Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, Mon 24 Sep oooo

The notion of playing live behind a screen while animated

Self-indulgent? Pretentiou

3? Fun?

characters play out the 'reality' of band for the punters has a certain Kraftwerk-ian perversity about it that must have really

appealed to Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. It's also the kind of hit and miss notion that could have left audiences cold with the lack of human contact at a live gig. Thankfully for them, they are

preaching to the converted in Edinburgh.

Dan the Automator's skanky hip hop beats from the album are dispensed with live and a dubby indie funk is the musical backbone with Albarn's whiny falsetto and wheezing melodica vying for prominence over some clanky guitar riffs. On record. the Gorillaz sound is relatively sparse; here. it's beefy and often more Blur-like

than its mastermind may admit.

Self-indulgent? Yes. Pretentious? In places, yes. But fun? Hell. yes. Which is kind of the point of it all. is it not? (Mark Robertson)

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The Soul Destroyers Arches. Glasgow. 19 Oct. Elbow Liquid Room. Edinburgh. l9 Oct; QML'. Glasgow. 2] Oct. Therapfl Garage. Glasgow. 19 Oct. Nazareth Garage. Glasgow 2() Oct.

Eddi Reader Liquid

Room. Edinburgh. 2() Oct.

Monkees SECC‘. Glasgow. 2() Oct.

Soft Cell Barrowland. Glasgow. 2] Oct. Alabama 3 Liquid

Room. Edinburgh. 21 Oct.

Dr John Old Fruitmarket. Glasgow. 21 Oct.

Burnt Out Festival feat. Hood, To Roccoc Rot, Andy Votel, Gescom and Future Pilot AKA (‘ottier Theatre. Glasgow. 22—28 Oct.

Ryan Adams Garage. Glasgow. 22 Oct. Solaris The Arches. Glasgow. 22 Oct.


AEREOGRAMME see BIFFY chno so Y?”“¢r.5d.‘,"PE'9*?v .5339 S??-

lt's pretty much impossible to review these two bunches of post-rocking Scottish loons without using the word ‘angular'. so we're not even going to try not to. First up were young proto-grungsters Biffy Clyro whose quiet bit/loud bit riffage is so bloody angular you could have your eye out with any one of their tunes.

Although there's plenty of energy to the three-piece outfit's racket. there's also a basic immaturity to their sound that leaves you thinking: is that it? Crunchy guitars. battered drums and whiny/shouty bits all come and go without leaving much of an impression at all.

In terms of making an impression Aereogramme are a much more mature ticket. Hiding behind some of the most impressive beards in rock this side of The Eagles or The Band. the three bulky fellas that make up the outfit rock in a much more thoughtful way while still being yup. you guessed it angular as hell.


Aereogramme know the angles

Jagged chainsaw guitars. bonkers stoppy- starty bits and ridiculous metally time changes are all present and correct. and while it's not exactly world shatterineg original stuff. at least in Aereogramme's case. it's delivered with a knowing self-deprecation and cheery nod to the crowd. (Doug Johnstone)

The Reindeer Section. a mind boggling A-Z of Scots indie talent whose ranks include members from Snow Patrol. Astrid. V-Twin. Arab Strap. Belle 8 Sebastian and countless others. This is all

well and good but frankly. the whole concept of supergroups seems vaguely repellent. if not obsolete. conjuring up images of bloated 70’s excess. three-hour long guitar solos and cocaine-fuelled egotism.

To be fair. bless them. The Reindeer Section do possess a certain melancholic, beer stained

charm and tonight they treat us to pretty much all of their debut. Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! and for the most part. it's really rather lovely. ‘Will You Please Be There For Me' is a thing of gentle. beguiling beauty. ‘Toute le Monde' melts the synapses of the brain and frontman Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol fame) has the onstage demeanour of a drier. more self-deprecating Ardal O'Hanlon.

