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prophesising have plagued

creative types since the it aerial attacks on America. Even Bob The Builder has suffered. Words: Ruth Hedges

‘Terrorism: it's the new rock 'n’ roll.’ Or at least it was. according to Christopher Brookmyre's new novel, until 1 1 September. A Big Boy Did It And Ran . Away is just one of an infinite number of l cultural creations that have been subject to heightened sensitivity in response to the attacks on America. The intended strapline was. according to Brookmyre. “supposed to be slightly shocking. but under the circumstances it just seemed too insensitive or flippant.’

The last minute re-think reflects a widescale censorship and adaptation of material which could cause offence or

Francis Macdonald polishes off the opposition

Glasgow-based label Shoeshine Records have won the Small Business Young Music Professionals Award for industry entrepreneurs. The label. established in 1995 by ex-BMX Bandit Francis Macdonald. is home to a variety of guitar rock and pop acts from both here and abroad. Shoeshine have been responsible for releases from ; established US artists including Alex Chilton. Ben Vaughn . and John Herald as well as up-and-coming players like 3 Lambchop's Paul Burch. Laura Cantrell and Macdonald's ' own outfit. The Radio Sweethearts. The award was set up to reward independent ventures in music and Macdonald is delighted with the recognition his ' label is receiving. ‘Shoeshine is very hand-to-mouth but my releases get great reviews and punters that stumble across upset. And there is a vast quantity of it. ' the music seem to get what l am trying to do. The YMP Brookmyre’s novel. ironically enough. is ' award and the accompanying cheque for 531000 is a big a critique and de-glamorisation of O’Farreu’s book cover was too |ate to change; help. it boosts my confidence and encourages me I'm doing terrorism. ‘It's arguing that a lot of others in the creative world weren’t so lucky . something right.‘ For more info see wwwshoeshinecouk people in terrOrism do it because they "‘ " " ' " ' '

enjoy it. rather than because of a big ideological disturbingly prophetic as Arnie's Collateral Damage. n

reason. Ultimately a lot of people do it because they Due to be released on 5 October. the film's plot. . _ . 0

like killing people.‘ centring around the terrorist bombing of a . Asp'r'ng comedy wr'ters are bemg DUt Exposing it as a preferred lifestyle as opposed to a skyscraper. has rendered it virtually unusable. and to the test. Words: Anna Millar

philosophy. as cool and exciting rather than pure Warner Bros. has expressed its desire to rid .

belief. was the strapline's allusion. However. the America of the film‘s very existence. 'Warner Bros. BBC Scotland's initiative to find the best of Britain's comedy

depth of shock and grief caused in the States and Pictures is making an immediate and complete talent has now entered its final stages as budding sitcom

around the world has made such ironic, attention- effon to retrieve all outdoor advertising; to pull the . writers battle it out for the coveted Nation‘s Comedy Cup.

grabbers impossible. website and all in-theatre advertising' Applicants were invited to submit a half-hour radio comedy For John O'Farrell's publishers. however. the As the movie's tagline was. ‘What Would You Do If with the winning soript to be commissioned and transmitted

damage was already done. The cover of his You Lost Everything?‘ this is hardly surprising. Men by Radio Scotland. The scripts have now been shonlisted

collected journalism shows George W. Bush in an In Black 2’s ending will have to be re-shot, climaxing and the lucky three to be picked for the Scottish leg of the

aircraft flying around Big Ben but Random House as it did at the World Trade Centre. and its spin-off finals are Eric John MacDonald. Geoff Cawood and co-

felt the context of London was a safe enough computer game features. among other things, a writers Graeme Johnson and Bob Duncan.

distance to permit a continued distribution. Besides. hijacked Jumbo 747. Over the next month. a ten-minute segment from each of

as a spokesperson told us. 'it was printed before Other minor casualties were Spider Man. Friends. the scripts will be produced with each finalist being

1 1th of September. It was in stock before 1 1th of The Strokes' track “New York City Cops' and allocated their own profeSSIonal mentor. These will include

September. and indeed. had already been sent to numerous songs blacklisted on radio's playlists. Taggarf’s James McPherson. Jonathan Watson of Only An

some bookshops before 1 1th of September.“ Let 's including Aerosmith‘s ‘Fly Away From Here' and Excuse fame and all-round hilarity machine. Tam Cowan.

just hope this piece of satire (supposed to be a take even Bob The Builder’s ‘Mambo Number Five'. The end result will be showcased for a panel of celebrity

on King Kong). funny as it is. doesn't prove as Perhaps Brookmyre was right after all. judges on 25 October.

Coming quite soon . . .

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