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'I Oleegey Peetlvel It’s the only one of its kind in Scotland.

2 Olvlne at the Art School The club plays excellent music and is very gay friendly.

3 The ehope Especially the clothes ones - because I am a total Shopaholic.

4 The gellerlee They are so fantastic. so diverse - especially GOMA - and they’re free.

I My lovely glrIIrlend Abi - whom I first met in Delmonicas.

ALISON PIIBLIS, eterrlng In 'l’he Playboy Of The Weetern World at Oleegovv’e Archee, plolu her five tevourlte pleyboye - even If they end up and, lonely and In a drylng out ollnio.

1 Oteve McQueen In The Thomas Crown Affair he was seriously sexy, fabulously wealthy, masterrninds bank raids just for fun, yet he falls in love. Or does he?

2 Gary Grant in practically anything but especially in To Catch A Thief. He’s rakishly handsome and has eyes to drown in, but he never takes himself too seriously.

3 Oeorge Beet At the height of his footballing fame when we all believed in the romantic myth of playboys.

4 Ohrlety Mehon The playboy of the western world. because every playmoy has a wicked sense of humour, a poetic. romantic voice and unrestrained imagination.

I Alex MoLeleh Hibs Manager. Big, sexy and fiercely loyal. Used to play the field but now manages it. I wouldn’t mind a bit of management myself.

THE OPINION Kicking against the bricks

No years ago, the Scottish Executive set out encouraging plans for our architectural future. So where did they 90? Words: Tim Abrahams

that’s what the Scottish Executive

contrived to do when it launched its Policy On Architecture this month. Two low-key events one in Dundee to launch the document and the other to announce the role of Glasgow’s Lighthouse in implementing the policy were conspicuous by their modesty. The executive has every reason to keep any note of triumphalism in its announcement muted because the policy document it introduced was. even by the executive’s own standards. a disappointment.

Two years ago. Rhona Brankin. deputy minister for environment and rural development. launched a framework document which made some pretty strong claims for the benefits of architecture. ‘Our ability to meet . . . our social objectives for an inclusive society . . . largely depends on the quality of the built environments we make.’ the document boldly stated in a tone somewhat at odds with the recent launch.

50 what’s wrong with the content of the policy? It is full to bursting with vague words such as ‘encourage’ and ‘promote’. It promises to establish a couple of unnecessary award schemes and its list of good intentions have little money to back them up. More importantly. there were certain policies suggested in 1999 that are conspicuous by their absence in the final policy document. The promotion of sustainable buildings is the most notable omission. ‘It has been estimated that buildings through their construction and use account for half of global warming effects.’ said the framework document. before explaining that. ‘good design can minimise waste and pollution‘.

I t’s very hard to trumpet quietly but

Could certain pledges have slipped for fear that the executive be measured by its own yardstick?


Beneficiary: Glasgow’s Lighthouse

But is the word ‘sustainability’ mentioned once in the policy document? No, it isn’t. Another line that was played in the framework document was the positive role that government can play in leading by example when commissioning its own buildings for the public estate. Is there any commitment to that in the policy document? No. just a vague promise ‘to ensure that design quality is properly taken into account in the guidance. training and advice made available to executive clients for construction projects’. Now. that’s concrete.

You can make out the shadow of the parliament building cast across this document (if a hole in the ground can be said to cast a shadow). As the executive’s original intentions towards using local materials and sustainability have given way. it hardly stands as a good example to others. Could certain pledges have slipped for fear that the executive be measured by its own yardstick?

At least the Lighthouse has done well out of it. The once-financially troubled centre for architecture. design and the city receives the bulk of money set aside for architecture by the government. It is now in the strange position for a gallery of administering government funds for various community schemes. At least there is one building that benefits from the policy.

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Amelie, Cameo Cinema. Edinburgh

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