The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. .333 \Yoodlattds Road. 0870 600 6055. 8.30pm. £5 ([3 l. Stch llttt't'is. Donna Krachan and rcxidcnt compcrc l‘rankic Boylc arc tltc scaxoncd protcssionals. and arc joincd on \tagc h) thrcc \chct Virginx.


The Stand 'l'lic Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 9pm. £5 lf.’3l. lincrgctic. physical ltumour from lrclantl's adoptcd \on l)c.\ Bishop. Brcndan Moohan. SICVL‘II Dick and rcsidcnt host .loon Broon complctc thc linc—up.

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l‘in .\lac('ool\. l6! l.othian Road. 633 7l()‘). 9pm. f‘rcc. 'f‘hc Rc\crcnd ()hadiah Stcppcrm'oltc \hou .\ thc good pcoplc of lidinhurgh thc light of thc Lord. and mttch Iltot'c lk‘xtdcx. Support Colttcs from l)c\ .\lcl.can and Paul .\fc.\'cill.

Noble Comedy Nohlc\ Bar. 44a (‘onxtitution Strcct. l.cith. 554 3034. 0pm. l‘rcc. 'l‘hc Rmcrcnd ()hadiah Stcppctmoltc. plUS Sn ixs singing \cnsation liric.

Snatch Club 'l‘ltc Liquid Room. 0c Victoria Strcct. 335 3564. ltlpm 3am. [3.50 f £3.50). RL‘SldL‘ttt L‘Ultlpct‘c and DJ llarr) :\in\\\orth (aka l’crricr \\ inncr (iarth (’ruikxhankl hosts llttS ucckl} ('tlrl't ()II tttL‘L‘lS //I'-/)(’-//l' dcltttttL‘llL‘d cahat‘ct. liach \xcck thcrc \\ ill hc a \clcction ot' gllL‘SIS. and compctition host l)a\ c Strong conducts thc participator} fun and gamcx.


The Stand 'l'hc Stand. 333 \Yootllandx Road. 0870 600 6055. 8.30pm. £6 (£5 l. ()utragcoux thL‘t‘\aliolt\ from thc tamouxl} namcd Will Smith. pith l)c\ Bishop. Brcndan Moohan and compcrc Suxan .\Iorri\on.


The Stand 'l'hc Stattd. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 9pm. U) t [5). John llcndcrson makcx thc trip o\cr thc \\ atcr from thc limcrald lxlc. Standing up alongsidc thc young Irishman arc Stc\ c Harris. l)onna Krachan and gucxt compcrc ('raig Hill.


Dundee Comedy Club ‘l‘lic Doghousc. l3 Broun Stt‘cct. (H383 337080. 0pm. £5. 'l‘hc ct'fcrycxccnt Hrcndan Rilc). laconic l)a\ id Ka} and l)clia (iallaghcr.

Saturday 6


The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. 333 \Vtititllzttttlx Road, 0870 (\00 (3055. S3tlpm. £719.31). Scc Hi 5.

The Joke BOX llttltttslt's llttoxc. ~13 ()ld Sncddon Sll'L‘L‘l. l’ttiSlt‘}. 5b] 7 “)7. 0pm. l‘rcc. (’hcck) cltappic Brcndan Rilc) hcadlincs. \\ ith support from Sand} .\'cl\on and gucst appcarancc lt'ottt Brucc Morton.

Madcap Comedy Club Statc Bar. I48 Holland Strch 357 5387. 0.30pm. £5 ([4 l. Bill} Honkcrs hosts anothct‘ c\ cning ot' Inpcractn c hilarit}.

Edinburgh The Stand ’l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 9pm. [7 1H). Scc l-‘ri 5.

East Kilbride

Celtic Comedy liast Killiridt- .>\rt\ (’cntrc. ()ld (‘oach Road. (H.355

36ltltltl. 3.30pm. £7 (£5). I)cadpan Irishman Mich;th Rcdmond isjust onc of' thc Scots attd lt‘i\lt comcdianx chargcd \\ itlt crcating a craicittg itigltt of cntcrtainmcnt.

72 THE LIST .1 id ()ct 70f)?


Priorité a Gauche ‘l‘ron 'l‘hcatrc. 63 'l'rongatc. 553 4367. 3pm. £3 l£6i. l’crricr Xcucomcr u inning. t'ranglaix \pcaktttg dtto rcturn \\ itlt thcir high cncrg}. \poot rap artist capcrx. Scc prcx ictt.

