()ct.7.-15pin. £7 £17.50 (£5 £13). Kenny Ireland directs David Mainet's painfully astute look at the cut—throat uorld ol’ real estate.


(0 Orwell 'l'crracc. 340 (-105. |\\’(‘. WA] Midsummer Night \Ved l7 Sat 20 ()ct. 7.30pm. £8 (£61. .’\111 drain company Sill}'t‘tl\ presents this 7().\ rock lltllSIL‘ill loosely based on Shakespeare’s :1 .\Iitlstmi/m'r .\Ttflll '5’ Dream.


3-1 llatnilton Place. 336 5-135. Ill. \\'('. \\‘.»\I

If I Die B4 U Wake t’ntil Sat t3 ()ct (not Sun Tue). 7.30pm. £7.5()(£-1). 'l'heatre \x‘orksliop’x production addresses the issue of teenage suicide. A group ol~ )(tllllg people find themselves dran n into conversations about academic pressure. divorcing parents. sexual identin and their general disillusionment \Vllll life. See review.


Cambridge Street. 338 140-1. ll’. ll. 1"]. \\’(‘. \\'.'\|

The Ballad Of Crazy Paola i-‘ri 5 Sat 30 ()ct (not Mon). 8pm. £5 £1) (£3 £4.50). l’rc\ie\\ .\llt)\\'.\ 5 7 ()ct. llL‘kL‘1\ £5 (551. Stephen (ireenhorn (I’uxsine I’lm'ml adapts I'lL‘IlllSll \\ ritcr Arne Siercns' play about a could’x‘c been rock star and his hedonistic lltll\L‘. Sec feature.


I.othian Road. 33S ll55. ll’. ll. \\‘(’. \\'.-\|

The Imperial Circus of China Wed 10 ()ct. 7.30pm. £10.50 £12.50 (£0.51) £35”). (’Ulhldc‘l‘c‘tl lltL‘ lk‘Sl circus in (‘hina. 'l'he ltnpcrial's 35- strong troupe jumps through hoops. spins plates and creates the superhl} titled ‘n all of htnnanity'. in lltl\ two- hour extrax agan/a.

Edinburgh Dance


l.ad_\‘\\'ell Way. Mtisselhurgh. (mi 33-10. ll’. 11. T1. \\'(’. \\':\|

One Crowded Hour

'I‘lni ll/l-"ri 13 ()ct. 7.30pm. £3 £7.50 (£3 £3.50). SL‘C (ilasgtm'. (iilniorchill(il3 and pt'e\'ie\\.


4 West .\'e\\*ington l’lace. ()(i8 164‘). Shohini Roy Chowdhury Hi 12 ()ct. 7.30pm. £7.50. Shohini performs the 300-}‘ear-old art ()1 Bharathnatyain. an Indian Clitxxlc‘itl dance \\ ith has its I‘tmls steeped in ancient Vedic literature.


l3 3‘) Nicolson Street. 53‘) 0000. III. \\'(‘. WM

0 Scottish Ballet

Thu 11 Sat 13 ()ct. 7.30pm.

£7.50 £17.50 (£5.50 £14.50). A quartet of oldies but goodle lt'oin Scottish Ballet. featuring Robert North's Dr'th um] Illt' .\Iuirlr'n and Troy (iunu' and Hans \'an .\lancn'x In uml ()u/ and SMITHS/HS. See l‘L‘\ it“.

Q Rambert Dance Company Wed 17 Sat 30 ()ct. 7.30pm. £5 £30 (£4 £19). They're back. llnrrahl This time \\ ith a stellar line-up of choreogra— pltL‘l'x helping the esteemed company cel- ebrate their 75th annixerxar}: Richard Alston. Siol‘han l)a\'ics. Jir'i' K} lian and \Va} nc .\lc( ircgor. Sec rex ic“.

