Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow City Life, page 99.


Argyle Street. Kelyingroye. 287 2699. Mon —Thu ck Sat 10am—5pm: I-‘ri c& Sun

I lani--5pni. Cafe. Iiree.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'niil Spring 2002. A commenioratiye exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery atid Museum. Kelyingroye. The well-loyed sandstone building houses one of the finest ciyic art collections iii Europe. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the Glasgow Boys and Girls. and was the yenue for some of the finest exhibitions seen in Britain including Picasso-Matisse t l94(i). Van (ioin t 1948) arid Dali’s Art In Jewels ( 1973—4).

Mending The Sacred Hoop: Images Of Native American Indians I'ntil Tue 30 ()ct. Photographic exhibition by Sarah Penman documenting the liyes of the natiye American Indians of the Lakota Nation.


The Cross. Kirkintilloch. 578 0144. Tue-Sat l0am lpm (S; 2 5pm. Convergence t'niil Sat It) Sm. Contemporary stitched textiles and jewellery by the Brunel Broiderers. a group of eight textile artists based iii the South West of Iingland.


2060 I’tillttksltctyys Road. 287 2550.

Mon Thu ck Sat 10am 5pm; I‘ri ck Sun llam 5pm.

Ancient Egypt: Digging For Dreams I'ntil Sun (i Jati. £2 t£l l; faintly ticket £5. ()y er I00 rarely seen treasures from the collection of William Matthew I-‘linders Petrie. described as the ‘\'ictorian Indiana Jones‘. The exhibition includes a look at the origins of the tnummy 's curse; the idea of alien help in the building of the Pyramids at (ii/a: and Ancient Iigyptian yiews of the afterlife. Daumier In The Burrell Collection l'ntil Stiii 2S ()ct. A new display of a group of oils and

w atercolours by one of Sir William Burrell's fayourite artists. llonorc Daumier t ISUSV 1879i.

GLASGOW BOTANIC GARDENS 730 (ireat Western Road. 334 2422. Mon— Stiti llain-4pm.

Passport To Plants Mon 8 Sun 21 ()ct. The Botanic Gardens staff show their trayel snaps.


I'pper (‘olquhoun Street. Ilelcnsbtirgh. 01436 673900. Daily 1.30pm 5.30pm. New Perceptions: New Directions 2001 t'ntil ()ct 3 I. An exhibition of contemporary furniture. lighting and decoratiye glass from all oyer Britain.

Miegakari: Between Seen And Unseen I'ntil Wed 3| ()ct. 'Miegakari' is the term used iii Japanese garden design to create a suggestiye atmosphere for a landscape. Japanese glass artist Keiko Mukaide atid landscape architecture Tokiko littruuchi haye collaborated together to create ati installation of glass, light. sound atid mist for Hill House which explores this concept of micgakari. l’uri afflict/tun 2()()/.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. l0 Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. Daily 10am 5pm. £3.50 0.2.50).

Robert Earl t'niil Wed 3! ()ct. Photography by this year‘s honours gradttatc from (ilasgow School of Art. Robert Iiarl.


Kelyin Hall. I Burnhouse Road. 2S7 2720.

Mon Thu c& Sat 10am 5pm; Fri & Sun

I lam~5pni.

Fire! l'ntil Mon 3l Dec. The history of firefighting in the west of Scotland is documented in this exhibition featuring a l.eyland I'it’emaster engine gifted to the museum by the Strathclyde liire Brigade atid objects from the past and present.


High Street. 889 3l5 I. Tue-Sat 10am—5pm; Stiti 2--5pni. liree. Discovery On The Move t'niil Sun 2l ()ct. Iilements of geology. emigration. burial atid costume feature iii this touritig exhibition from the National Museums of Scodand.

A Window On The World: Glimpses Of The J&P Coats’ Postal Collection L'ntil Sun 28 ()ct. The first eyer public display of the chP (‘oats' postal collection featuring first day postal coyers atid postal stamps. Margaret Hunter - Holding Together I'ntil Sun 4 .\'oy. Iiarly drawings. paintings atid sculptures by Margaret Hunter.

Lochwinnoch Art Group Annual Exhibition I'ntil I-‘ri 2 Nos; Annual exhibition of work by local artists.


(ilasgow (ireen. 554 0223. Mon Thu ck Sat 10am 5pm; I‘ri ck Sun 1 Iain» 5pm. TRUE football I'ntil Stiti 2S ()ct. Budweiser present an exclusiye collection of photography capturing the fans. historic moments. greatest tackles atid goals froin the beautiful game.

Old Ways And New Directions l-‘ri l2 Thu 3| ()ct. An exhibition of historic mental health items collected by (ilasgow Mtiseums since I995. NEW SHOW.


2 ('astle Street. 553 2557. Mon Thu ck Sat 10am» 5pm; l‘ri ck Sun l lam 5pm.