OOT - Out On Sunday 'l‘lit- Stand. 333 \Yoodlttlttlx Road. 0870 600 6055. 3.30pm. £5 l£4l. .\lorc cantp goings—on courtcx} ot' rcxidcnt ()()'I’ hoxt (taig llill. \\ ho “clcomcx to thc \tagc tltc cttctwcxccnt Paul l‘oot. Donna Krachan. arid gantcx compct'c Jill l’cacock.

Canvas Comedy Club ('amax. 13 In \Yallx Strcct. 553 3th]. 0pm. £5. Linc-up \till to hc contirmcd l‘or thix \tcckl} cotncd) caharct.


Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? the Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7373. lptn. l‘rcc u itlt drink\ or a mcal. l‘rccxt) lc t'unnincxx and hango\ct‘-hani\lting antics from rcxidcnt dtio l’aul (iraham and Stuart Murph}.

Six On Sunday 'l‘hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 0pm. £3 (£3 l. llc \talkcd ot't

\\ itlt thix )car'\ So You Think Yott'rc l’unn) top pri/c. and no“ .\lilc\ .lupp comcx hack don n to carth to ltoxl an cxcning ot' frantic action from l)c\ Bishop and Stc\cn l)ick.

Monday 8


Glasgow Brownlee Aids Welfare Fund 'l‘hc Stand. 33.3 \Yoodlanth Road. 0870 6006055. S30pnt. [6 l £4 l. 'l‘hc comcd} \tar\ comc otit tor thix charit} cxcning of laughs and ma} hcm.

Edinburgh Priorité a Gauche 'l'lit- Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 "373. 8.30pm. £6. Scc prc\ lL‘\\.

Tuesday 9


OOT - Out On Tuesday the Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7373. 9pm. £5 (£4 l. Scrcaming fun and gamcx compcrctl h} ('raig llill. hcadlincd h} l’aul hoot. \\ itlt hacking from Donna Krachan and compclition hoxt .lill l’cacock.

Reg Anderson’s Big Fun Quiz Night \tihlc\ Bar. 44a ('onxtitution Strcct. l.cilh. 554 3034. 9.30pm. U to pla}. (io hcad to hcad \\ itlt ch "knott -it all' .'\ndcr\on for thc chancc to u in cash and pri/cx in thix cult qui/ caharct.

Wednesday 1 0


A Kick Up The Tabloids 'l‘lit- Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 558 7373. 9pm. £5 l£4 l. Brcaking ncux from around thc \torld ix trcalctl \\ itlt chcck. irrcwrcncc and hlatant contcntpt in \omc \idc-xplitting topical \atirc from ’l‘hc Stand'x rcxidcnt ltL‘\\\ houndx attd political polcmiciux.

Reg Anderson’s Big Fun Quiz Night ('alc Ro)al Bixtro Bar. l7 \chl chixtcr Strcct. 557 4793. 0pm. U to pla}. Scc 'l‘uc t).

Departure Lounge @ PopRokit l’opRokit. 3 l’icard} l’lacc. 556 4373. 9.30pm. l'rcc. llarr} .\in\\\orth lL‘\l\ Ihc mcttlc ol hix qui/ caharct tlt‘HtlL'k'S in a nail- hitittg tight to thc lintxh. ()nh thc tllllL'hL‘Sl. \\ itticxt attd hrainicu can c\pcct to \talk aua} \\ itlt thc top pri/c ot' a caxc of K (’idcr.


The Stand lllltk' Stand. 3.3.3 \YootllttlttlS Road. 0870 600 6055. H.30pttt. [.5 ([3 l. ('ult maxlcr ot'ccrcmonicx lirankic Bo}|c makcx \\a_\ for thc almight} poucr of thc Rcwrcnd ()hadiah Stcppcnuollc lll. onc- lilth tcachcr \atalic Ha} tics and thrcc \clxct Virgins.

cut tun/\t PAS] let it PRIORITE A GAUCHE

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 7 Oct; The Stand, Edinburgh, Mon 8 Oct.