Overall. however. there's still the nagging sense of incestuous self-indulgence and despite

their undoubted collective talents. you leave The Reindeer Section live experience with the feeling that you've just gatecrashed someone else's private party. (Neil Ferguson)

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following: Glasgow: Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 382 4400 - Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 551 1 8 Way Ahead: 339 8388

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Starsailor QML’. Glasgow. 23 Oct. Divine Comedy Barrowland. Glasgow. 23 Oct.

Dead Men Walking Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 23 Oct.

Starsailor (‘in Hall. Perth. 24 Oct.

Lamb Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 26 Oct.

The Saw Doctors Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 Oct.

Air and Sebastien Tellier Barrowland. Glasgow. 28 & 2‘) Oct. U340 and The Pretenders SECC‘. Glasgow. 2‘) Oct.

0PM Liquid Room.

Edinburgh. 30 ()ct; QMU.

Glasgow. 31 Oct.

Gong Renl'rew Ferry. Glasgow. 2 Nov; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 3 Nov. Embrace Barrowland. Glasgow. 3 Nov.

Silver Ginger Five Garage. Glasgow. 3Nov.

Fear Factory Barrowland. Glasgow 4 Nov.

Muse Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 5 Nov. Backyard Babies 'I‘lie (‘athouse. Glasgow. O Nov.

Slipknot Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 6 Nov. SOLD OUT

Waterboys Barrowland. Glasgow. 7 Nov.

Mogwai Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 Nov.

I The Proclaimers

Barrowland. Glasgow. 9 Nov; (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 10 Nov. Zero 7 Arches. Glasgow. ll Nov. Hawkwind Garage.

- Glasgow. l2 Nov; Liquid

Room. Edinburgh. l3 Nov. Blink 182 SE(‘(‘.

3 Glasgow. 14 Nov. SOLD OUT

Hugh Cornwell

Renl'rew Ferry. Glasgow.

14 Nov.

The Poets Of Rhythm Arches. Glasgow. 16 Nov.

31 1 Garage. Glasgow. 18 Nov.

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Barrowland. Glasgow. 18 Nov.

The Handsome Family The Arches. Glasgow. l8 Nov.

Low King Tut's. Glasgow. I9 Nov; Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 2() Nov.

*Wheatus (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 1‘) Nov; Barrowland. Glasgow. 21 Nov.

Bush Barrowland. Glasgow. 2() Nov.

Pulp Barrowland. Glasgow. 22 Nov. Stereophonics and

Feeder SECC. Glasgow. 24 & 25 Nov. SOLD OUT

They Might Be Giants Garage. Glasgow. 25 Nov.

Dot Allison King Tut's.

Glasgow. 26 Nov. System Of A Down Barrowland. Glasgow. 27 Nov.

Paul Weller (acoustic) (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 28 Nov.

Human League t'shcr

Hall. Edinburgh. 3() Nov. Mother Earth Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 3() Nov.

Gabrielle Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 2 Dec. Faithless (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 3 Dec.

*Tori Amos (‘lyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 5 Dec.

‘Stereolab Liquid Rooms. Edinburgh 5 Dec: Arches. Glasgow. 6 Dec. The Bluetones Barrowland. Glasgow. 7 Dec.

Jools Holland Playhouse. Edinburglt. 7 Dec: (‘lyde .»\uditorium.

Glasgow. 8 Dec.

Ash (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 8 Dec. James SECC. Glasgow. 9 Dec.

Machine Head Barrowland. Glasgow 1 1 Dec.

Basement Jaxx (‘orn Exchange. Edinburgh. 12 Dec; Barrowland. Glasgow. 13 Dec.

The Charlatans SE(‘(‘. Glasgow [3 Dec. Stereo MCs Barrowland. Glasgow. 1-1 Dec.

*New Found Glory Garage. Glasgow. 14 Dec. The Wonderstuff Barrowland. Glasgow. I5 Dec.

Guns H’ Roses Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. lo Dec. SOLD ()l'T

*The Pogues Sli(‘(‘. Glasgow. 17 Dec. Travis l'slter Hall. Edinburgh. 17 & l8 Dec. *Travis SE('(‘. Glasgow. 8 Mar.

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