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Edinburgh Galleries continued

Magnetic North Sat 27 Oct Sun I l .\'o\'. The l-‘ruitmai'ket Bookshop celebrates ('umu/u Days. a two-week long promotion of (‘anadian culture in lidinburgh with a programme of experintental yideo by oyer 40 artists. NEW SHOW.

Northern Lights On permanent view is Peter 1-‘ink’s light installation for the gallery inspired by the attrora borealis. ('omprising a ‘roof lin’ triangle of light. light detailing on the east and west roof lift shaft and payement. the colours regularly cltange. brightening up this dark corner of lidinbttrgh's Market Street.


46a Raeburn Place. 315 3(i03. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Autumn Collection t'ntil Wed 31 ()ct. Auttnnn collection ofiewellery featttring designs by Ayala Barr. Julie Lawrence and a collectiott of facettcd anther frottt Lithuania.


(iallery' & Shop. 77 [)tmdas Street. 556 315‘). Mon Wed tk Fri Sat 10am (3pm: 'l'hu 10am Spin.

A New Perspective t‘ntil Wed 24 ()ct. .\'ew landscape and still life paintings by \arious artists including Li/ McCarthy. lireda \Valdztplcl. Robert Nelmes and liona Murray.

Mixed Exhibition 'I'hu 25 Oct Wed 38 .\'o\. A pre-(‘hristmas exhibition featuring paintings by Laura llope- .\'ewbury and Kristen llannesdottir. pltts ceramics. woodwork. jewellery. textiles. prints and cards.


33 Shandw ick Place. 335 ()151.

Mon Wed & l‘ri 9am 5.30pm; 'l'hu

9am 7pm; Sat 10am (rpm; Sun

11.30am 5.30pm: Sun 11.30am 5.30pm. Because You’re Worth It: John Morrison l'ntil Sat 15 Dec. 1‘orming part of llabitat‘s in-store exhibition Programme art (a habitat. an exhibition of photo works by lidinburgh (’ollege of Art graduate. John Morrison.


33a Dundas Street. 556 3181. Mon l‘ri l0.30am--(ipm; Sat 10am 4pm.

Roger Banks: 3rd Himalayan Exhibition l'ntil Sat 27 ()ct. ('rail—horn artist Roger Banks' third exhibition at the gallery. featuring landscapes and lloral studies of Nepal. in particular. the mountains in the literest/l’s'htunbti Valley region.

Anna Caro t'ntil Sat 27 ()ct. Paintings and drawings of feathers by lidinburgh ('ollege of Art graduate Anna (‘aro.


(’astlchill. Royal Mile. 473 3000. Daily 9.30am 10pm.

Deirdre Nelson t'ntil Sun I l .\'o\'. In association with the Scottish (iallery'. an exhibition of photographs and textiles by Deirdre Nelson inspired by Ayrshire needlework produced in the 19th century. Artist Talk Thu 1 .\'oy. (r30pm. £4. Deirdre Nelson talks about her work currently on show.


() ('arlton Terrace. 556 4-1-11. Wed Sat 10am» 5pm.

Jeffrey Blondes l'ntil Sun 4 Noy. l‘rench and Scottish paintings by American-born landscape painter Jeffrey Blondes including recent landscapes ntade earlier this year on the Isle of ('olonsay off the west coast.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE 13 Randolph (‘rescenL 335 5300.

Mon Sat 9.30am 10pm.

The Garden Transgressed l‘ntil Sat 10 .\'o\. An exhibition by Ltimir Sotiktip and l'ra/er McNaughton assembled from photographs and sketches on litiropean 'lcmporary (iarden l'estiyals.

98 THE LIST 'M ’1" ' 1‘12. 90’,“

The Other l'ntil Sat 20 ()ct. liollowing on from her successful l'estiyal exhibition. l‘rench photographer ('harlotte Sephton- Brossard asked Scottish couple to pose in their own clothes. then in those of their partners. and then photographed the results.

L’Eau 'I‘htt 1 Fri 30 Not. An exhibition and screenings of twenty small documentary films highlighting the ecological and economical problems of water.

Jacques Prevert in 1‘) Oct Sat 17 .\'o\. l‘rance's Lire en l’ete. a month deyoted to reading focuses on the work of Jacques Preyert. poet. scripr titer and lyric writer. This exhibition and presentation of films celebrates ltis Versatility. NEW 81 10W.


()0 ('umberland Street. 558 0873.

Mon l"ri 10am optn: Sat 10am 4pm. Philip Reeves litilil Tue 31) No\‘. lo coincide with retrospectiye exhibitions in Iidinburgh and (ilztsgoyy. silkscreen prints by Philip Reey'es. founder of the lidinburgh Printmakers and the (ilasgow Print Studio. See also llunterian Art (iallcry. (ilasgow.


()5 The Shore. 55.3 5355. Tue 1‘ri

11am 5pm: Sat 11am 4pm.

Graham H.D. McKean Sat 20 Oct Sat 3 .\'o\'. 1"iguratiye paintings exploring the world of linance and commerce by (iraham 1l.1). McKean in this his fifth solo show with the gallery. McKean has donated the proceeds of his painting .llt'lm/m/is to the l'nited Way September 1 ltlt l-‘und. NEW

81 10W.

