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Glasgow Fridays cont.

I Edward’s at lidward’s. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Keith l’yper revs up the crowd for the weekend.

I Illuminations at The l.ightliotise. 8.3(lpm~midnight. Free. Weekly. DJ Dandy (Disco X) and Alan B. (Breach) spin ‘tomorrow. yesterday. today" music. I Moda at Moda. Spin-3am. Free. Weekly. The latest house and R&B for your pic-clubbing or indeed clubbing pleasure (note the late licence). served tip by Dls Mark and Scott.

I Nico’s at .\'ico’s. ()pm- midnight. Free. Weekly. L'pbeat mainstreamage to keep the drinkers on their toes.

I Nomad at Nomad. 7.30pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. Kris Keegan. Ian Thompson and AJ. join ‘Donut' Jay at this pre-club. I Papacool at The Basement Bar. ()pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. The tinest in jazz. soul and funk.

I Paul Cawley at Air ()rganic. ()pllF-lilitllliglll. Free. Weekly. A return to nortnal fortn alter the recent Flower Records showcase. with (‘awley‘s beat and break based selections.

I Rowan and Niall at the Hall Bar. Free. Weekly. The former Balsa residents. ensconced in a new venue. do their deep house thing.

I Russell’s at Russell's. (ipmmmidnight. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaw kicks out the best R&B. hip hop and swingbeat.

I Stateside Sounds at The State Bar. 4-—7pm. Free. Weekly. l’aul Shields selects alt.cotintry favourites. rock classics and blues cuts.

I Straight Ahead at Spy Bar.

9pm late. Free. Weekly. Dance lloorjall. Northern Sotil and ftttik spun by the superb Straight Ahead crew.

I Paddy Power at The .‘ariety Bar. ()pm-midnight. Free. Weekly. The astoundingly eclectic DJ Paddy powerfully plays everything from Brain lino to [7nderground Resistance.


I The Ark at The Tunnel.

10.30pm 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Scott Mackay and Simon l’oy keep the crowd jumping with top quality hard house in the tnain room . while (iary ('urley moves the crowd in Bar 2 with smooth garage and vocal house.

I Caliente! at llavana. 9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. Loco Latin action courtesy of (icorgc and Andreas from 9pm through to the wee small hours.

I The Cathouse at The ('athouse. l().3()pm—3am. £l before 1 lpm; £4 (£3) alter. Weekly. Rock. grunge. indie and a dash of breakbeat across three floors at (ilasgow‘s top venue for rockers and alternatcens.

I Coded at Vault. 1 1pm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. A rotating roster of Dls affiliated to 23rd Precinct supply house-led grooves at the new club. Steven Mc(’reery is at the helm. and the pool of talent includes Billy Kiltie. Billy Woods and Amanda l’rice.

78 THE LIST 4-18 Oct 200‘.

NEW NIGHT LOW LIFE The Arches, Fri 5 Oct.

Midi Hi-Fi confirms itself as Glasgow’s big name hip hop club with a series of heavyweight guest sessions over the next couple of months at their established night at The Art School and at an all-new monthly showcase at The Arches. With the chartbusting Mark B and Blade, K-Boro beatmakers The Creators and Ninja Tunes’ DJ Food and Ollie Teeba all appearing soon, there’s enough fat beats and lyrical business to keep your average hip- hopper nodding his or her head for weeks.

After two years of bringing DJs and MCs up north, l-li-Fi promoters Mig and Paul have stuck to their philosophy of ‘keep it simple’. ‘Keep the quality of the guests high and everything else takes care of itself. No gimmicks, just pure primeval beats,’ explains Mig.

Although the club seems rooted to no one venue, having utilised the Art School, the QMU and the Arches, Mig affirms the Arty as the natural home of the Hi-Fi. However, a new night at the Arches called Low Life will feature ‘a bit more dub and funk along with the hip hop’ and ‘will be a bit looser and more varied. Our resident DJ NOJ likes to keep things mixed up’. This kicks off in October, when electro-dub renegades Dreadzone and the Dubwiser DJs play.

Meanwhile, hip hop remains at the

10 “F

top of the Hi-Fi agenda, although Mig claims no part of any Glasgow scene. ‘Scenes tend to cause more back-biting and rivalry than anything else. We’re not here to compete with anyone, we want everyone to enjoy the music.’ That was certainly true of the Tommy Boy gig at the OM in July, which saw legends Arthur Baker, Afrika Bambaataa and the Automator thrill the crowd with classic after classic. ‘I’ll never forget that night,’ Mig enthuses. ‘The definition of hip hop.’ With rap of American and British origin enjoying unprecedented representation on the airwaves, in the media and in clubs nationwide, it’s only right that the best artists have the opportunity to spread the word to Glasgow. In that process, Midi Hi-Fi and the all-new Low Life are playing vital roles. (Neil McMillan)

I Fresh at The Polo Lounge.

1 lptn 3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle provides a loose mix of house and indie classics downstairs. while Andy rocks the 'l‘rophy Room with 80s and ‘)()s hits at the to ) gay venue.

6. Foot Therapy at Alaska. llpm-—3am. £l(). 5 ()ct. Monthly. Following a storming launch night. yet another two superb DJs will be joining resident Laurence llughes at his monthly party. This month sees Laurence play alongside DJ Deep (Rex ('luh Paris and Basenotic Records) in room one playing quality house music. while room two

will feature London‘s Ross Allen (Abstract Fttnk Theory and Fabric). See llitlist. I Freak Moves at The (ilasgow School of Art. I lpm 3am. £3. Weekly. It's scratchtastic tonight with residents Dema and Mr Nice. lixpect some serious scratch hip hop.

Gain at Alaska. I lpm—3am. £8 (£6). 12 ()ct. Monthly. Resident l’ercy X is joined by London's finest legendary techno don (‘olin Dale. In the bar Jim llutchison. Richard Millar and Alex and Andy ('l‘tirquoisc) hold it down. See llitlist.

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mber one guide to clubbing

I Global Love at Archaos.

l lpm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. All-new house and trance night that's promoted in association with (‘olours. so audiences can expect danccfloor fare from resident DJ Lisa Littlewood plus some celebrity guests. ()n the subject of which (stop the press?!) Roger Sanchez is here on 26 ()ct. I Hustle & Bustle at Babaza. (mm—3am (DJs from I lpm). Free before 1 lpm; £5 after. Weekly. Paul Traynor and Stuart Mc(‘allum get the night going with some seriously funky R & B and hip hop. A hugely popular night always guaranteed to be jumpin.