I Bump ‘N’ Grind at The Velvet Rootns. l lpm—3am. £4 (£2). Wind down the weekend with DMG‘s mix of R&B and street soul.

I Chittlin’ Hoedown at The l3th Note Cafe. 1 lpm—2am. £l. A new night devoted to pretty tnuch whatever the DJs please. including dub. hip hop and electro with added splashes of indie stttff.

I Club Tropicana at The (iarage (Attic). llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Indie. both classic and contemporary. with a healthy dose of Britpop.

I Dream at Strawberry Fields. 10.30pm—3am. £l5. Weekly. Fifteen tticker tnight seetn a bit steep fora night down Strawberry Fields. but in addition to hanging house anthems and saucy dancing girls. the bar is totally and utterly free. Much like a stomach pump on the NHS.

I Liquid Cool at Babaza. 9pm 3am. £5. Weekly. A.J.. Kris Keegan and Ian Thompson playing top-notch vocal garage and house to a clttb packed with hyper-hedonistic twentysomething revellers. all of whom seem to have forgotten that they have work in the morning. If quality tunes and glamorous antics are your bag. Stilts at Bahaza are unmissable.

I Optimo at MAS (in association with the Sub ('lub). llptn 3am. £6 (£5): £7 (£8) on guest nights. Weekly. Another change of venue for the gang that love your ears. Lady Miss Roland and Twitch & Wilkes play music. including gut- busting techno. country ck western. punk and painfully cool electro-pop. plus anything else suited to the dancelloor front the past 40 years.

I Pure Funk at (‘lub Bttdda.

l lpm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. (ilasgow reacquainted itself with its long-held love of the funk this year. with a brace of nights devoted to the genre. including this one iii the bijoux environs of Bttdda. I Sin at Trash. l lptn -3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. House. garage and student classics from Jim Da Best. with drinks for £1 all night.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Vault. llpm---3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Mighty popular new residency front Andy t'nger and lady Shae-l). devoted to quality disco. proper garage attd house. liarly arrival tnore than makes sense.

I School Disco at the Shack. l()pm— 3.30am. Relive your youth with a selection of the best records from the 70s. 80s 8; ‘)()s. Remember to (trek your shirt in.

I Sunday Shelter at Ad-Lih. Next date the.

I Transistor at The l’olo Lounge.

l lpm—3am. £tbc. Weekly. Real pop for real people with DJs Niall .‘vlc.\lurray and Wayne Dixon.

Chart & Party

I Atmosphere at Destiny. l()pm—3am. £3 before l lpm; £4 after. Weekly. Full-on party action accompanied by generous drinks pHIIIIOS.

I Disco at Fttry Murry's. l lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. ('heese-tastic disco fun for students. with Dave and Phil spinning the discs.

I Media at Media. 1 lpm 3am. £2. Weekly. A full-on flavoured mix from rotational residents plus karaoke in Room 2. Drinks promos a bonus (all drinks £2 all night).

Glasgow Mondays .


I It’s Lonely Being Cool at Tlte Living Rootn. 9pm~~midnight Free. Weekly. Your host Teamy attd partners in crime Mot o' The Levels and ()ne Way Len play (ills garage. hip hop. electronica and electro-pop to help you recover from the weekend or start the week.

I Loose at The Variety Bar. ()ptn—midnight. Free. Weekly. Alt.country. classic 70s rock attd blues from Paul Shields.

I Playstation League at Bar Jedi. 9pm -midnight. Free. Weekly. For kids sore of thumb and pallid of complexion. A case of lager is up for grabs for the top gun gamer. assuming you can drag yourselves away from the ‘station at home.


I Burn at Mas. l lptn 3am. Free for staff of any pub or club: £3 to everyone else. Weekly. A top party atmosphere is guaranteed at the five-year old staff night ottt. thanks to thumping dance classics. front deep to disco. unleashed by Norman and '/.eus.

I Speedracer at The Garage. l0.30pm- 3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Indie classics with the odd daft party tune thrown in for the Usual cra/y crowd.

Chart & Party

I Pop Stars at The Shack.

10.30pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Ridiculously cheap bevy at this self- explanatory homage to manufactured chart pap.

Glasgow Tuesdays


I Colin Davie at Spy Bar.

9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. (‘olin Davie does his thing. delivering some quality hottse grooves attd whatever the ltell he feels like.

I Martyn Jengahead at the (‘ul de Sac. .Martyn. a ('ul de Sac resident of DJ days gone by gets back in the saddle. playing a mixed bag of house attd beats. test driving his new purchases. promos attd w ltite labels.