Eoghan Bridge Sat 20 Oct Sat 3 \oy. Sculpture.

James Somerville Sat 20 Oct Sat 3 .\'o\'. A solo show of paintings.


38 30 Letty Road. 53‘) 55 l 7. Edinburgh Life Sat 20 Sat 27 ()ct. Photography exhibition organised by the .\'ari Kally'an Sangho Asian Women's Welfare group. l’url o/‘Ilu' ()nr ll'ur/(l l‘i'slit'ul.


33 Broughton Place. 557 (SS-H. Mon Stilt 10am 5pm. Fairbridge Charity Sale And Exhibition Hi 1‘) Tue 33 ()ct. An exhibition and sale of paintings.

sculpture. prints and etchings by Various artists to raise funds for the l‘airbridge ('harity' which assists young people at the margins of society. The show features works by The liarl llaig. 'l'om Sltanks. Lin Pattttllo. Victoria ('rowe pltts works by eight recent graduates from the Art Schools of lidinbtirgh. (ilasgow and Dundee. NEW SHOW.


Department of Photography. Film ck 'IV. Marchtnont (‘ampus. ()l Marchmont Road. 455 5303. Mon 1"ri 9am 5pm. Towards lmagopolis t'ntil 1-‘ri Its Not; An exhibition of liltn and photography by graduates and lecturers from Napier l'niyersity'. centring on how photography and film catt explore architecture and the building

eny irontnent. I’eatured artists include graduates lan Campbell. Matt Layer and Leonora ()lmi and. 1)ayid Bellinghatn. Jittt llamlyn. (’atherine 1)eylin. Paul (hay and Dan l)ubowit/. See reyiew.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. (>34 (i300 (recorded information 333 3306). Mon- Sat 10am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. ('afe. Rachel Whiteread l'tttil Sun 9 Dec. £3 (£1). London-born Rachel Whiteread is one of Britain’s leading artists. Making casts of the insides of ordinary objects. her notorious Home in which the interior of a derelict Victorian house was cast in concrete. was demol- ished amid much contrm'ersy in 1993. She went on to win the 'l‘urner Prize later that year. Since then. Whiteread has con- tinued locust objects including the inside of batlt tubs. wardrobes and whole rooms. This major exhibition. co-organ- ised by the Serpentine (iallery in London shows fifteen major works including two new works of the upper staircase and ter- racotta floor cast from a former syna- gogue in Bethnal (ireen. See reyiew and 11it1ist. Rachel Whiteread’s Bookshelves Mon 2‘) ()ct. 13.45pm. Lecturer and writer Kirstie Skinner discusses Whiteread's casts of bookshelyes. Souvenirs: Postcards By Ian Hamilton Finlay t'ntil Sun I l .\'m. The first l'K showing ofone hundred small-scale Works by Ian llatnilton Finlay. who since the (ills, has produced limited-edition postcards combining text and \ isual imagery.

Men and Beasts: a collaboration between Valerie Gillies and Rebecca Marr at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Circle Of Friends: Leslie And Sadie Martin And British Modernism From The 19305 l'ntil Sun 38 ()ct. 'l‘he Martins co-edited the seminal publication (“ire/v: llll('l‘ll(llflill(l/ Surrey (2H'nnslrut‘lit't' .rlrl. which led to lifelong friendships with leading artists. This small display features works by- (iabo, llepworth and Wallis. drawn from their collection. along with works from the permanent collection.

A Contemporary Choice Mon 22 ()ct. 13.45pm. Susanna Beaumont. director of lidinburgh's newest contemporary art gallery. doggerlislter. giyes a talk.


'l'he Mound. (13-1 (3300 (recorded information 333 220m. Mon Sat

10am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. Home to Scotland's finest collection of liuropean paintings attd sculpture from the Renaissance to Post-Impressionism. The Politics Of Family Life l‘ri 1‘) ()ct. 13.45pm. Writer and critic Bill llare discusses 'l‘lu' l-k'usi (If/lentil by Peter Paul Rubens and The Lame/[inf I'iimi/y by Anthony yan l)yck.

The Family United And Broken Fri 36 ()ct. 13.45pm. Writer aitd critic Bill llare talks about l)ayid Wilkie's painting. I)i.s'll‘uI'III-Iter/iu' Rent.

From The Madonna To The Moulin Rouge: Recently Acquired Drawings l’ri 2t» Oct Thu 3| jun. ,\ display of oyer -l0 drawings and watercolotirs recently acquired by the (iallery. ranging from deyotional images of the Madonna to spontaneous sketches of the Parisian music hall. the Moulin Rouge. Many of the works ltayc net er before been exhibited dtte to their sensitiy ity' to light. There are drawings by 1(ith and 17th century Italian masters Agostino ('arracci. Pietro 'l‘esta attd Domenico Ricci; a preparatory sketch for the ligttre of lirminia by (ittercino; yiews of lidinburgh and .\'ewha\ en by Alexander .\'astny th; an anatomical study by 1‘)th century l-‘rench draughtsman ('harles Francois Sellier and Joseph (‘rawhall‘s watercolour ll’liilt' Dru/an NEW SHOW.


(ieorge 1V Bridge. 220 4531. Mon Sat 10am 5pm1Sun3 5pm.

The Write Stuff l‘ntil Wed 3| ()ct.

Scottish writers as seen through the lens