gilbert’s farm. Bassist Peter Hook speaks proudly of how it gives him ‘that “whoof” tineg feeling, like you got

when you did Unknown Pleasures or

something’, an accolade not thrown lightly.

The second release from Get Ready will be ‘60 Miles An Hour’ (released on November 12), the follow-up to the Top 10 hit ‘Crystal’ which launched the band back into the heart of the nation and saw an extraordinarily exuberant Sumner dancing on the Top Of The Pops stage with more vigour than he ever displayed in the

New Order of old.

In the history books, the New Order story blurs in the mid-90$. Sumner refers to it as a time of ‘antagonism’ and ‘horribleness’ and has admitted that there was a point where they felt another album would be impossible. ‘The group never split up, but we never made any plans at all,’ he said recently. ‘We’d spent so much time together, we were just sick of the sight of each other and each other’s problems and weird hang-


‘But all the horribleness seemed to blow away in the winds of time, all the antagonism towards each other

just seemed to disappear really.’

But it is not just the side-projects - Bernard Sumner’s Electronic adventure with Neil Tennant and Johnny Marr, Peter Hook’s Revenge and Monaco, Gillian Gilbert

Made to order

occupied the interim. Hook’s marriage to comedian

Caroline Aherne fell apart in full public view, while Gilbert has had to step out of the line-up for live dates to look after her and Morris’ youngest daughter, who is recovering from a serious illness.

Hooky has described the band’s decision to reunite to tour the UK again - bringing them to Scotland for the

first time since 1989’s SECC performance for two

feverishly-anticipated dates at Barrowland - as being ‘like coming home for Christmas’. He declares that the band, and he and his childhood friend Sumner in particular, have recaptured their early closeness.

Even so, despite the band’s insistence they are only playing places they want to because they don’t want to be away from home for too long, the potential for turbulence is enormous. Hooky recently quipped that

the band couldn’t record Get Ready in London because

they ‘had to be hidden away from their hedonism’, and with the possibility of them being joined for ‘Rock The

Shack’ by Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, a man not

and Stephen Morris’ The Other Two - which have


Whadaya mean you've never heard of ‘em? Shame on you. James Smart points out the musical truth, way and light of Faust.

What exciting snotridden young band have you got for us today, oh font of all knowledge?

They're not really all that yOung I‘m afraid. Zappi Diermaier, Hans Joachim Irmler, Arnold Meifert, Jean Herve Peron, Rudolf Sosna and Gunter Wusthdff formed Faust in Hamburg in 1969.

Move over, granddad. They must all be at least, like, thirty by now. And they sound a bit German.

Your wisdom belies your years. y0ungster. The Krautrock pioneers have been producing discordant. multi- instrumental noise for the past three decades, much to the disdain of head- in-the-charts pop lovers. and the delight of leftfield freaks like Julian Cope. who's a big fan. For modern day reference points, y0u're best off drawing comparisons to the likes of Autechre. or Radiohead at their weirdest.

48 THE LIST 4-18 Oct 2001

Cool. I’ll drop them into conversation to impress my spliffed-up avant-jazz mates. But they don’t rock as much as Limp Bizkit, do they?

You‘d be surprised. While the neatly manicured Mr Durst is keen of encouraging people to ‘break stuff'. Faust have been wrecking stages for many a moon. Arc welders, jack hammers. fireworks and other incendiary devices have all found their way into the band's performances over

generally renowned for his modest approach to the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, anything could happen. Fasten your seatbelts . . . (Vicky Davidson)

Wear your safety goggles

the years.

Wow. Fireworks are cool. Will they be setting off any this year?

Funny you should ask. Rather than squatting in Salinger-esque seclusion. the innovators have kept active. releasing the well received Ravivando in 1999. And this year, they celebrate the release of a remix album with a ‘Concrete' tour. Best wear your safety goggles.

I Faust play the Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Tue 9 Oct.

Surface noise


Music news now

GLASGOW TAKES ON A distinctly international feel over the next month or so as the time comes around again for the Big Big World festival. The festival kicks off on Friday 19 October with a couple of shows. one

from The Bhundu Boys at the Ferry and Mary Gauthier makes an appearance the Ramshorn Theatre. The festivities run through to Saturday 27 October. and other artists confirmed to appear include June Tabor. Hammel On Trial, lfang Bondi, James Grant. Orchestra Baobab (pictured) and Latin collective Radio Tarrifa. Tickets are available from 0141 287 5511. CaIIO141 248 6543 for a free brochure.

FOLLOWING IN THE SAME vein in the weeks after BBW is iSi Cuba! Billed as Glasgow’s celebration of Cuban art, music, film and dance, the festival runs from Friday 9 to Sunday 18 November and plays host to shows from Buena Wsta Social Club star Ibrahim Ferrer, Snowboy And The Latin Section and Adan Pedrosa. For more information consult www.sicuba.co.uk or call 0141 287 4422.

WEEZER HAVE CANCELLED their forthcoming European tour due to the attacks on the US. Refunds are available from point of purchase.

AFTER NUMEROUS LINE-UP shifts and frontman jiggery pokery, The Pogues have reconvened with Shane MacGowan back at the mic. Claiming this is for ‘one week only’ they play a date at Glasgow’s SECC on 17 December. Tickets are on sale now.

NU METALLERS NEW FOUND Glory have had their cancelled date from this month rescheduled for the Glasgow Garage on 14 December. Original tickets are still valid. Just announced

System Of A Down Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 Nov; Tori Amos Clyde Auditorium. 5 Dec; Stereolab Liquid Room, Edinburgh. 5 Dec: Arches. Glasgow. 6 Dec; The Pogues SECC. Glasgow, 17 Dec; Kitte OMU. Glasgow. 2 Feb; Travis SECC. Glasgow, 8 Mar.