Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries continued mans: BAR CAFE

Traverse Theatre. 1(1 Cambridge Street. 228 5383.

Observed Movements L'ntil Sat 3 Nov. Digital art by various artists who have worked together under the Artlink Community Fund project Creative View based at the City Art Centre.


16 South Fort Street. 478 781(1. .‘vlon—Sat 11am—1 1.45pm: Sun 12.3(1—11.45pm. The Adventures Of A Little Mexican Dog L'ntil Sat 37 ()ct. Computer illustrations by Stephanie Sanderson documenting the life of times of ‘the little Mexican dog‘ which she encountered on her travels around liurope. ANTHONY WOODD

(formerly Malcolm lnnes Gallery). 4 Dundas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat 1 1am—1pm.

Mixed Exhibition An ongoing selection of Scottish landscapes. sporting paintings. military oils. watercolours and prints.

Amid The High Hills L'ntil Sat 3 Nov. Paintings by a selection of contemporary artists including lain Oates. Alastair Makinson. Jonathan Sainsbury and Derek Robertson.

Edinburgh Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh City Life, page 105.

THE DRAWING ROOM GALLERY 28 Charlotte Square. Edinburgh. 243 9365. Mon—Sat 1(1am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. Free. Not only the Head Office for the National Trust for Scotland. 28 Charlotte Square also houses a permanent collection of 2(1th century Scottish paintings featuring work by Peploe. Hunter and Cadell. Displayed in a domestic setting. the works are complemented by a collection of Regency furniture.


Holyrood Road. 55(178(1(1. Daily 10am—6pm.

Building The Universe t'ntil Sun 18 Nov. A journey of discovery with six zones to explore including our universe. our body and our earth.


42 High Street. 529 4142. Mon—Sat

1 (1am—5pm.

All Aboard For Toyland L'ntil Sat 3 Nov. An exhibition highlighting the enduring popularity of linid Blyton's Noddy and his Toyland friends.

MUSEUM OF EDINBURGH (Formerly Huntly House1. 142 Canongate. 5294143. Mon—Sat 1(1am—5pm.

100 THE LIST 18 Oct-1 Nov 2001

Thomas Nelson And Sons - Spreading The Word L'ntil Sat 19 Jan. An exhibition on the importance of Nelson's Printing Works of the Old Town and Southside of Iidinburgh.

MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND Chambers Street. 247 4219. .‘ylon-Sat 1(1am-—5pm: Sun noon~5pm; Tue 1(1am~~8pm.

Relief And Revolution: The St Andrew’s Society Of Philadelphia L'ntil Sun 3(1 Jun 2002. This exhibition looks at Scottish immigration to North American and the founding of the St Andrew‘s Society of Philadelphia. set up in 1747 to care for the sick immigrant Scots.


Newhaven Harbour. 551 4165. Daily noon—-5pm.

Hidden Treasures: Volunteer Work Of Newhaven People Past And Present L‘ntil Mon 31 Dec. The L'nited Nations' Year of the Volunteer is celebrated in this exhibition which looks at the tradition of volunteering in the Newhaven community.


53 High Street. ()ueensferry. 331 5545. Mon. Thu. Fri 8; Sat 1(1am»-1pm & 215—5me Sun noon -~5pm. Free.

Food For Thought A look at children‘s diet and eating habits over the past 15(1 years.


2 Chambers Street. 247 4219. .Vlon- Sat 1(1am—-5pm (Tue 8pm); Sun noon -5pm. Free.

Millennium Clock A chance to view Russian mechanical sculptor liduard Bersudsky's millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture. measuring nine metres high.

Serizawa - Master Of Japanese Textile Design l'ntil Stm 4 .\'ov. £3 (£1.50); children under 12s free. The lirst Iiuropean exhibition of Seri/awa Keisuke‘s ( 1895—19841 work for a quarter of a century. Declared a ‘living national treasure‘ in 1956. Keisuke made his name as a textile designer. using traditional stencil-dyeing techniques. The exhibition features over 100 works including folding screens. kimonos. tablecloths. book covers and ceramics. Purl (il'Ju/nm 2()()l festival. Prehistoric Japan: The Archaeological Collections Of Neil Gordon Munro l'ntil Stm 27 Jan. A collection of prehistoric Japanese artefacts discovered by .\'eil (iordon Munro. a Scottish medical doctor resident in Japan at the beginning of the 2(1th century.

