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Play In The City L'ntil Sun 21 ()ct. Children and young people across Glasgow present images of where and how they play.


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 8847. Tue—Fri l()am—lpm. 2—5pm; Sat 2—5pm. Creating A Presence Sat 6 ()ct—Sat 17 Nov. Drawn from Lillie Art Gallery's collection. a display of works which explore humankind's presence within the natural landscape. NEW SHOW. Mnemosyne Sat (3 ()ct~-Sai 17 Nov. Glasgow-based artist Iona Montgomery explores past lives and cultures through mythology. archaeology and fossili/ed forms.


200 Bath Street. 33] ()722. Tue- Sat 9am—6pm.

Emil Schult L'ntil Stiii l l .\'ov. The first Scottish showing of paintings by iimil Rachel Whiteread For over

Schult who found fame as part of legendary twelve years‘ London_bom Turner

German electronic music pioneers . . .

Kraftwerk. Designing the band's artwork. Pnze Wlnner RaChel Wh'teread has o I

this exhibition features paintings on plexi been casting eVerYdaY ObleCtS.

glass. employing graphic brushstrokes onto from mattresses and wardrobes to o

the transparent *“riilcc- an entire house. This exhibition of N

MARKET fifteen major works is Whiteread's

322 Duke Street. 550 i 125. Tue «Sill first show in Scotiand. A must-see. I ;

11am—5pm. . y _ y _ National Gallery Of Modern Art, *

"id? And sea“ “"1 H.‘ ‘3 ()Ci' Edinburgh, until Sun 9 Dec. N '

Paintings and drawings by Sally ( hapman .

and Lottise Schtnid. Total Obiect Complete With m Missing Parts Tramway’s new 0‘

mums“ L'BMRY visual arts season kicks off with a _

20 North Street. 287 299‘). Mon 'l’hu . h. . . f i().3()am--6.3()pm; l’ri & Sat 10.30am 4pm. major ex 'b't'on 0 new and recent

Autumn 2001 Mon 8 iii 260a. work by twelve international artists, ' ° ' Paintings andcrafts by members of the taking its theme from the writings Of i (ilasgow Society of Women Artists. Samuel Beckett‘ Featured artists i

THE MODERN msnTu-l-E include Nedko Solakov. Simon ' 73 Robertson Street. Suite (i. Floor I. 248 Starling. Joao Penalva and Mariele 371 l- “164'” ""0" Shin. Neudecker. See review. Tramway, 1

Scott Myles l'ntil l-‘ri l‘) ()ct. .\'ew . photographic works by Scott sis-its. 6/3390” “’7’” 8U” 28 OC"

Ed Buscha Last chance to see EWAN "UNDY FINE ART the work of the seminal Los

221 West (ieorge Street. 248 9755. - - Mon-l’ri l()aiii 5.30pm: Sat l()aiii 2pm. Angeles POD amSt Ed RUSCha In an

The Autumn Exhibition Hi 5 wed exhibition of hyper-realist paintings ' 3i ()ct. Paintings by a selection of artists of snow-capped moontain ranges. including i‘t‘l’gtissnit. llunter. (‘adell. encoded with his trademark cryptic

Blackadder. llowson and many others. text. [river/elm House, Royal Botanic

newcouraupomnmitmgcom Garden. Edinburgh, until Sun 74


A retrospective of the prints

more information about Sw itchspace e- mail: info(a 7 7 OCt—Sat 2-2 Dec.

//Slope: In The House Of The Here + Now: Scottish Art Many [in 5 Fri 26 ()ct. In the basement of 1990.2001 The final exhibition in

this West iind cafe. (ilasgow ‘s artists-run . - - moving gallery Switchspace present a new a senes whlch traces the hlstory Of

()n-line gallery. Oct. , attcom - - , Miniatures One The opening exhibition Phfl'p Reevfis' A . ; for this new on-line gallery which Retrospecuve The “St Of the ' showcases the work of up-and-coining 70th birthday celebrations taking artists from (ilithth {Hid lidinburgh With place in G|asgow and i all works available to buy. highlighting works by one of i OFFSHORE Scotland's leading abstract artists. t 3/5 (tihsoii Street. 341 ()l to. Mon t-‘ri Philip Reeves. See preview. i i ()am- i lpm: Sat & Sun l()am l lpm. l‘or Hunter/an An Ga/lery G/asgow Thu i I V

body of site specific works by Jason ' SCOWSh an from 1945' FOCUSmg On Townsend who explores the connection the years 1990 tO 2001, Christine between organic and man-made objects in B H n R I - l i the digital world. NEW SHOW. “(.1 (Eddy iBUCganan' D5 Zi:e ; . Artist Talk Sat l3 ()cl. 3pm. Jason |+ VU ign' gyugias OédAOin' aviL/Jm 3 'l'ownsend talks abotii his work. nneS- 033 Inc a” an '30” all

are among this impressive line-up. I I ' I 95".“90" ‘FENTRE _ . See review. DCA, Generator, MON - SAT 9.30 5.00 ADMISSION FREE TEL: o i 4 | -330 543i 36 Washington Street. Ill 2l23. .\lon i'l'l . mum 75.3(3imi. McManus Galleries, Dundee; The Glasgow Group i'iiiii rim i (in. Aberdeen Art Gallery and Peacock An exhibition of work by members of the Visual Arts, Aberdeen, until Sun 4 (ilasgow (iroup. who were founded back in NOV H U l957. and invited artists. ' i l i

Nic Hess Nic Hess creates Iarge- I scale. Site-SpeCliiC W8” based ("NIVERSH‘Y i


(i Wilson Street. Merchant city. 552 0702. Couages made up of brand names “"‘““"“' i l Tue. Wed & liri l lani ()plill Tim and logos for the gallery Space . . i i lain 7pm; Sat l()aiii (iptit; Sun I 5pm. l-ruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, until This exhibition and the accompanying publication are a collaboration With the Mixed Exhibition Work by Sat 24 NOV Talbot Rice Gallery show: Philip Reeves - A retrospective: Paintings l954-ZOOI ;

contemporary tip-and-coiiiing Scottish- IO Nov - l5 Dec l


based artists.

4-18 Oct 2001 THE LIST 91