I Dub Night at Tlte Variety Bat'.

8pm tttidnight. Free. Weekly. Stevie Donaldson (Bar l0) playing. oddly enough. dub.

I A Lick of Latin at llavatta Bar. Spm l()pttt. £4. Weekly. Music from around the globe with that all-important lick of Latin and there‘s a salsa dance class with Maggie.

I Bar 10 at Bar 10. 7pm late. Free. Weekly. A chance for aspiring DJ talent to get noticed: every week three bedroom turntablists spin their discs. the best being selected by the crowd. who then progress to the final. where DJs and promoters from various clubs grant the cream of the crop a chance to play at their ventte or club.

I Passion Pour La Vida at ()ctobet‘. Spin midnight. Free. Weekly. The award- winning DJ Jazz drives up the temperature in Princes Square with a Latino/Spanish extravaganza.


I Eden at Alaska. I lpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. ()ne for the students. with the Usual classics of acadetne downstairs thanks to Alan Ronald. pltts some charging party tunes and a smattering of house upstairs from Scott Mackay of The Tunnel. Further proof that The is the new Thu.

I Tilt at The Velvet Rooms. llpm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Progressive house and trance with James Doc Jnr.

Chart & Party

I Laid at Sltack. 10.30pm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. Student night w itlt (he cheesiest of cheese.

I Shooting Stars at The (iarage.

l lptn -3am. £4 (£3 ). Weekly. (terry attd lain keep the drttnk kids happy with charty house and pop ltits.

I The Shimmy Club at Bennet’s. ll.30pni 3am. £3 l .50). Weekly. A straight-ish and studenty nigltt at the gay venue. with Raymond Davren maintaining the party atmosphere.

I T.l.T. at Trash. I0.30pm 3am. £4 (£2). Weekly. (irahame Ferguson and Scott Free spin garage atid house itt tlte main room whilst l)J Robert keeps the kids entertained with plenty of cheese in room two. (iit‘ls. diamonte boob tubes are a must. otherwise you could look slightly underdressed.

Glasgow Wednesdays


I L Is For Latin at llav'ana Bar.

Spm- -l0pm. £4. Weekly. Latin dance classes with Michel. and all the Latin sounds you could ask for.

I Club Santiago at Brel.

()pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Latino grooves with Marcelo and Manuelo (‘il‘ltetttes

I Fluid at The Polo Lounge.

l()pm lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Wayne Dixon mixes tip classic fttnk. soul and disco with a dash of contemporary business. and there are half price cocktails to make sure things go with a swing.

I Moda at Moda. 8pm lam. Free. Weekly. Smooth and soulful R&B with DJ Niall.

I Russell’s at Rttssell’s. 9 l lpm. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaw brings his world music extravaganza to the yuppie masses.

I Take A Stand at The Stand.

8pm I lpm. £2. Weekly. ()pen-stage night where poetry performers. musicians. comedians and DJs are encouraged to get up and do their stttff.

I Wow at Mc(‘huills. 9pm 1 lpnt. Free. Weekly. Martyn Jengahead test drives his new tracks. promos and purchases. lixpect mellow beats. house and whatever tickles his fancy.


I Basis at Yang. 1 lpm 3am. £4 (£3). Pauly l). DJ Limit and M(‘ Pedro supply a fttll spectrum of drum ck bass and jungle in the main room. while Mr Brown (\‘ision (‘rewi provides a smooth blend of hip hop attd reggae dancehall through the back.

I Bennet’s at Bennet‘s. l 1.30pm 3am. £2.50 l .50). Weekly. Sara with an tip- frottt dance mix. (iay.

I Elastik at The l3th .\'ote (‘lub.

l lpm 3am. £2. Weekly. liclectic is such an ugly word. so we'll just say they play good music at lilastik. w ithottt bothering themselves with boring old genre constraints. This means you're liable to ltear Led Zep. The Human League aitd TUl'lntsL‘ all in the same night.

I F.A.B. at Baba/a. l lpm 3am. Free before l lpnt: £4 (£3) after. Weekly. DJ Skud blends garage. R&B and funky house. playing to a dressed-up crowd who help to make this one of the busiest midweek ttigltts in (ilasgow.

I Joints & Jams at (‘ube

l lpm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. In the back room Harry B and Brian T present Loungin'. a selection of funky tracks attd laid-back tunes. while in the ntain room. a rotating roster of DJs sttpply R&B. hip ltop attd sottl.