Gifted: Five Years Of The Inches Carr Scottish Crafts Awards l'ntil Sun 13 Jan. An exhibition showcasing the work of the winners of the Inches Carr Trust Award which enables craft makers to concentrate on a particular aspect of their work. Recipients of the award include Peter Chang. Malcolm Appleby. Keiko .‘vlukaide and Alison Kinnaird.


Lady Stair"s House. Lady Stair's Close. 529 4901. Mow-Sat 1(1am~5pm. Free. Spirit Of Greatness t'ntil Sat 3 .\’ov. A documentary exhibition looking at writers from Dumfries and (ialloway both past and present.


l'niversity of Dundee. 1.3 Perth Road. (11382 345330. Mon Fri 9.3(1am—-8.3(1pm: Sat & Sun 9.3(1am~-4.3(1pm.

51.... g.

The Art Of Teaching t'ntil Sat 27 ()ct. An exhibition revealing the artistic quality of educational resources that were used by the l'niversity of Dundee in the later half of the 19th century. featuring printed charts. three- dimensional models and early botanical. anatomical and chemical charts.

The Alan Woods Collection t'ntii Sat 17 .\'ov (Cooper (iallery). An exhibition drawn from the Alan Woods Bequest Collection of over 265 artworks by contemporary artists including lidward Summerton. lilaine Schemilt.

Callttm lnnes. lan 1lamilion-Finlay. Peter

Cireenaway and many others. Woods was a lecturer in history and theory at the school of line art and the bequest was gifted to the university after his death in March 2000. Also on show are a group of works by Woods himself together with selected published writings.


152 Nethcrgate. (11382 606220. 'l‘ue—Wed. Sat & Sun 1(1.3(1am 5.3(1pm: Thu & Fri 1(1.3(1am ~8pm.

Here + Now: Scottish Art 1990-2001 l'ntil Sun 4 Nov. Taking place concurrently at live venues in Aberdeen and Dundee. the fourth and final exhibition in the series which traces the history (11' Scottish 111'! since 1945. focuses on the years 199(1 to 2001. lincompassing a variety of media including painting. sculpture. video. installation. photography and drawing. the show features the work of artists whose careers have developed in Scotland. Christine Borland. Martin Boyce. Roddy Buchanan. Dal/iel + Scullion. Douglas (iordon. Callum lnnes. Chad McCail. David Shrigley. Ross Sinclair. Alison Watt and Richard Wright are just some of the names in this impressive line-up.

GENERATOR PROJECTS 25—26 .‘ylid Wynd Industrial listate. (11382 225982. Thu—Sun 6pm. Here + Now: Scottish Art 1990-2001 l'ntil Sun 4 .\'ov. See DCA.

Portrait of an Unknown fan-Healy o

n g at the Patriothall Gallery


Albert Square. (11382 432084. Mon Sat 1(1am-5pm; Sun 1230 4pm: 'l‘liu

1(1am 7pm.

Here + Now: Scottish Art 1990-2001 l'ntil Sun 4 .\'ov. See DCA.

Outside the Cities


PITTENCRIEFF HOUSE MUSEUM Pittencrieff Park. (11383 722935. Daily

1 1am 4pm.

Flora Celtica Exhibition t'ntil Sun 25 .\'ov. An exhibition of work from lidinburgh's Royal Botanic (iarden based on Scotland's native plants and how they are used.

Native Pinewoods Of Scotland Wed 24 Oct Sun 25 .\'ov. An exhibition of photographs of Scottish pinewoods.

St Andrews


93 North Street. (11334 4746111. .\lon Sat 1(1am ~5pm: Sun 5pm.

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham t‘ntil Sun 21 ()ct. To celebrate the Wilhelmina Barns-(iraham's award of an Mlili and the publication of her biography. a retrospective exhibition highlighting key works created earlier in her career.

Mark Dally and Tessuti t'ntil Sun 31 ()ct. Black and white ceramics by Mark Dally accompanied by new printed textiles by lidinburgh designer Fiona .\1c1ntosh ('l‘essuti 1.



3.5 The Stirling Arcade. (11786 479361. 'l‘uei Sat 1 lam 4.3(1pm.

MIMI - Aileen Stackhouse t'ntil Sat 1(1 .\'ov. As part of a PHI) research programme. Aileen Stackhouse explores the motivations and working practices of the artist as they strive to complete an artwork. For the piece. Stackliotise has created a series of wall drawings in line pencil lines which covers the entire surface of the gallery walls.