One Planet, One People t'niil Sun 2| ()ct. Ati insight into the Baha'i faith. one of the fastest growing world religions with a belief that Baha'ullah. a l9th

century Iranian nobleman is the messenger

of (iod for humanity.


Museum Of Iiducation. 225 Scotland Street. 2S7 0500. Mon Sat 10am 5pm: Sttn llatn 5pm.

Showcase 2001 lit 5 Oct Tue 8 Jan. After extensiye refurbishment. Scotland Street School Museum reopens with ati exhibition of fashion. jewellery. ceramics. photographs atid graphic design by students from six of (ilasgow's colleges.

See (ilasgow (‘ity I.ife. NEW SHOW.


I00 Stobcross Road. 339 063 l. Daily 10am 5pm. £4.5013.25l; accompanied children free.

Five Thousand Days At Sea An exhibition on board the only ('lyclebuilt sailing ship still alloat iii the ITK. documenting her adyentures on the hiin seas between 1897 and NW.

The Story Of Glenlee This new permanent exhibition pt‘oyides an insight itito w hat life was like for sea trayellers iii l89b through a combination of graphic

panels. audio trails atid reconstructed areas.

Story In The Stones tPttmpliouse

Main (iallcry t. An exhibition lookitig at the

impact of the industrial ages on (ilasgow harbour.

Morse And More tPuinpliouse Low er (iallei'y t. A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of

cotntnunicatioti. You cati operate a state-of-

the-art optical telegraph used iii the Napoleonic nuts. 11'} till! the ll\‘L‘-ltL‘L‘tIIL‘ telegraph atid crank tip World War II field telephones.

Edinburgh Galleries


20a Dundas Street. 557 5002. Mon—I‘ri l0am~(ipm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Edward Douglas Eade - The Gentle Artist l'niil Thu 1 1 ()ct. Recently discoyered paintings. drawings. sculpture and ceramics by the British artist Iidward Douglas Iiade

l 191 1984). a fortner pupil of Henry Moore. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


36 Bridge Street. 005 8473. Mon & Wed Sat llatii 5pm; Stiii noon 4pm. Rory Mitchell and Eric Cruikshank L'niil Sat 6 ()ct. New work by Rory Mitchell and Iiric Cruikshank. Mitchell explores themes of social politics. microbiology arid human nature while ('ruikshank draws inspiration from his home in the Highlands. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.


29b Dundas Street. 467 3937. Tue-Fri

l latti bpm; Sat l lam 5.30pm. Mixed Show l'niil \Vecl 3| ()ct.‘A mixed exhibition of paintings. ceramics and sculpture.


4 Belley lle Crescent. 558 8308. Wed Stiti noon (ipni.

Jenny Smith Sat (1()Cl Sun 18 Nos; A solo show of new work by lidinburgh- based artist Jenny Smith which draws inspiration from her recent trayels to Japan. NEW SHOW.

Artist Talk Sat l3 ()ct. 2pm. Iidinburgh-based artist Jenny Smith giyes a talk on Iicr work.

BOURNE FINE ART (i Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon I"ri

listings Art

l0am-—(ipm: Sat 1 lam—2pm.

Scottish Paintings A selection of paintings by Scottish artists.


10 Royal Terrace. 556 1010. Mon—Fri 10am --(ipiii; Sat by appointment. Mixed Exhibition L'ntil Wed 31 Oct. Paintings from stock including works by (ieorge llouston. J.D. Fergusson. .‘siaclauchlan Milne and PW. Adam.


38 Home Street. 228 4l4l.

Matthias Schannauer Until Sat 13 ()ct. Photographs taken in Cuba by Matthias Schannauer.

THE CAULDRON 77 Clerk Street. 622 7236. Mon-Sat noon—lam; Sun 12.30pm—lam. Mixed Exhibition A changing exhibition of gothic art including sculpture. drawing. photography and paintings by local artists.


2 Market Street. 529 3993. Mon—Sat l0am—(ipm; Sun noon—5pm. £4 (£2.50) for all three exhibitions; family ticket £9: season ticket £7.

Sir William Allan, Artist Adventurer 1782-1850 L'ntil Sat 6 ()ct. A reappraisal of the work of this major Scottish artist. Sir William Allan. After spending ten years painting in Russia. he returned to Scotland to produce Scottish historical paintings which are among the first ever painted. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Art In The City I'ntil Sat 6 Oct. Ati exhibition of works drawn from the City‘s collection of Scottish Art. examining the relationship between artists and the city of Iidinburgh. Featured artists include ('adell. .\'asmyth. Layery. (‘ursiten Chad Mc('ail and (‘alluni lnnes.


Scottish writers through the lens of Gordon Wright

I JUNE - 31 OCTOBER 2001

National Library of Scotland George W Bridge Edinburgh

Telephone: 0131-226 4531 Mon-Fri 10.00-17.00 [Festival 10.00-20.00]

Sat 10.00~ 17.00 Sun 14.00-17.00

Admission Free

Nammal Itbiai _\ c1 Scotland



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