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Take It Personally (Thorscns $212.99) 0...

It couldn’t have happened at a worse time. An undemocratically elected moron in the White House and a sycophantic merchant in No.10 willing to use the tragedy of 11 September 2001 as a path out of European trade allegiances towards the ugly open arms of Uncle Sam.



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Debut novelists under the microsco e. This issue: Annabel i/es

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l Any second edition of Anita l Roddick’s excellent manual for the anti-global warrior will be something to see as it will no doubt have to address the emerging factions of new and old anti-war factions and how their presence affects the growing band of protesters.

Naomi Klein’s No Logo was undoubtedly the most talked about, if least-read book of last year, and now the ex-owner of the Body Shop chain attempts a more populist angle. She knows that to win wars you have to win minds and so Take It Personally (catchin subtitled ‘How Globalization Affects You And How To Fight Back’) sets out to define, explain, annotate and then direct the reader through the door marked ‘Act Now’.

It is a brave, intelligent, necessarily manipulative approach that must have kept the art department of the Body Shop’s PR company busy for months. This is one of the manual’s major problems; it looks just like a BS catalogue from its tangerine cover to its bold type, stunning photos and line-boxed quotations from the good and the gracious (King, Gandhi) as well as the stupid and misguided (G.W. Bush, Capone). Initially difficult to take things seriously, you find yourself searching for the advertisement for Manillan vanilla pod cream that will take the varicose veins out of your arse.

Roddick has nevertheless pulled off a remarkable feat, bringing together the collected essays of some of the oldest and newest brilliant alternative voices in the five sections of the book: Activism, People, Development, Environment and Money. In the first section, Paul Hawken kicks things off with a fascinating

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Globalization Affects You

and How to

Fight Back

Naomi Klein pa“. Hawken ‘.‘.iornen on their i:"’.i".<:;‘:j.s.'

Ralph Nader Basically Seei'riiigi'. fl'.’l.'.

Vandana Shiva on her ()‘.'.’l‘. experiences David Korten motherhood. fai‘ie arr: ‘;i E “and. Baflow on bad times. (Lies "rat;

Au“ San Suu Kyi created a cie‘.'<,-i:;. oiotie'w

Julia Butterfly The Ruckus Society Global Exchange

Rainforest Action Network


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piece of reportage from Seattle, surely a benchmark for think I'm going; to be sok .l’lji'

the modern protester.

Naomi Klein follows with the defining ‘Welcome To The Net Generation’ which jettisons agit-prop apathy with hubs and spokes analogies. Roddick herself has written huge sections of the book; a gifted and intelligent writer, her passion and belief shine through even the most overpowering of supporting evidence, not least in her excellent homage to the remarkable WW”. “1":5'» <‘-" Ralph Nader. "ll/‘7'”

Other highlights include David Korten on corporate Incidentally Ya.” crime, Charles Kernaghan on sweatshops and Susan Annabel sr~r<v>twgr ..r George on the self-delusion of free market economies. Robert l :r}‘.'.‘-;:-!l .r‘ Flt 5 >3. There can be little doubt that we will ultimately be the Kr; ten and 6;. masters of our own doom but at least Roddick and co. (Jirgrxi'errgt; r: will be able to swing this essential book above all our heads and say ‘we told you not to be a global village complete 3.1:.“ y: tr idiot’. (Paul Dale) to (Eti‘, lit}! roux. igm a: '

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Overall though. dogs take prominence in Hegley's lite and work. And glasses. Or better yet. dogs in glasses. Although potatoes are pretty popular too. Or better yet. dogs made out of potato sacks. Anyway. you get the picture: surreal. eccentric rarrrblings with a theme. But while the short. snappy ditties bring in the belly laughs. it's the long narrative prose chastisement all experiences. life which hints at Hegley's real comic changing or otherwrse. end up in talent. The It’d-page campsite hell ‘A verse. Tale Of Two Tenting' from These l’l/er'e

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