Central Drama & Dance Ayr GAIETY THEATRE ('arrick Street. 0| 393 ()l 1333. Ill. \\'(‘. next That’ll Be The Day l'niil Thu 4 ()cl. 7.30pm. £ l-l. SL‘L‘ (ilasgtm. I’m lllon 'l‘hcatrc. The Singing Kettle Silly Circus Sill l5/Stlll l-l ()ct. SL‘L‘ Kids lt\lllt:_'\.

listings Theatre

What's On


From 7.30pm. A two course meal, glass of wine and great music. £15


Katherine MacKintosh

with piano accompaniment by Clare Haslin Saturday 6 October 7.30pm

One of Scotland’s leading young oboe players.

Fine Friday

Friday 19 October 7.30pm A top Scottish traditional trio.


Saturday 13 October 7.30 for 8pm

Culinary speciality evening. Traditional Mediterranean ingredients presented in a contemporary style. Three course dinner with a complimentary glass of wine.

£22 in advance (£25 on the night).

EXHIBITION IN CAFE HUB Deirdre Nelson Photographs and Textiles

21 September 11 November. Free An exhibition of delicate textile works.

Book with Cafe Hub on 0131 473 2067. The Hub, Castlehill, Edinburgh, EH1 2NE www.eif.co.uk/thehub

Thursday 11 Friday 12

l’la_\l\o_\ ()l 'l‘hc Ill\l;'lllll\'tllltt'


losing Alec

Saturday 13

l’l.I}l\U} ()1 'l he

“lnsllc l)~\\li'llk'\\in\l \\ln~t|c|)o\\n Ilk'\\llhl \\'hi\llcl)o\i.n lhc\\intl

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

l’l.’t}l\u) ()l ’l'hc

lnxiynilit .incc

()ne (’romletl llonr

lhlchhikei'dinidc'lo llilchlnkerR(inide‘lo lhlchlnkm\(imdclo ..

Sunday 14 ' Monday 15 1 Tuesday 16 Wednesday 17' Thursday 18 .

l’l;t)l\o) ()l'l'hc

lloin lo Sine

l’la}i\o) ()l 'l he l’|.i)liti} ()1 illtc I’l.t}ltn} ()l 'l‘hc

' Arches

' Citizens Main

' Citizens Circle

' CottierTh

' Gilmorehill King’s

PaisleyArts Pavilion

I Sex. lhtigx. Rock .\- Roll Sn. Drugs. Rock a Roll. Ramshom

' ' ' RSAMD

' Theatre Royal

S‘CC KI\I\ Sec Klds

Horn lc Sing: Salon Janelle .\alon Janelle Dead Dad Dog

IIUUI\ .\lull ll-S


S.i\.i;'c | o\ c .\nag'c lou‘

Scc ('l.t\\lt‘.tl

()li' \\ hal \ ng'lll ()h' \\ hat \ \l}'lll

II I Die “4 I. “al‘c ll I I)It‘ “4 l' Wake

' Tramway l'caxt/Siglitlesx I 8a} Ndmlg/IUN’SEJIL\\- Sa} Nllmm‘l’uhvfiigdlk». l-eaxleigltllt-xx l-‘caxlz‘Sighllc-v 1"e;i\t/.\'ig_'lilles~ . ()ne ( mutt-a nut” ont- (‘itmactl not” st-t- km Sec kni‘ BI‘IIIIIOII l’la/a Stine l’la/a Snitc I Stonnli Hallcl \tttllhll llallel St tilll\ll Itallt-t See KI\I\ See Kl\l\ Rainlwil Ranilwit '

Pirates ()1 l’cn/ancc l’natex ()l l’en/ancc l’natu ()l l’cn/ancc

()h' \\ hat \ \Ig'ht

[II (He 11-1 1' Wake

Ilallad ( )l (iI.I/'\ l’aola liallad ()1 (ital) l'.io|.i liallad ( )I (Li/y I'.io|.i Ballad ( )l ( 'i.i/} l’aola

King’s Playhouse Royal Lyceum St Bride’s ' Th Workshop . li.i|l.itl()l (my limit n..li...ioi (1.”; null..- Ballad”! («an intan- "averse I


.\Iitlxtnnnici \i;'lit \I|\I\llllllllt’l .\ig'hl

' 'r-1 (H R THE LIST 69