I Insider is both horrified and curious (but nevertheless concerned) to learn that the absolutely brilliant Sweet Smell Of Success is to be transformed into a Broadway musical (the horror. the horror!) and remade by John Cusack (hmmm. he's got talent). Scottish director Alexander Whisky Galore! Mackendrick‘s first American film (made back in 1957), about a venomous newspaper columnist (played by Burt Lancaster) and his publicist croney (Tony Curtis). remains one of the most smart- talking slices of film noir cynicism ever committed to celluloid. It's hardly material suited to song and dance routines; there ain't no happiness to celebrate in this film. News that Cusack is looking to remake Mackendrick's film comes as something of a tonic; John might just fill Tony's shows. but who could pay the ruthlessly manipulative J.J. Hunsecker with Lancaster's authority? Answers on a postcard please.

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‘Sldney, I will never condone a musical about my llte’

6 THE LIST 4—18 Oct 2001

THE INSIDER Who’s getting up to what

I Insider donned evening dress (a nice black and white number plus fancy cigarette case) to attend the Enigma premiere party. Star Dougray Scott was there very ostentatiously with his wife. Sarah Trevis. with whom he'd supposedly split up around the same time as Kate Winslet's marriage was falling apart . . . if you believed the rumours; and if Hunsecker was penning this column you can be sure rumour would be sold as fact. Scott and Trevis were snogging very publicly at said party and never straying more than ten feet from each other. Lest readers despair at insider's descent into tabloid gossip. this ‘story', it should be pointed out, has also been in the tabloids: in the Daily Mail, Trevis is quoted as saying: ‘We are absolutely together. It is absolute rubbish to suggest otherwise.“ Over to you .J.J.

I In the wake of the terrorist attack on America (and perhaps

y, the truth is out there’

with war in the Middle East looming large). the US entertainment industry continues to self-censor. And the industry appears to be getting more and more sensitive. Having shelved or postponed everything featuring the now destroyed World Trade Centre and all references to terrorism (Spider- Man. Collateral Damage. etc). television network Showtime will postpone airing The Believer, Henry Bean's provocative. intelligent film about a Jewish Yeshiva student who transforms himself into a neo-Nazi skinhead leader that has been extremely well-received at film festivals around the world including Edinburgh last August. If the scheduling strategies of Hollywood during World War II is anything to go by. we can expect nothing but pure. unadulterated escapism for the

next few years. No change there.


I Finally. this is in all honesty the truth: Insider was visiting a friend last Saturday evening and was forced to watch Parkinson featuring the Beckhams. Victoria and David explained to benevolent Uncle Michael how her autobiography (but she's barely out of school!) is aimed at redressing the balance between the truth and tabloid lies. Insider suspects that while tabloid lies are lamentable. the readers of the book will find the truth about Victoria‘s life (assuming she's candid and honest. of course) will make for less than scintillating reading. Still, it has to be one up from David's big book of pictures.

‘I’Il never forget the day I sang in public for the first time.’

Page one, chapter one from the autobiography of Celine Dion. To be continued . . .

‘Amélie’s success in France, likely to be repeated here, is more than a touch depressing.’

Charlotte O'Su/livan, writing in the film academic ’3 jazz mag Sight And Sound, voices the opinion of emotionally disturbed critics.

‘It takes a lot of cynicism to make McDonald’s crowd- pleasers for the studios. There is cynicism in Spielberg’s Duel and worse in 1941.’

Alex Cox on the dark side of Hollywood '3 golden boy.

‘Robbie’s a total pleasure to work with. He put me at ease and made me laugh.’

Nicole Kidman on dueting with Robbie Williams on his new album Swing When You're Winning.

‘I heard Nicole sing in Moulin Rouge and asked if she would be interested, fully expecting to be knocked back; she’s a proper Hollywood star. But she said yes.’

Robbie Williams on dueting with Nicole Kidman on his new album Swing When You're Winning.

‘You get certain people saying if you take part in a war, that makes you a man. And you think: “What? To take part in an act of total barbarism? That makes you a man, does it?”’

Paul Whitehouse looks forward to receiving his call-up papers and a plane ticket to the Middle East.

‘You get very depressed when you are powerless.’

Bob Geldof on losing love in his life.

Robbie made a splash with Nicole