Sinistral intention

these boys. they Just can't st; y ax'xay. Frockney pop stars. Didier and clean-

l rancois. return to Scotland for some post-fringe action as part of a world tour. Nearly cancelled. due to the unavailability of Murrayfield and Han‘pden. Priorite have finally accepted smaller venues. and wrth the Elton John tantrums

; ssuaged. fans ‘.'.’ll| not be disappointed.

faking a break fron‘ the filming of Priorite's first lV show. Arnold Witfdot'xson. aka [)idier. reflects on the rtina\.'~/ay success of their shot'x. ‘I'd like to think that its successful because the characters are very well rounded in themselves. and there's a real sort of chen‘istry l)()ll.‘.’(}(3ll us. The objects of ridicule are many and

waned. It's not ,‘llfSt. ‘.'./e're comedy f rench men and aren't E;()ll‘.(} of the things the french do funny ~

yes we're comedy French n‘en but also a lot of the stuff that

you do is funny. And we also like to play on the stereotypes of ‘.'.’hat the British

expect from the f rench. and \Ji(:e~\./ersa.'

their touring show is going to be 'packed wrth all the best stuff.’ and ‘.'.’llll not (tuite enough conyincint; irony. VVl(l(l()‘.'.’S()ll adds. "it's what our public demand'. Are these spoof rockers frustrated pop stars. after all? i hey '\.e already recorded an album Viz/hich we flog at the end of out titti'l. but it isn't stopping there. As \“Jitldox‘xsott reveals: 'At the moment it is Just the two of us \‘JIIll acoustic guitar or a backing track. But I'd like to expand it into a band to actually fulfil the belef that \.'.'e haye that we are a band.’ With their forthcoming series on PlayUK, [e Hip Dannie. Priorite are fast becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. so you bettev catch

them while you can. lRuth Hedgesl


The Stand 'l'hc Stand. 5 York l’lacc. 553 7373. 0pm. £5 lL'3 l. I)undcc\ tincxt .loon Broon introduccs Brucc (irit'tithx. .loltit l.ittlcjohn and comcd} partncrs tlt crimc Paul and Ra).

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar liin .\lac('oo|\. l6| l.othian Road. 633 7 If)”. 9pm. l‘rcc. .'\'o nonscnxc pattcr purwynx Vladimir .\lc'l'a\ ixh. 'l‘cdd) and Rick} ('allan.

Noble Comedy Nolilc‘x Bar. 44a ('onxtitution Strcct. l.cith. 554 3034. 9pm. l‘rcc. ‘l‘ough talking Vladimir .\lc'l‘a\ ixh hcadlincx. \\ itlt support from Brucc l)c\ lin and Tim l.a\\rcncc. (‘harlic Rov tS thc I'L‘Stdcltl L‘Utttpct'c.

Big Word Performance Poetry (iildcd Saloon. 333 ('ougatc. 33‘) 3633. 0pm. £4 lL'3l. Big \Yord rcturnx \\ itlt a hang for thcir nc\\ \L‘ttSUtl ot' poctic high cncrg) carr} ing on. Stor)tc|lcr John Sinclair. thc ttl\\;t_\\ likcahlc lrtan Mcrchant. oddhall mcandcrcr lllspcth Mtn't'a} attd (iltISgU\\ poct Donna (‘amphcll kick start tltc litcrar) comic procccdingx.

Snatch Club 'l'hc Liquid Room. ‘lc Victoria Strcct. 335 3564. 10pm 3am. £3.50 t [3.50). Scc 'l’hu 4.


Infinite Number Of Monkeys .v\dam Smith 'l'hcatrc. Bcnnoch} Road. 01503 4|3‘)3‘). 7.30pm. £7 t£4 £5t. (‘omcth \kclch \ho“ \thich “as ltl’xl prcnticrcd at thc lidinhurgh l-"cxtital tiringc [\H) )carx ago.


Say Nothing ’l‘ron 'l‘hcatrc. 63 'lrongatc. 553 4367. 8pm. (If) t [5.50). thltt’tllthttlth t'L‘ltlt'ttS \\ itlt itx irrc\crcnl \licc ot' .\'orthcrn lrixh \xhcrc thc rulc ix \xhatcwr you \a}. \a} nothing.

The Stand 'l‘hc Stand. .333 \Yootllttttdx Road, 0370 600 6055. S.3()pm. [6 (£5 l. .'\l3.\tll‘d ramblings attd dcadpan dclixcr} from .-\u\\ic Brucc (irit‘tithx. ‘I‘hc maniacal ./\|lan .\lil|cr. t‘rcnctic l)c\ ('larkc and compcrc .lanc .\lacka} complctc thc linc-up.

Magical Medley Si .'\lltlt'L‘\\ ‘\ tn the Squarc. St :\ndrc\\ "x Strcct. 548 6030. S.3(lpnt. l’hil Ka} hcadlincx lltlx charit} cxcnt organiwd h} tcntotcn t‘caturing pcrt'ormancc. comctl). \tor} tclling. poctr} attd music to raixc tuttdx fora public artuork.