I Kosheen at tlte Arches. l()ptn 3am. £9. (£8). I7 ()ct. Bass Trap has the pleasure of bringing (bent to you for their only headlining clttb event in Scotland. Also topping the bill will be Substance and decoder and Felony with support from the Manga crew.

Chart & Party

I Fit at Archaos. I [put 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Absolutely colossal student night with John Richardson and (itts Michaels supply ing cheesy pop. party anthems attd commercial house.

I Media at Media. l lptn 3am. £3. Weekly. A full-on flavoured mix front rotational residents plus karaoke in Room 2. Drinks promos a bonus (all drinks £l before lam).

I Toast at Shack. l0.30pm~r3am. £3 (£2 ). ('heesy tunes courtesy of DJ Toast. with lashings of boom to help wash it down.

I Klass at l)estiny. l()pm- 3am. £2 before I lpm; £3 after. Weekly. A night aimed at those who fancy a party night ottt bttt can't stand those pesky kids cluttering up the dance floor. Over 28s only.

I Souped Up at The (iarage.

l0.30pm 3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. Daft pop and student antics at the most popular student vetttte itt town.


Regular weekly clubs plus one off events are listed by city, then by day, then alphabetical by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up to date details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Edinburgh club listings compiled by Catherine Bromley.

Edinburgh Thursdays _'

Pre—club I Eccentric at Bam Bou. 9pm slam. Free. l | Oct. Fortnightly. New residents Stuart Sandematt (Naked) and Lee Murray join liuan James and Phil York as they play quality US house and liuropean trance for the discerning pre- clubber at this ()riental style bar. I Flashback at Flashback. 8.30pm - lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Venus shows no shatne in playing disco tunes from the 70s and 80s. Drinks promos a bontts. I Immersed In Music at Pivo. 9pm- lam. Free. Weekly. Smokey & The Bandit (Senses) tear up the funky house highway (4 & l8 ()ct) while the Sputnik kids fire-up the freaky house frequencies at the pre-clttb session for the ntain event at The Venue ( l I Get). I La Fromagerie at The Meadows Bar (downstairs). ()ptn-lam. Free. 4 & l8 ()ct. Fortnightly. Sample (he treats on the cheese board served up by- lidinburgh's original li-Z slea/ies Al and Kant the Mullet. I Made In Iguana at lgttatta. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. (iareth Sommerville breaks the mould of his l'ltragroove guise. playing wartn New ’ork house. disco and all things soulful at this pre-weekend pre-club. I Oxygen at ()xygen. ()pm-‘lam. Free. Weekly. Progressive house and trance from rotational residents Stuart Duncan (Atomic Baby) and Dave Begg (Skank. Area 5l ). I Prefix at Bar t'nion. ()pm lam. Free. 4 & IS ()ct. l-‘ortnightly. ('hris Bryant and Derek Selmes sort the deep and funky wheat from the house chaff. I Salsa Viva at Baracoa. Spin-lam. Free. Weekly. DJ Jorge plays the Latino grooves to make you salsa at this long- standing night. featuring dance classes for beginners and those at intermediate level. I Shadowskill at Bam Bott. ()pm— lam. £2. 4 62; 18 ()ct. Fortnightly. (‘onfucius say this new ()riental style bar got plenty good drtttn 8.: bass and hip hop with DJ Sam and Redo. I Ska at (‘ity Cafe. (lpm—lam. Free. Weekly. Fairly new pre-club featuring original Jantaican ska. roots and rocksteady with DJ Shaymas. I Soft Rock at The Pond Bar. Upm—lam. Free. Weekly. Mullets. perms and poodle heads let loose to sotne ‘orrible soft rock in the comfortable surroundings of Leith's premiere watering hole. I UrbannHangSuite at Bann‘s. l lptit 3am. Free. Weekly. Light vegetarian snacks served to a kooky and eclectic soundtrack from Sort of t'gly‘. I Yo! Below at Yo! Below. Spin - l2.3()am. Free. Weekly. The Sushi style bar gets a solid soul injection from Lel Pafrey‘. playing percussive house through to bossa Bra/.ilia beats.


I Behave? at The Honeycomb. Monthly. Next date 25 ()ct.

I Blow Your Head at The Bongo (‘lub. l().3()pm~3ttltt. £3. l 1 ()ct only. Real fttnk arid raw soul with DJRedo and (‘hango.

.1-18 Oct 2001 THE LIST 81