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Thurs 27th Sep - Sat Oct 6th

(not Sun 30th Sep) @ 7.30pm

’“n‘ V. 530m by Mia Stevenson n

es £5/2 0. d - Sat 28/4


Ham let by Will' Adapted and dir

Tickets: 0




Tues 9th -Sat13th - ‘°°'°be'@89m ,

Strathclyde Theatre Group

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

by Douglas Adams (To be confirmed) Adapted and directed by Susan C. Triesman

Don't panic! Douglas Adams' classic comic space opera is about to land at the Ramshorn. Re- live Arthur Dent's experiences across time and the universe. as he meets Marvin the paranoid android. Zaphod Beeblebrox. Ford Prefect, Eddie the Computer and the dreaded Slartitartblast.

AtributetO Dugta Adams M icets: H Tus:£5/ Wed - 3318/4 n Wed 17th - Thurs 18th I . October @ 8pm '

Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll

by Eric Bogosian Directed by Iain McAleese Performed by William Rogue Tickets: 28/4

in... 98 Ingram Street Glasgow G1 I.‘ “g,

tel: 0141- 548 2558 tax = 0141- 552 4053 email = coltinsgaltery©strathacuk

mr ' ' {4%. .


25 Albert Drive. 287 3000. ll’. Tl. W(‘. WA]

9X9 'l'hu l8 Sat 20 ()ct. 8pm. £8 (£6). Les Ballet (' dc la B gathers together 8| local people aged hctween one and 8| for this mass choreography. See preview.

Edinburgh Drama


I.adywell Way. Musselhurgh. 665 2240. ll’. ll. 'l”l'. W(’. WA]

The Happy Gang’s Cactus canyon Nltttt l5/l‘ue l6 ()ct. Sec Kids listings.

0 Come On Feel The Noise! l'ntil Sat 6 ()ct. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £6.50 (£l £4.50). Brunton 'l’hcatrc ('ompany re-liyes the sensation- al sounds of the 70s in this new musical comedy. See review.


35a Morningside Road. 220 434‘). Il’. lll Plaza Suite

Wed 17 Sat 20 ()ct. 7.30pm. £6.50 (£5.50). tidinhurgh People's 'I'heatrc presents .\'eil Simon's wonderfully comic play following the complex lives of three couples.


l3 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) (1()()(). Ill. W('. WAI

Spend, Spend, Spend

t'ntil Sat 6 ()ct. 7.30pm ('l‘hu & Sat mats 2.30pm). £|0 £24 (£7 £21). When handed her l’ools cheque by Bruce l-"orsythe in l‘)61. Yorkshire housewife \'i\‘ Nicholson announced that she would go and 'spend. spend. spend’. Which is exactly what she did. until she was hroke again. Barbara Dickson plays the most tainous spendthrift of the 20th century in this multi aw ard-winning musical. Noddy and the Treasure Chest Stin l4/.\lon l5 ()ct. See Kids listings.


l3 Randolph ('rcscent. 225 5366. L’Avare Hi 5 ()ct. 3pm & 7pm. liuropcan 'l'heatre presents Molicre's classic comedy Ul. deceit and intrigue. Performed in French.


2 Level] Street. 52‘) 6000. Ill. Tl. W(‘. WAI

Murder By Misadventure l'ntil Sat 6 ()ct. 7.50pm (Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm). £750 £16 (£5.50 £l3). A crime writing partnership turns sour when one half tries to murder the other using one (if their plots. :\ twisty turny plot and lots of laughs are promised in this touring production starring small screen stalwarts. Rohcrt Powell and Uni (ioddard.

The Pirates Of Penzance 'l‘ue ‘) Sat I3 ()ct. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mats 2.30pm). £0.50 £22

(£6.50 £|‘)). (’arl Rosa Opera has garnered no less than the awards for this (iilhert & Sullivan spectacular. which uniquely rises the lost script and music from the original 187‘) production.

Life x 3 Mon 15 Sat 20 ()ct. SHOW (':\.\'(‘lil.l.lil).


lS 22 (irecnside Place. 0370 6063424. lit. W('. WAI

Oh! What A Night l'ntil Sat 13 ()ct (not Sun). Mon l’ri 7.30pm (Wed mat 2.30pm): Sat 5.30pm & 8.45pm. fit) £25. Kid ('reole stars in this disco—flavoured musical. featuring hits such as ‘('ar Wash' and 'Y.\l('.l\'. See reyicw.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 248 4848. ll’. tl. 'l“'l‘. w( ‘. wle

Glengarry Glen Ross t'ntil Sat 6

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Paisley Arts Pavilion

losing :\lec losing :\lee

l‘atthlcss l‘althlcss

'I hal‘ll lie 'I he l).iy


RSAMD Theatre Royal

Tiamway Tion

In The Solitude

Saturday 6

l.l)\lll_‘.' \lce


Whistle Down lltt‘ Wind Whistle How n the Wind Whistle Down the Wind

“""llt'l llatnlct llamlct

Sunday 7 Monday 8

look Back In Anger

.v\ny li\

Mystery ( )1 (harks I )iekcns Mystery ( )t'( Rules 1 )ickcns Mystery ()t ( iuu'lts l )ickcns

Tuesday 9 Wednesday 10


Whistle Down the \\ ind \\ histle How u 'l he \Vind Whistle Down lhe \Vind

I osing .-\lec losing Alec

.v\n_\ l'\ \ny l'.\ll.l\

llitchhilsei ‘s ( iutde l

i Hitchhikers ( iuide lo


Church Hill Festival Theatre King’s Playhouse Royal Lyceum St Bride’s

Th Workshop Traverse 1

Spend. Spend. Spend Spend. Spend. Spend

()h' \\ .\ Night ()li' What '\ Night

(ilengairy (ilen Ross (ilengarry (ilcu Ross


ll l Ute [H l. \Valee it I Die l“ l' \Valsc

68 THE LIST 180d 200‘-

()h' \\| .\ \ighl

('otnc ( )ll l't't‘l lllt' Ntilst' (home ( )ll l'et‘l lllt' \t)l\t' (‘Ulllk' ( )lt l't‘t‘l l he \Ulsc

Spend. Spend. Spend

Murder By .\ltsad\enlure Murder By .\lisad\enture Murder By .\lisad\enture (ilcngairy (ilen Ross

ll 1 l)tc IN l' \Vakc

(Ballad ( )t (’ l’aolai (Ballad ( )l (‘ia/y l’.io|.ii (Ballad ( )l (’ia/y l’aolai

()h' \\ hat \ \ighl

l’irates ()t l’en/ance l’uates ( )t l’en/anee

()li' \\ hat \ \ig'ht ()li' \\ hat \ \Ig'hl

ll I Die “4 l. \Valsc

liallad ()l (.l.l/'\ Paula liallad ( )l (rt/y l’aula